A Great #PawNatural Raw Dog Food for Adventuring

MaxMeat Close up C

I feed Chester and Gretel all-meat, frozen raw dog food. I didn't see the difference in energy most claim with raw food until I switched to food that was 90% or greater raw meat and bones. After the switch, my senior dog Chester started acting like a kid again. Frozen raw food is impossible to take on an adventure road trip (no hotels with freezers) or on an overnight hike with your dog though. … [Read more...]

Healthy Green Smoothie Both You and Your Dog Can Eat

Green Smoothie Recipe for You & Your Dog

I recently bought a terribly expensive Vitamix blender in a quest to sneak more vegetables into my diet. I can get almost a days worth of veggies past my lips if they are blended with fruit so I don't taste them. I felt like I needed to get fancy since I bought a fancy blender so I got thinking about smoothies that I could share with Chester and Gretel. I thought that making a smoothie for all … [Read more...]

Lazy Dog Mom Treats – Banana Blueberry Ice Cubes


Ok, so we have established that I am not totally against making homemade dog treats for Chester and Gretel. We have also established that I am a lazy dog Mom when it come to that. I won't make stuff that takes too much effort and prefer to make treats that both you and your dog can eat. Another "fault" of mine is buying food and then not eating it before it goes bad. I try not to because I feel … [Read more...]

Peanut Butter, Banana, Coconut Kong Stuffing


I give Gretel a stuffed Kong when I leave the house to help with her separation anxiety. In an attempt to reduce her calorie intake, I switched from peanut butter stuffing to making my own low-calorie stuffing. Each small stuffed Kong holds 2 Tbs so each Kong was almost 200 calories when filled with peanut butter. My goal has been to get it down to 50 calories per Kong. I knew my first attempt … [Read more...]

When You Reeaally Want Your Dachshund to Do Something


Gretel have not had any formal training. They have learned a few things that were easy to pick up in a day or two or out of habit. For example, they have learned to wake me up at 5 am (ok, sometimes 4) seven days a week, without fail, to eat. Chester has learned that if there is a sidewalk, use it. Chester knows "WAIT" from when I used to shout it at him before crossing the street during our … [Read more...]

Homemade Energy Bars Both You and Your Dog Can Eat


Triumph! I finally cooked a treat for the dogs....kind of. They were really for me but it turns out that your dog can eat them too. They are a great snack to bring when you hit the trail with your pup because they do double duty. This Hike-N-Hound Energy Bar recipe was put together by NewfandHound from a few Vegan recipes found on the internet. Most homemade energy bar recipes out there … [Read more...]

Homemade Kong Stuffing: So Bad Even My Dog Won’t Eat It

Kong Stuffing 1

When I adopted Gretel she had really bad separation anxiety. We tried a bunch of things to help appease her but the thing that worked the best and the quickest was leaving her a stuffed Kong as we walked out the door. She is so focused on the goodies inside that she wouldn't even notice we were leaving. I filled the Kong with Kong Stuffing I bought at the pet store. It was easy and the squirt … [Read more...]

Me? I Would Never Let My Dogs Near Chocolate!

Photo courtesy of Oskey, Flickr Creative Commons

I think it was when I was working as a Wildland Firefighter when I first learned the saying that overconfidence can lead to complacency....and trouble. Being immersed in the pet world, I am VERY aware of the danger Chocolate can pose for dogs. I hear messages all of the time about it. I know that chocolate can kill your dog. Bakers chocolate and dark chocolate are the worst. I have heard the … [Read more...]

What Does Feeding the Whole Prey Model Look Like?


* WARNING...this post contains photos that some people might find graphic or gross. If you are a vegetarian, vegan or do not want to see dogs eating a chicken (store bought)  DO NOT SCROLL DOWN TO THE PHOTOS AT THE END OF THIS POST. * The trend these days seems to be to feed your dog raw food instead of commercially processed kibble. As I looked into canine nutrition certificate programs I … [Read more...]

Who Knew THIS is What Would Slow Down Gretel’s Scarfing


Gretel has always inhaled her food. She only gets between 1/4 and 1/3 cup at a time but it is gone in a couple of seconds. It's always worried me a little. At first I was afraid she might get bloat. I tried all the usual tricks to slow her down - big rocks in her bowl, a specially made bowl with obstacles in it, spreading her food out on the floor - and not of them made a perceptible … [Read more...]

Why I Want to Be a Canine Nutritionist

Canine Nutrition Book

I like science. I like to ask a lot of questions, do a lot of research and come to my own conclusions. I already know a lot about human nutrition. It all started with a book called Body Fueling about 15 years ago. Then I learned a lot about sports nutrition in my marathon running, weight lifting days. Then I learned a lot about healing foods when I started having medical issues (mostly from … [Read more...]