Don’t Make These Hiking Mistakes

Marmot Pass Sign

About 5 years ago, when I was first dating my now husband, I took him and Chester to one of my favorite overnight backpacking spots. We hiked to Marmot Pass on the Upper Big Quilcene trail to camp. Dog's aren't allowed in the Olympic National Park but this trail leads to a 5,000 pass on the boundary of the park that gives you amazing views of the Olympic Mountains. This dog-friendly trail … [Read more...]

Do You Know the Definition of Hiking?

Woman Hiking with Dog

We've had a love affair with Zuke's since before they had any idea who we were and we are proud to have them as one of our long-term sponsors. Their continued support helps to make sure we have the treats we need to fuel our adventures and that I can continue to share our stories and tips. I was sure I knew the definition of hiking. I was also sure I knew the meaning of adventure. During the … [Read more...]

Don’t Get Stuck Hiking In the Dark

Me Hiking Eagle Lake

We've had a love affair with Zuke's since before they had any idea who we were and we are proud to have them as one of our long-term sponsors. Their continued support helps to make sure we have the treats we need to fuel our adventures and that I can continue to share our stories and tips. In a perfect world, I would be able to head out on a hike with Chester and Gretel and come back when … [Read more...]

5 Challenging (and Spectacular) Day Hikes for You and Your Dog Around Seattle


I want to start making "theme" lists of dog-friendly hikes in the Seattle area. I wrote before about unknown dog-friendly trails around Seattle and I plan to make a list of easy hikes later. We are nearing the end of the hiking season so I wanted to start off my list series by telling you about some trails that are good for our more seasoned hiking fans - those of you who have been regularly … [Read more...]

Where to Get What’s Inside My Hiking Backpack and Winner


A couple of weeks ago I shared with you what I carry in my day hiking backpack when we go on an adventure with the dogs. Then I held a contest to give some of that stuff away (the winner was Kate Volz - congrats to her!). I got a lot of questions about the items in my backpack. Specifically, a lot of you wanted to know where to get them. (If you are not curious, this post might be a little … [Read more...]

Inside the Soul…of My Hiking BackPack

Me Hiking Eagle Lake

I have been hiking for almost 20 years now. I still manage to forget to pack something every now and then - especially when I am getting back into the swing of things at the beginning of the season. For example, I know better but have been leaving the bug spray at home because we haven't rain into any major bugs in a while....until our hike to Eagle Lake. The mosquitoes were thick there and left … [Read more...]

Desert Hiking With Your Dog? Beware of Valley Fever

Spartacus 1 from AustinB

Up until last month I had never heard of Valley Fever. Until a week ago I completely forgot about it. If you follow Spartacus the Dachshund you know that him and his Daddy stayed for a month in Arizona. On their road trip back his Daddy called me and said Spartacus wasn't feeling well - acting "off", lethargic and panting. His symptoms got worse and he was eventually taken to the vet where they … [Read more...]

Our Secret: Start Small and Then Go Big


You have heard us go on and on about how ingrained the stereotype of small dogs is  – of how they are often underestimated and are capable of so much more.  We even wrote a guest post about it over at Will My Dog Hate me? We get really excited every time we see a story about another small dog proving the world wrong. On our blog we share our stories and talk about the miles we have hiked up … [Read more...]

Gearing Up for a Backpacking Trip with the Dogs


We are with our pal Roxy the Traveling Dog this week – forgoing fun in lieu of packing for our extra fun upcoming adventures. Besides meeting with some of our Doxie friends at the Edmonds off-leash dog park (our favorite) and visiting with family, we spent the weekend preparing for our vacation next week. We plan to start off the week with an overnight backpacking trip with the dogs and then we … [Read more...]

Don’t Be THAT Guy – Good Etiquette When Hiking With Your Dog


Search the internet and you will find that dogs on hiking trails is a subject that is hotly contested. There are very passionate voices on either side. I am of the belief, obviously, that it is ok for dogs to be out on the trails. However, bringing your dog along comes with great responsibility to both people and the environment. I admit, haven’t always been the most responsible person when it … [Read more...]

6 “Unknown” Dog Friendly Trails Near Seattle


Summer is finally here in Seattle. It’s time to start setting your sights on goals for the season. For instance….getting out to hike with your dog more. If you are a Seattle local, or did a little online research of the area, you probably know some of the area’s most famous hiking trails: Mount Si, Little Si , Rattlesnake Ledge , Lake 22, Wallace Falls, Tiger Mountain, Twin Falls, etc. These … [Read more...]