Three of the Best Dog-Friendly Breweries in Bend, Oregon


With more dogs than kids in the City limits, Seattle is a pretty dog friendly City. We have over 20 dog parks and several dog friendly restaurants...or at least restaurants that claim do be dog friendly. I have found that some restaurants are more dog friendly than others. I have been to "dog friendly" restaurants that are more "you can bring your dog to our restaurant if they don't ever make a … [Read more...]

A Visit to the Beautiful Point no Point Lighthouse


I had to head to Sequim again this weekend to work on my Grandparent's house some more. We were watching a friend's dog, Clancy. I took Clancy and Gretel with me and left Chester and home with S, as usual, so he had someone to keep him company. While I was on the Edmonds-Kingston ferry boat I got an email that my appointment had been pushed back. I had a couple of hours to kill so I decided to … [Read more...]

Must-see Seattle Waterfront Park and Landmark


Everyone who comes to Seattle knows about the famous Pike Place Market. The open air portion of the market is dog-friendly so visitors with dogs often stop there. If you are like me, you like to get off the beaten path. I often visit places and wish I knew about the less-visited gems that the locals know about. I am going to share one of those Seattle places with you. You can even walk there … [Read more...]

Seattle’s Newest Pet Store – Health Mutt


A couple of weeks ago we stopped by a new Seattle pet store. I don’t just mean new to us. As of this posting, this store has only been in existence about 3 months. I noticed the store one day after shopping at Whole Foods. It caught my eye with its bright turquoise and orange sign and neatly organized shelves peeking out through the huge front windows. As a close to our lazy but exciting … [Read more...]

Bark Espresso: The Best Place to Have Coffee with Your Dog in Seattle!


UPDATE: When I visited on 9/22/12 there were signs plastered everywhere (and it is a small space) stating that your dog must be leashed at all times. This is no longer a place where you can have coffee while your dog  plays with others. The coffee is average and the location not very good. I can go to a lot of places and sit with my dog on a leash while I drink coffee. This place is not longer … [Read more...]

Dine Inside with Your Dog at Seattle’s KISS Cafe (Maybe)


After our Adventureweiner Greenlake walk last week, a few of us went out to lunch. We were going to Discovery Park for an urban hike in the afternoon and we needed to grab a bite to eat in between. I recently heard about a place in Seattle where you could eat inside with your dog – the KISS Café in Ballard. We decided to go there and check it out since it was son the way to the park. When we … [Read more...]

Dog-Friendly Cannon Beach, Oregon


Our third stop on our Adventureweiner Oregon Bike Tour was Cannon Beach. We heard this was one of the most dog friendly towns in Oregon so we were excited to check it out. When we literally rolled into Cannon Beach the first thing we did was grab a camp spot at the quaint, family-owned Wright’s for Camping just off the highway. This campground is nice because it is close to town and about 5 … [Read more...]

Dog-Friendly Seaside, Oregon


Seaside, Oregon was our second stop on our Adventureweiner bike tour. We found Seaside to be a bit more dog-friendly than Astoria. I saw a lot more dogs around town, on the beach and there were water bowls at more stores than not. When we arrived I was surprised to learn that apparently in Seaside they eat dogs…or at least they used to. Seaside was so named because it was a place where some men … [Read more...]

Dog (un)Friendly Astoria, Oregon


We visited Astoria a few weeks ago on our Oregon Bike Tour. Astoria is where we were going to leave our car and launch or trip from. Before we left, I did a search of dog-friendly stuff in town.  I didn’t really find anything except hotels and restaurants on websites like DogGoes and BringFido when I searched “stuff to do with your dog in Astoria, OR”. Upon further research, I found that the … [Read more...]

Secret Pet Friendly Seattle Restaurant


After we got back from camping at Deception Pass we had planned to take Gretel for her first overnight backpack. Instead we opted to stay in Seattle for a relaxing weekend and downtown Seattle with the dogs. We parked near the Pike Place Market and walked north to stroll Myrtle Edwards Waterfront Park and the Olympic Sculpture Garden. We also found out that the boat we saw from the ferry when we … [Read more...]

Pioneering the Spruce Railroad Trail


The Spruce Railroad Trail skirts Lake Crescent inside the Olympic National Park. The trail is a 4-mile rolling path in the woods along the shores of the lake, which is the second deepest in Washington at 600 feet. The trail follows what was once a 36-mile rail line built during World War I to haul Sitka spruce-once coveted for airplane manufacturing-to mills in nearby Port Angeles. The railroad … [Read more...]