Easily Move Dog Tags from One Collar to Another

Moving your pet’s tags from collar to harness and back does not have to be a pain.

I bought a Rubit clip from the dogs over a year ago so I could move their tags from their collar to their hiking harnesses and back. It’s a mini carabiner that securely clips to the D ring on your dog’s collar, harness or whatever. You can open the clip and unhook it when you want to move them. I also take their tags off sometimes so Chester and Gretel don’t clang around the house.

I got the smallest clips for Chester and Gretel, well, because they were small. It is a little hard to get the hang of opening it at first. The process is pretty self-explanatory but the clip is so small that it can be hard to operate the metal latch on the clip.

We have had ours so long that we take it for granted but I was recently reminded about how great the clip is to have.

We recently got stylish new tags from Blanket ID for Chester and Gretel. BlanketID sells the Rubit clips on their website because they think it they are so great. Ours have held up so well over this last year that I didn’t need to buy another one though.

Eleanor over at The Spoiled Doxie did a great review (it’s really what inspired us to write our own review) a couple of weeks ago. She said she found a Rubit with rhinestones on it. We never saw any of those when we bought ours but liked the idea. Read Eleanor’s review to see the issue she had with the bling.

If you were interested in getting the Rubit, you can pick one up for about $8.00 plus shipping online. They will likely be a little more if you buy them in a specialty pet store but the cost would likely be the same as if you had to pay for shipping. We say support the local small guy if you can.

A little hint if you do get one: Take the jump ring off the tag (the little ring at the top of the tag) and place the tag directly on the jump ring attached to the Rubit. This 1) keeps the tag from hanging down way too low for shorty-legged dogs and 2) if you don’t, the ID tag will face sideways instead of to the front…which is extra important if you bought an eye-catching ID tag.

Even if you remove the one jump ring like I suggested, the Rubit does make the ID tags hang down lower off of the collar than they normally would. We haven’t found that to be an issue though because we primarily use harnesses and clip the Rubit to the ring between their shoulder blades.

The other thing I would “prepare” you for is that the coloring eventually rubs off of the clips in certain places letting the silver metal underneath show through. To me this is not a big deal. The benefits far outweigh any “fashion don’t”.

We love these little clips. I don’t know how we lived without them. We will be buying more if these ever break.


  1. says

    Great review Jessica,

    I noticed these clips the other day when you were talking about the ID tags…..

    They’re different to my clip, Mum had a lot of problems getting one that wouldn’t open by accident for me a few months ago and my current one has been good, but it’s good to see these for when I need a new one! :)

    Have a fun weekend,

    Your pal Snoopy :)
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    • AdventureJess says

      I know we don’t have any problems with the small ones accidentally opening up. It’s hard for us to get them open when we want to :) Our size hasn’t let us try out the big ones though. What kind of clip do you have?

    • AdventureJess says

      That’s a good point and I don’t really know. I don’t think the manufacturer had in mind that the dogs wearing them would be running through thick brush. The gate, at least on the small one, is a wire loop. It seess to me that could allow sticks to jam into the loop part and cause it to open. Only you know what the chances of that are though :) If I were you, I might try to get a locking carabiner. I have seen pretty small ones for key chains. The risk with that though is that they get caught and can’t get unstuck. It sucks to have to many tags and be loosing them all the time but maybe a “breakaway” feature would be nice.

  2. says

    These are cool, they’d be great for my taller siblings. I couldn’t have my rabies or microchip tag on this, they’d drag on the ground. Sometimes being tiny is a pain!
    Dachshund Nola
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  3. says

    Hi Y’all,

    My Human was interested in the same thing as 2browndawgs…running through brush. The solution so far has been to keep tags on a single leather collar which is always worn when we leave the house or yard. If we need a training collar, I wear two collars.

    Y’all come back now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog
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  4. says

    I’m a bit belated in replying to this, but I think this system looks very useful for people (like yourself) who switch between collars and so forth. Just a thought: If you got a smaller metal ring/loop then the tag wouldn’t hang down so far. It may be a bit fiddley to get the ID tag on the ring, but then once it’s on, you’re done.

    (Also love how, in the photos, the tag matches their collar! Very stylish.)
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    • AdventureJess says

      Thanks Tegan. I am already using the smallest ring you can get and still put the dog tags on it. With that ring it doesn’t hang down too far – just farther than just a plain tag. It’s been working great for us!

  5. Cat says

    How secure are these? In under a year, my pup has managed to loose her registration tag, multiple lights, a couple small bells, and even a locking carabiner while running through the woods. I’m wondering if this would stay on.

    • Jessica Rhae says

      Wow. Sounds like your pup is on a “losing streak”. Chester and Gretel are not allowed to run free in the woods so I can’t speak to that. However, they have spent three years wearing these clips to play around in our back yard, hike, travel, etc and they have held up. I can’t imagine them being stronger than directly hooking a tag to a collar D ring using the jump ring that comes standard with tags though. These are not meant for added security but as a convenience so you can easily switch tags between different collars and harnesses.
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