A Little More About BlogPaws

In our last post about our trip to BlogPaws we mentioned that we road-tripped it down there, that we camped, that we met some of our bloggy friends and that we brought back some loot (like the Bret Michaels Pets Rock Tattoo Hoodie we are giving away).

Let me tell you a little more about how our trip went down.

I drove to our friend’s house, It’s a Weinerful Life, on Wednesday night. Thursday morning we got up at 3 am, loaded the weiners into the already packed car and hit the road before daylight.

We drove south of Seattle and then east through Yakima, Eastern Oregon and Idaho into Salt Lake City. We drove the whole way non-stop and it took us 15 hours. There was a lot of sleeping and peeing along the way – both doggie and human :)

Before we left I had emailed Mary of Roxy the Traveling Dog so I knew they were staying at the same campground. While we were setting up our tents, Mary’s husband just happened to be walking by with Torrey. Of course I recognized Torrey first. We were so exhausted from our drive though that we had no go over and chat before we passed out in our tents.

This is what the sleeping looked like :)

This is what your tent looks like when you camp with dogs :)

It was HOT so it was a little hard to go to sleep. It was also kind of early so there was a lot of commotion around the campground that kept Chester alert staring into the dark for a while. Gretel, of course, climbed up on my down pillow so I scooted down on the mattress pad and settled for the tiny camp pillow…..like a good dog Mom :)

The next morning we arrived to the conference and ate breakfast. The first person I recognized was one of our ex-Adventureweiner Club members that moved to California, Elizabeth from Dog Blogging With Luna. Literally a split second later we spotted Mary and Roxy.

We went to the side of the room that had empty chairs to eat our breakfast and listed to the Keynote by Betsy Saul, the co-founder of Petfinder. Since Petfinder is how we got connected with Gretel I was particularly interested in hearing her talk. She talked about upcoming concerns the pet industry will face, including the controversy between getting your animal spayed/neutered and non-surgical sterilization.

It happened that we sat next to the ferret blogger table. Chester has a high prey drive so he was going nuts. They don’t mind the occasional bark at the conference but it was distracting me and driving my nuts trying to keep them under control.

Then I discovered that they had a free doggie daycare there! I felt bad ditching Chester there the rest of the day but I am sure both of us has a better time that way.

Stay tuned for more details to come!

Before we go though we want to thank Sugar from Sugar the Golden Retriever for helping to make our trip possible. We won our ticket to the BlogPaws conference from Sugar.


    • AdventureJess says

      Yeah, the ferret bloggers stuck together. There seemed like 1,000 ferrets at the table. I think there were maybe only 3 though :)

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