Paddleboarding the Day Away on Lake Wenatchee

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So, when we last left you in Part 1, we were getting lucky camping at Lake Wenatchee and had just witnessed one of the most spectacular sunsets I've seen. Our friends saved the morning by bringing coffee, since we had forgotten ours at home (great friends right?), and we headed to the beach. This has been my most beautiful paddleboard experience to date (well, I've only had around a dozen … [Read more...]

Getting Lucky While Camping at Lake Wenatchee State Park

Lake Wenatchee State Park Car Camping

I've been going to the area near Lake Wenatchee for many, many years. However, I think I have only been to the lake 3 or 4 times in my life and the last time was well over 10 years ago. My hubby and I just got paddleboards and we were itching to use them. He was curious about Lake Wenatchee since he has never been there so we thought we would head east of the mountains to check it out. The … [Read more...]