Jasper’s Off-leash Dog Park Opens in Kirkland, WA


We attended the Grand Opening of Jasper’s Off-Leash Dog Park in Kirkland, WA last weekend. The park was created through the hard work and dedication of KDOG – a group of volunteers and generous park sponsors – and is Kirkland’s first off-leash dog park. The grand opening was somewhat chaotic because there were over 100 people and just as many dogs. Even with that many people there it didn’t … [Read more...]

Off-leash Dog Park Review: Lake Padden, Bellingham


A few weeks ago we took a trip to Bellingham, WA. Before we went, I researched the area for off-leash dog parks. The search appeared to yield a lot of options. As it turns out, the majority of the spaces listed are just regular parks where you can legally walk with your dog off leash though. It is unusual, and a special treat for those with a dog that sticks by their side, to have so many … [Read more...]

Two Dog Park Etiquette Rules I Always Break


In her post Due Diligence at the Dog Park , Marisa Landau suggests 10  tips to ensure a fun, safe trip to the dog park. She covers about every base there is with dog park etiquette in this well written opinion article. I agree with most of her tips wholeheartedly. They are great general rules that all dog park users should follow (Disclaimer: These are transcribed directly from her article  – I … [Read more...]

Off-Leash Dog Park Review: Magnuson Part II


In Part I of this review we touched on the issue of reported dog aggression (a lot of it just a rumor) and told you how much we love this off-leash dog park. Here are some more details: There are three main entrances to the park from the parking lot, all with double gates, and several gates in the fence surrounding the dog park. Some gates go up to the athletic fields and some seem to lead to … [Read more...]

Off-Leash Dog Park Review: Magnuson Part I


Magnuson off-leash area is not a new park for us. I used to take Chester there sometimes when he was younger. I haven’t been in a few years though so I was looked at it with fresh eyes. The off-leash area sits within the larger Warren G. Magnuson Park located in the Sand Point neighborhood of Seattle. It is the largest dog park in Seattle and is the only one with water access. This is certainly … [Read more...]

Off-leash Dog Park Review: Golden Gardens


When we visited Golden Gardens off-leash area, part of the park was closed off because it was so swampy. Still, this fully fenced park has plenty of space for the dogs to run around. Even though the closed end was all mud, the surface in main area the ground was moist, soft dirt with only minimal to moderate muddy areas. There is one double gate to enter the park. The park has benches, a small … [Read more...]

Off-leash Dog Park Review: Plymouth Pillars


This Capitol Hill off-leash dog park is easy to miss. When we pulled up to the corner of Boren Ave and Pike we saw the namesake pillars but not much else.  Luckily, the light stopped us at the corner because we were about to drive on. While waiting, I spotted a park sign that said dog off-leash dog park. We decide to park and check it out. We were there on a Sunday afternoon and found a parking … [Read more...]

Seattle’s Hottest Off-Leash Areas for Hot Dogs


We LOVE to get out of the City to hike but sometimes we can’t make it out of Seattle. Adventure to us doesn’t always have to be big or extreme and there are a lot of places to explore right in our own back yard. Seattleites are lucky to have so many off-leash dog parks to choose from. Some people only have one in their area and a lot of you don’t have any at all. On my last count, I found  20 … [Read more...]