Favorite Winter 2014 Clothes for Dog Walking

Vector of winter scene with forest background.

I used to despise the cold season - which is at least 8 months long in Seattle - until I bought some cute, comfy clothes. Now I look forward to bundling up and heading out for walks with the dogs. Last year I shared my favorite winter clothes for walking Chester and Gretel in the winter. It was a popular post so I thought I would publish one for this year too. I still wear several items from my … [Read more...]

How Much Do Pet Parents Spend on Holiday Gifts for Their Pets?

dachshund puppy wearing a santa hat

Last month I took part in a survey of influential pet bloggers about where they shop for holiday gifts for their pets and how much they spend. I usually spend between $100 - $200 on Chester and Gretel for Christmas and try to shot at local, independent pet stores. I often find the most high quality, and unique gifts there and it makes me feel good to support small businesses. I was really … [Read more...]