Cozy Up this Fall With the Icebreaker Cascade Hooded Jacket (Review & Giveaway)

Icebreaker Cascade Jacket Review

When I started hiking almost 20 years ago I didn't own many clothes made for being active in the outdoors. I remember what a glorious day it was when I discovered polypropolene and synthetic fabrics. It was always a love-hate relationship though. I liked not feeling soggy the whole hike and enjoyed fun perks like a lower risk of hypothermia (since cotton offers zero warmth when damp). I … [Read more...]

Aqua-Bound Freedom 4-piece SUP Paddle Review


SUP, or Stand Up Paddleboarding, is the fastest growing water sport in the world. I've seen the sport around for a couple of years but blew it off as a passing trend. Well, I tried it the first time this year with Chester and Gretel and now I'm hooked! We're lucky to have a rental place (and a lake) minutes from our house that allows dogs to accompany their owners on the equipment. Renting … [Read more...]

Snow Hiking: Hillsound Trail Crampons Help Keep You off Your Ass

Hillsound Trail Crampons 1

I have a secret. I've hiked a lot over the years. I've been snowshoeing too - where the snow was deep and required them. However, I have almost 100% avoided HIKING on snowy trails. I guess you could call me a fair weather hiker. I'm pretty inexperienced when it comes to hiking on anything but dirt trails. I guess another "shame" I bear is that I have been largely out of the hiking game the last … [Read more...]

The Wazoo Survival Gear Adventure Bracelet Review

Some Color Options

I never was a girl scout.  I like to be prepared for anything though. My "always prepared" motto is front-of-mind when I go for day hikes. I like to bring enough stuff with me that I feel confident I could survive a night in the wilderness in case something went wrong. "Emergency" items I bring on hikes usually include a small first aid kit, a fresh pair of socks (that can also double as … [Read more...]

Our Favorite for Dachshunds! VelPro Choke Free Mesh Harness

VelPro Choke Free Mesh Harness Fits Dachshunds

I am a glutton when it comes to leashes, harnesses, dog jackets, dog toys, dog treats, technology for your get the idea. I've tried almost every harness recommended for Dachshunds and my favorite so far is the VelPro Choke Free Mesh Harness. It's great for any small dog really. I first saw this harness at the Superzoo Product Expo last summer. Superzoo is the place companies go to … [Read more...]

See Dog Poop Without Getting a Dent in Your Forehead

LITEBELT Product Photo

Today's post is part of the #ScoopThatPoop campaign hosted by Sugar the Golden Retriever. GoMotion provided me a LITEBELT for review. However, to me, free does not equal good so everything I say about it is really how I feel. The short winter days mean that most of our walks are done early in the morning or late at night when it is dark. That poses a challenge when picking up dog poop. It can … [Read more...]

Favorite Winter 2013 Clothes for Dog Walking

Moving Comfort Sprint Insulated Vest (left), North Face Thermoball Hoodie jacket (middle) & North Face Ederra Rain Jacket

Winter is upon us. I love the sun so I always go through a phase of resistance before I get into the cold-weather mood. In winter, I have a harder time getting Chester and Gretel out for a walk. I mean who is motivated to walk when it is dark early, cold, rainy and sometimes windy? I think the thing I look forward to most is getting to wear all of my snuggly winter clothes. These are my … [Read more...]

Tagg Pet Tracker Review


I first saw the Tagg Pet Tracker (99.95 for the basic model) last year at one of the local doggie festivals we went to. I am attracted to shiny, techie things like flies to honey though so I was intrigued. I had my doubts about it working for a small dog though because the unit is pretty large - a bit bigger than a silver dollar (and they say it is for dogs over 10 lbs). When I attended … [Read more...]

The Most Coveted Bed


Last Wednesday I posted a photo of Gretel hogging the dog bed. Now, that is not the only bed in the house. There are two others plus the couch. This just happens to be the favorite one. I have this habit of getting one of everything even though I have two dogs. I guess it is usually fine because it only takes one dog to shun it or tear it up for me to tell that it was a waste of money. However, … [Read more...]

Pet ID Tags With a Heart

Photo credit: BlanketID

I have said over and over again how much we love our BlanketID pet tags. Besides the fact that they are very stylish (I wish I had more pets so I could buy more) I love them because they are a company with a heart. BanketID does a lot of great things to help you find your pet if they are lost. They recently added another feature. Now, if your pet is reported found via a smartphone, you can … [Read more...]

Jackets That Fit Dachshunds

Chester the Dachshund in his Cozy Hound fleece jacket

One of the questions I get most often is "Do you have any recommendations for jackets that fit Dachshunds well"? Since winter is approaching I thought this would be a good time to list the jackets we know, or have heard, are the best for Dachshunds. I want to give a shout out to our awesome friends on Facebook that helped me compile this list. Our personal favorites are hand-made, double fleece … [Read more...]