Crate Training Your Dog is a Must-do #CrateHappyPets

Gretel Rescued

When Gretel came to live with us she was already crate trained...or so we were told. I still had a plastic crate from when I owned a cat that was just her size. I put her in this "safe and secure" place when I could not be home with her. Since I was told she was crate trained, I assumed that she would be comfortable her little cave. That didn't work out so well. Gretel was one anxious girl. … [Read more...]

Getting Back On Track and Your Feedback

Topics of Interest

Whew! What a crazy couple of years. This blog managed to limp it's way two years of graduate school with me. Although I managed to eek out a few posts a month, I have no illusions that it wouldn't have survived at all if it wasn't for you, our loyal and greatly appreciated readers. Thank You! So, it's done. Final. I am done with grad school. I have so many plans for the future. The … [Read more...]