Dog Subscription Box: Our First Pooch Perks Unboxing Video

Pooch Perks Unboxing Video Slider JPG

Besides hiking and traveling, we like to enjoy the good life around here. One of the "good life" things we enjoy is trying out new dog goody subscription boxes. It's an extra special treat when we get to try a particular box more than once. I like to experience each box over several months so I can more accurately rate it during our annual dog subscription box comparison. Chester and Gretel … [Read more...]

Look Ma, We’re Running

Running with my Dachshund in my Hoka One One shoes

I wasn't a runner. Then life forced me to be. Then I liked it. Then I couldn't. Now I might be a runner again. I wasn't much into sports. I grew up training to become a ballerina and, after I stopped, I wasn't into taking on any kind of sport in high school. One day I decided that I wanted to become a wildland firefighter. I was drawn to the danger, excitement and the forced camping all … [Read more...]