The Wieners Are Out In Full Force

Adventureweiner Club April 2015

We're starting to get our summer crowd back for the Adventureweiner Club Green Lake walk. We had over 30 people and almost 40 wieners show up. The event can draw up to 50 people during the summer months. Maybe it was  the good weather.... or maybe it was the lure of free stuff. Ha, ha. The creator of the Purggo all natural car air filter and freshener came to give out samples to the … [Read more...]

Guest Adventureweiner: Rockit

Rockit 1

After a long hiatus, our Guest Adventueweiner feature is back. We like to highlight and give a shout-out to other adventurous Dachshunds. Secretly, it's also to further our agenda of breaking small dog stereotypes. These features are proof that Chester and Gretel aren't the only wiener dogs hitting the trail. Say hi to Rockit. Rockit is a 16 lb bundle of love from Texas. He is an amazing … [Read more...]

First Adventureweiner Camping Trip – Deception Pass


For those of you who don't know, I organize the biggest Dachshund activity club in Seattle - the Adventureweiner Club. Our activities include hiking, dog park play dates, local pet events and the like. Now we can add "camping" to our list. I organized a camping trip to Deception Pass State Park, located a couple of hours north of Seattle. This was my first experience with this type of event so … [Read more...]

We DO Care About Pet Rescue


I know we don't talk about it much. We don't talk about any pet-related causes much. I know a lot of other blogs do, and we don't want to seem callous, but it is not what we are about. In our special corner of the pet universe, we are champions for small dogs - specifically, keeping them active and at a healthy weight. Small dogs have gotten labeled too many times as "lap dogs" and people don't … [Read more...]

Guest Adventureweiner Spartacus


Today’s Guest Adventureweiner is Spartacus.  Spartacus is from Edmonds, Washington. His is an active member of our Adventureweiner Club and one of our good friends. Sparticus’ Dad took a little adventure time out to answer some questions for us. Tell me a little about Spartacus Spartacus is 13 months old (Dec 14, 2010 birthday) and approx. 16lbs. He’s is not fat so that weight … [Read more...]

Guest Adventureweiner Crusoe


Our Guest Adventureweiner today is Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund. Crusoe lives in Ottawa, Ontario Canada. We have become fast bloggy friends with Crusoe and admire his drive for adventure. Crusoe is a local celebrity where we lives (or at least he thinks he is). He is one lucky dog because all he has to do for his blog is explore and look cute. He has a manager that does his writing for him … [Read more...]

A Long, Fun Day Ends at Discovery Park


After our Greenlake walk and dog-friendly lunch, a few of us from the Adventureweiner Club went for an urban hike at Discovery Park. We hiked out to the bluffs where we took a break to take some pictures, watch the ships and chase the dogs around. We saw a Bald Eagle. He swooped right over our head. Everyone gasped! Unfortunately, he was moving too fast, and I was moving too slow, to … [Read more...]

Rowing at the Speed of Weiner Dogs


This is a really short post but I have to tell you about one of the absolute funniest things I heard last weekend during our Adventureweiner Club Greenlake walk. First, let me set the stage. Greenlake is where the University of Washington Rowing Crew practices. Go out there on any day, rain or shine, and you will see them out there. There is always a trailing boat full of coaches … [Read more...]

Guest Adventurweiner Buster

Buster camping - Big Sur, CA

We love getting email from our fans! Last month we got the pleasure to “meet” Buster, a fellow Adventureweiner. Buster is a tough, low-maintenance little dude who loves to camp and hike. Buster lives with his family in Escalon, CA which in the Central Valley just below the foothills of the Sierras. They have a permanent trailer in Avery, CA at about 3,800 foot elevation. Buster gets to spend … [Read more...]



Since the beginning of the summer I have been looking at my back yard and longing to fill it will weiner dogs. A couple of weekends ago, after one of our weiner dog walks, I invited a few of our doggie (and human) friends over for a barbecue. There were about 10 weiner dog owners there with two “posers” (My aunt and step-mom decided to hang out and join in the fun). We ate…what else?...German … [Read more...]

Couch to Peak™ Final Hike


This is really a little out of order. I posted about our huge hike up Mount Si earlier in the week but really this hike happened before that hike. Our final goal in the Couch to Peak series was a hike up Rattlesnake Ledge. We have been up this trail several times but it was a good challenge for those who are new to hiking. I think I have said this before but it is 2 miles to the top with an … [Read more...]