Special Announcement: Where is Gretel Flying To?


Wednesday, I made an announcement on our Facebook Page that I had just found out that Gretel would be flying to Knoxville, Tenn. with me on October 1st (thanks to everyone who gave me great advice for flying with a dog). I have never flown with a dog in cabin before (or at all) and Gretel has never been on an airplane. I never brought either of the dogs with me to a conference that wasn't … [Read more...]

Cozy Up this Fall With the Icebreaker Cascade Hooded Jacket (Review & Giveaway)

Icebreaker Cascade Jacket Review

When I started hiking almost 20 years ago I didn't own many clothes made for being active in the outdoors. I remember what a glorious day it was when I discovered polypropolene and synthetic fabrics. It was always a love-hate relationship though. I liked not feeling soggy the whole hike and enjoyed fun perks like a lower risk of hypothermia (since cotton offers zero warmth when damp). I … [Read more...]