End of Year Snow Adventure

We went up to the mountains yesterday to play in the snow with our friends and their daughter.

This was our view (ok…at least from the parking lot. Along the walk there were just a lot of trees).

We had planned to sled across from the ski resort but apparently sledding is prohibited there so we had to settle for a hardly-traveled winter road.

We walked down the road for a while and then stopped to do a little playing in the deep, powdery snow on the side of the road.

Well…SOME of us just watched (yes..that is a goose down blanket I packed in for the dogs. I am an awesome Mommy. Ha, ha.)

I managed to snap this sweet picture of Daddy and his little girl before we headed back.


    • AdventureJess says

      No, they don’t wear boots. We have never had a problem. I stop and feel their feed every once in a while to make sure they are still warm and there are no ice balls stuck between their pads on on their nails. When I remember, I put Musher’s Secret salve on their paws before we go – it helps to make sure snow doesn’t stick to them.

    • AdventureJess says

      I saw your post and thought the same thing – that we are on the same wavelength :) I so wish we could hike together!

    • AdventureJess says

      Thanks Caren. It helps to have such such beautiful scenery…you almost can’t go wrong by just pointing and clicking :)

  1. says

    What a wonderful way to kick off the new year. I hope you have a lot more adventures and have fun on your 30/30 resolution. I’m thinking of doing something like that as well. I should join you guys for that!

  2. Thomas says

    I love the view and the blanket idea. I just had my dog out playing in the snow in the side yard. He had fun there, but I imagine he would have more fun on an adventure like that. He loves new places. Hope you are having a wonderful new year so far.

  3. says

    Wow! Those weiners are lovely and I am really surprised how well behaved they are on the snow. When I was kid a had one but we could never get her to come out and play in the snow. We tried the booties but she would be so uncomfortable and would just bite her paws. Getting her on a sweater or vest was even worse! But yours are so well behaved. Congrats, again! What is your trick?

    • AdventureJess says

      Thanks! It’s not really a trick I guess. They love being outside more than they dislike wearing jackets :) As for the cold, I guess I never acted like they wouldn’t like it so maybe they are just going along. I do bundle them up so they stay pretty warm as long as we are moving. They become less enthused when we stop. They are so spoiled though because if we stop for a significant amount of time I have an insulated pad and goose down blanket to wrap them up in. I bring a large backpack just so I can carry those things for them!.
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  4. Shannon @ A Cozy Place Called Home says

    Thanks for visiting my blog yesterday and commenting on my dogs. To answer your question, yes my senior dogs are both dachshunds. Overweight ones, but dachshunds none the less.

    I loved seeing your beautiful pictures of the mountains and of course your furbabies. I’m surprised your dogs like the snow. It doesn’t snow here much in the south, but we can’t even get our dogs outside on a cold or rainy day, much less when it snows.

    The cutest picture is the one of your dog covered in the blanket. That would be my dogs out there!

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