Protect Your Pet by Choosing “Safer Choice” Cleaners

EPA Saefer Choice Label

I certainly don't clean my house or car as much as I should. The two things I do most often though are mop our floors with wood cleaner and wipe dog snot off my car windows with glass cleaner. I try to keep Chester and Gretel off of the floor when it is still wet but that is near impossible so the cleaner can get on their paws. I usually clean my car windows while Chester, Gretel and I are … [Read more...]

I Win Because I Have Thumbs


That is what I tell Chester when he is naughty. Sometimes I think the only thing that keeps him from totally running my life, or being as challenging as a human child, is the fact that he doesn't have thumbs. Today is National "If Pets Had Thumbs Day". Seriously, that is listed as a real pet-related holiday. So what happens on If Pets Had Thumbs Day? I am not quite sure but it made me giggle … [Read more...]

Great Loss Can Inspire Great Adventure and Change Lives

Road Trip

I remember seeing Cheryl Strayed speak about the release of her book Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail at the Seattle REI a couple of years ago. Cheryl and her book are in the limelight again due to the release of the move Wild, based on her book. Cheryl found herself alone on the Pacific Crest Trail - inexperienced and desperate to reclaim her life after the loss of her Mom … [Read more...]

Checking Nosework off the Bucket List

Gretel Box Featured

I just signed Gretel up for a 6-week nosework class. I've been wanting to try it with her for a long time. We did sort of try it once at the Portland Pet Expo last year. They needed some dogs to help demonstrate nosework on the stage and I volunteered Gretel. Now she will get to try it legitimately. She is so food motivated and has a good nose. However, I think this will honestly be a challenge … [Read more...]

Special Announcement: Where is Gretel Flying To?


Wednesday, I made an announcement on our Facebook Page that I had just found out that Gretel would be flying to Knoxville, Tenn. with me on October 1st (thanks to everyone who gave me great advice for flying with a dog). I have never flown with a dog in cabin before (or at all) and Gretel has never been on an airplane. I never brought either of the dogs with me to a conference that wasn't … [Read more...]

Partners in Action: Announcing the Adventure Dog Joint Community


Back in January I started a Twitter chat called #AdventureDogChat as a way to build a larger community around being active with your dog. #AdventureDogChat is a Twitter chat for adventurous dogs and their adventurous parents. The hour-long chat takes place on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 5 pm PST/8 pm EST. You don’t have to be a Twitter expert to join a chat. It’s fun and easy. Just … [Read more...]

The Petties Award – When Being a Finalist Becomes a Moral Dilemma

Petties featured image

In case you haven't heard, our blog has been nominated again for the Best Active Living Blog in the Petties pet blog awards. The coolest thing about it is that I never asked for one nomination this year. It was you, our loyal fans and readers, that took it upon yourself to nominate us. I appreciate that so much and I am honored to make it to the finals. Then it became a moral dilemma First, … [Read more...]

Instagram Fun

Did you know we're on Instagram? I kind of use it to show people "a day in the life of...". Not all photos are of Chester and Gretel but a lot are related, like this photo I took on one of our walks Some photos are of me at school Some are of other furry friends And, of course, a lot are of Chester and Gretel If you are on Instagram, come follow us there! … [Read more...]

Calling All Outdoorsy Dogs: Join the #STPLive Twitter Chat

Two blue birds with FAQ balloons

I don't know about you but I think my outdoorsy dogs are pretty amazing. They always seem to have more energy than I do when we hike. Although they are only 8 inches off of the ground, they love to go snowshoeing. I live an adventurous lifestyle and they are right there with me. I will admit, although I started this blog to help people get out and get active with their dogs, I DO enjoy the … [Read more...]

Help Fight Canine Cancer by Taking Photos of Your Dog

Zukes #FuelTheLove2

We've had a love affair with Zuke's since before they had any idea who we were. Chester and Gretel have eaten bags and bags of their delicious and energizing treats over the last 10 years. We are proud to be one of their Brand Ambassadors. Zuke's is one of our long-term sponsors - providing us the treats we need to fuel our adventures. As we say, free doesn't equal good to us. Eeverything we say … [Read more...]

BW Sunday #37 – In the Shadow

Gretel in the shadow

This is a blog hop. Want to join? 1) Grab the “Black and White Sunday Blog Hop” button to the left (ok to copy and paste) and include it in your Sunday Blog post. 2) Visit one of the Black and White Sunday hosts, Dachshund Nola or My Life in Blog Years), and enter your blog in the list of thumbnails under their Black and White Sunday post (there will be a link … [Read more...]