Help Needy Animals Without Even Trying by Using ResQwalk

Gretel walking the neighborhood

Imagine a world where every person spent 15 minutes a day giving back to society. A good portion of those people would be inspired to help animals. Imagine the impact that would have on animal rescues and shelters. The truth is that every person probably would give back if they had the time or financial means. The fact is that most don't though. In order to get more people to give back, you … [Read more...]

4 Paws Pottery Long-ear Dog Bowl Review (and giveaway)

4 Paws Pottery Long-eared Dog Bowl Review

I was contacted the other day by the woman who owns 4 Paws Pottery . She makes cute dog bowls by hand out of Stoneware. Some of the bowls are specially shaped so that a dog with long ears does not drag their ears through their food or water. She had a bowl with a Dachshund on it so I thought I would check them out myself. You can see in the photo that the bowl is shaped, basically, like a … [Read more...]