Guest Adventureweiner: Rockit

DSC_0107EAfter a long hiatus, our Guest Adventueweiner feature is back. We like to highlight and give a shout-out to other adventurous Dachshunds. Secretly, it’s also to further our agenda of breaking small dog stereotypes. These features are proof that Chester and Gretel aren’t the only wiener dogs hitting the trail.

Say hi to Rockit. Rockit is a 16 lb bundle of love from Texas. He is an amazing service dog to his Mom and a little dog that is always willing to try new adventures.

Rockit’s Mom took a break from their adventure time to tell me a little more about her special pup.

Rockit 2Tell me a little about Rockit

Rockit is 2 years old. I received him when my mother studded his father out, though he was technically a gift for my 17th birthday.

How does Rockit break the small dog stereotype? 

Rockit is a service dog but also loves to be active. He loves to hike long trails, does agility and has trick dog titles. We often get compliments about how he’s in such good shape, as well as how amazing the things he does are.

What has been your favorite outdoor adventure?

Hiking is definitely out favorite activity though we are looking into kayaking, as well as quite a few other things (we’re planning a trip to Colorado to hike up a mountain)

Rockit 3What is your next big planned adventure with your pup?

We often hike a couple miles, but have recently started working towards our major backpacking trip at the beginning of next year. We’ll be backpacking 150 miles in two weeks. It is exciting because so many people doubt that a small dog can handle something this big, but I know with a lot of training, hard work, and dedication size does not matter.

What at is your must-have piece of outdoor gear for your pup?

Definitely our Comfortflex harness and our Biothane collar & leash.

Anything else you would like us to know about your pup?

Rockit is seriously amazing, I don’t know what I’d do without him. This dog has completely changed my life, he has defied the odds and has become an amazing service dog. People often doubt him because of his size, not only is he amazing as a service dog but he just constantly surprises me. Rockit is a bit shy but will always do what I ask him, he’s always willing to give something a try once.

We’re jealous that Rockit gets to hike for TWO WHOLE WEEKS. Rock on Rockit has his own Facebook Page and we sure hope his Mom posts about their 150-mile hiking adventure so we can follow along.

Rockit and his Mom

Rockit and his Mom


    • Jessica Rhae says

      I would love to do that with Chester and Gretel . I am thinking about a 70-mile hike with Chester and Gretel this summer.

    • Jessica Rhae says

      I’m not sure. His Mom didn’t say and I didn’t want to ask because it can be a private matter. He IS super charming, that is for sure.

    • says

      Hi! I’m Rockit’s momma! He is a medical alert dog (seizure alert) as well as a psychiatric service dog (for anxiety, panic attacks and PTSD)

  1. Buddy's Mom says

    Do you recommend a backpack carrier for your dachshunds to join you on longer hikes? We have an 18 pound standard and are having difficulty finding one. Thanks Doxie Lovers Unite! We are leaving in 4 days on a last minute trip.

    • Jessica Rhae says

      I don’t have a good recommendation, sorry. I’ve never had to use a backpack with Chester or Gretel. Chester is 12 though so I suspect I will need to in the figure. I’ve looked at about a dozen but none meet my standards for long-term use with a Dachshund. They are either not long enough and/or make the Doxie sit in a way that is not kind to their back. Wish I DID have a good one in mind for you.

      Where are you going on your trip? Surprise trips are always fun.
      Jessica Rhae recently posted…Special Announcement: Where is Gretel Flying To?My Profile

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