Where’s the Strangest Place You’ve Found a Pet Hair?

dog hair frozen into ice cube

One thing I had a hard time getting used to as a new dog owner was finding dog hair everywhere. I mean EVERYWHERE. I've found dog hair in my food....when I was out eating at a restaurant! (it must have jumped off my clothes....it was Chester's hair). I've found them in my underwear. The other day I found one frozen into my ice cube. I asked our friends on Facebook where the weirdest or … [Read more...]

Take the #PawNatural Challenge With Us


In January I made a goal to for Chester, Gretel and I to exercise more and eat healthier. Perhaps it is because my goals were not concrete, and perhaps it is because I suck at sticking with anything, but I think I stopped before I even started. It's not my fault really. I have a million excuses that include "it's cold and rainy out". Now that spring is here and we are getting more sun, I … [Read more...]