A Long, Fun Day Ends at Discovery Park

After our Greenlake walk and dog-friendly lunch, a few of us from the Adventureweiner Club went for an urban hike at Discovery Park.

We hiked out to the bluffs where we took a break to take some pictures, watch the ships and chase the dogs around.

We saw a Bald Eagle. He swooped right over our head. Everyone gasped! Unfortunately, he was moving too fast, and I was moving too slow, to be able to get a picture of him. As soon as I got the camera out he stayed farther down the bluff so he looked like a tiny speck through the trees.

There is a lot of long grass at this park where rabbits live. There are also a lot of gopher holes. This makes for a lot of great smells for the doggies.

Our friend Spartacus kept digging down gopher holes. Gretel and Chester and not diggers but even they had fun exploring through the long grass for beasties.

We hiked down the beach to the lighthouse. That is my favorite walk in the whole park. Dogs are not allowed on the beach in Seattle but there is a trail just up off the beach that they CAN walk on. It was pretty windy but I did manage to get some photos where our hair doesn’t look like we just go out of bed :)

We had hiked down the stairs to the beach. The stairs were no problem for Chester and Gretel because they are strong from hiking. It was too hard for some of the dogs though because they have back issues so their owners had to carry them.

On the way up, we decided to walk along the road to avoid the stairs. Those stairs are in the trail for a reason. The climb back out is fairly steep and gets your heart pumping for sure. At this point we had already been walking in Discovery Park for over an hour. That was after our 3-mile walk around Greenlakeearlier . We were starting to get a little pooped for sure.

Down by the lighthouse, our friend Swift hurt his paw (minor) and had to be carried back out. His Mom carried him most of the way up the big hill and then I carried him the rest of the way for her.

As usual, we got stopped along the way by several people wanting to fawn all over the dogs. Everywhere we go, people ask “Is this kind of club or something?” We always have to explain that yes it is but that is one of the best advertisements for us and has led to many new members.

On the way out we caught a glimpse of the winter sunset. The sky was dark but there as a bright pink and yellow strip peeking out from underneath the clouds. Like the eagle, I didn’t get a photo of that for you either. Sometimes I get so focused on taking pictures of the dogs, I forget my former life as a landscape photographer.

We had so much fun with our friends that day and were certainly ready to relax when we got home.

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  1. says

    We definitely had a great day. The boys and I were so exhausted and practically passed out on the couch when we got home. We all took baths that night, too, because we were all filthy from both walks! BTW, Swift’s paw seems to be healed – no more red, raw pads. Thanks for helping to carry him!

    • AdventureJess says

      I don’t notice the eagles around here checking out Chester and Gretel. I still stay aware of our surroundings though.

    • AdventureJess says

      Well, I suppose maybe I should worry a tad more. They are so common around here that I take them for granted. I stay aware but I haven’t ever seen one actively targeting us. This one didn’t even veer off its path a little to check us out.

    • AdventureJess says

      The weiner with a heart-shaped face? Cool of you to notice such detail but I am not sure which one you mean…even after going back and looking again. Can you tell me which picture it is?

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