Dog Friendly Trail Adventure: Lake Serene

Lake Serene Lunch

Our Adventure Finishing up my final quarter in graduate school has been stressful so I decided to take a whole day off to hike and clear my head. A couple of my local hiking friends were heading to Lake Serene, and I had never been, so I decided to go. It was rare to be able to go this time of year. Normally, the trail and lake are under feet of snow in late February. We have had an incredibly … [Read more...]

Enjoying A Spring Hike In February


While a good part of the country is experiencing record snowfall and extreme low temperatures we are experiencing record high temperatures here in Seattle. It's like spring already around here  - 60s and sunny. Birds are chirping, crocus and daffodils are popping up, and cherry trees are blooming already. Even though the snowfall in the mountains is way lower than average, we are still getting … [Read more...]

Dog Friendly Backcountry Hut Adventure: Scottish Lakes High Camp

Cabins Lodge

I am always on the search for dog-friendly adventure destinations in Washington State. Doggy Daddy and I hardly go anywhere without Chester and Gretel because, well, they are part of the family and an adventure isn't the same without them. A few months ago I found a wonderful gem - Scottish Lakes High Camp. The Scottish Lakes High Camp is a small group of rustic cabins nestled against a … [Read more...]

Camping Out With 9 Wiener Dogs

Camping trip - Chester

I've been sick the better part of the last two weeks so our adventures have been limited. We were able to make it to the annual Adventureweiner Club camping trip that I organize though. While the fun wasn't WITH water, were were camping by it. We stayed at the Denny Creek campground near Snoqualmie Pass. Unlike last year when a lot of mistakes were made and lessons were learned, the  trip this … [Read more...]

Dog Friendly Trail: Rampart Ridge via Lake Lillian

Rampart Ridge Rocky Run Featured - slider

Last week we went one of the most beautiful, and tough, hikes of the summer - Rampart Ridge on Snoqualmie Pass. There are two ways to hike to Rampart Ridge. One way is called the Rocky Run trail via Lake Lillian. We heard it was the shorter, but steeper of the two options. The other way is via Rachael Lake. This route is longer but we heard it was pretty flat for about 2/3 of the hike. … [Read more...]

Chester and Gretel Raft the Snake River

Dachshund river rafting

Last month we took a road trip to Jackson, Wyoming. I didn't get a lot of photos of Chester and Gretel because 1) we were in areas where they weren't allowed to see the sights (Yellowstone) and 2) internet was spotty or non-existent so I took the opportunity to unplug from technology (it was nice). I did post some pictures of our travels on our Facebook page. If you don't follow us there, I … [Read more...]

A Paddleboarding We Will Go

Paddleboarding 1

Oh, Geez. Life kind of got away from me so I have been slacking in the blog post department. Sorry. I took a week-long intensive video making class and my blog and social media consulting business is starting to take off. During the free time I HAVE had, I took Chester and Gretel Paddleboarding. Doggy Daddy and I are actually plotting to buy our own. They aren't cheap though. So far we have … [Read more...]

Dog Friendly Trail: Marmot Pass via the Upper Big Quilcene

Chester and Gretel at Camp Mystery - Marmot Pass

Dogs are not allowed on trails inside Olympic National Park. The Upper Big Quilcene trail is located just outside of the National Park,  in the Buckhorn Wilderness, so you can hike it with your dog. The trail leads up to Marmot Pass, which affords one of the best views of the Olympic Mountain range. Our Adventure S and I hiked this trail with Chester before we were married and brought Gretel … [Read more...]

Dog Friendly Adventure Road Trip – Squamish, BC

Squamish Windy Beach

This past weekend we took a road trip across the Canadian border to Squamish, BC. This was our 4th trip across the border with Chester and Gretel and we had a really easy time crossing again. We drove up there so Doggy Daddy and his friends could ride in a mountain bike race. While the boys were racing, I played tourist with Chester and Gretel. We wandered around town and found our way … [Read more...]

Dog Friendly Trail: Mailbox Peak – Oops We Did It Again

Mailbox Peak Featured - sliderB

The Mailbox Peak trail is one of the hardest dog friendly Northwest trails.  We returned a mere three weeks after our first, failed attempt - a terrible, I'm-never-doing-that-again experience. I totally wasn't planning on hiking it again - maybe never but at least not until the end of the summer - but I got caught up in the hype. After I complained about how horrible the hike was shared my … [Read more...]

Dog Friendly Trail: Winding our Way up Beacon Rock

Beacon Rock High

Beacon Rock is a 848 foot basalt column on the Washington State side of the Columbia River. A dog friendly trail winds it's way up to the top of the rock. Quick geology lesson: Beacon Rock once formed the center of a volcano. During the last ice age, when the softer rock around it was scraped away by water and ice, this harder inner core was left sticking out of the landscape. This was our … [Read more...]