Guest Adventureweiner Spartacus

Today’s Guest Adventureweiner is Spartacus.  Spartacus is from Edmonds, Washington. His is an active member of our Adventureweiner Club and one of our good friends.

Sparticus’ Dad took a little adventure time out to answer some questions for us.

  • Tell me a little about Spartacus

Spartacus is 13 months old (Dec 14, 2010 birthday) and approx. 16lbs. He’s is not fat so that weight technically classifies him as a tweenie.  We “rescued” Spartacus at 8 months old from a family on Craigslist. They said they could not take care of him, and that he was crate kept all day and night :( it definitely showed when we got him because he was not potty trained at all, nor had he ever really been outside much. We have made great progress with him over these last few months and now he has a great life full of adventure and the love he deserves.

  • How does Spartacus break the small dog stereotype?

Spartacus showed us on our first camping trip that he was no wimp- we hiked to Eagle Lake (Washington, Central Cascades).  Not only did he hike the few miles in without trouble, but he hiked up to the ridgeline with us the next day, trailblazing our way up a super steep, slippery wooded slope! (and back down again via an overgrown boulder field).

Aside from being a “tough” hiker, he also has no fear of larger dogs at the dog park. The dog park near our house has a lot of huskies that come to play, and they tend to play “rough” when they are in their pack. Some of the other small dogs there are terrified, but Spartacus stands his ground when they try to play rough with him.

  • What has been your favorite adventure with Spartacus?

So far, we have only taken him with us on ne long hike and one camping trip. The camping was pretty awesome and Spartacus did really well even though it was his first camping trip ever.

  • What is your next big planned adventure with Spartacus?

The second weekend in February, we are taking Spartacus to “Snow Camp” with the motorcycle group. Because my current motorcycle has not been outfitted fully for winter travel yet, we will be taking the car this year. It will be a lot of fun though. The campground is near the base of Mt Rainier, at a campground just outside the National Park.

The next LARGE adventure planned for Spartacus and I will be near the end of July. We are taking a 2 week trip from our home in Edmonds, WA to Woodland Park, CO- all on a motorcycle! This will be for an annual motorcycle gathering I normally attend myself, but this year, I will have my Spartacus with me as passenger!

  • What at is your must-have piece of outdoor gear for Spartacus

He wears his harness whenever he goes out of the house.  When we got him, the previous family had put what looked like a cat collar on him. It was too small for him and rubbed the fur off of parts of his neck! He only wears a harness now, for safety.

One of his harnesses – for longer trips, or places where light might be low- is reflective on the edges. For any days where he will be out at night, especially off leash for any time (like camping) he has an illuminated collar that blinks red in the night!

For colder weather and rain, he wears his Windhorse brand dog coat to keep him warm and dry.

  • Do you have a blog?

Spartacus doesn’t have a blog but he does have his own Facebook Page. You can find photos, videos and short status updates about his adventures and day to day life there.


    • AdventureJess says

      Yes they are. I am worried because a co-worker just got a puppy. It was her husband’s dream so she begrudgingly said yes but their toddler doesn’t like the dog because she is jealous of the attention it gets. My friend has to take care of the puppy before she heads to work every day because her husband is already gone to work. She has been angry several times because she says it is too much for her to take care of the puppy in the morning and get her daughter ready. She was on board with him getting the dog but not prepared to actually take on a lot of the work it takes to raise a puppy. I sure hope they find a way to make it work so they don’t get rid of it.

  1. says

    Spartacus is so lucky to have found you!! Thanks for taking him in. I can’t believe the previous owner had a collar on that was so tight. He must love the dog harness much better.

    That is so cool that he loves hiking and stands up to bigger dogs. I have never had a small dog but from what I have seen they usually back away.

    I am sure Spartacus will have so much fun on your adventure in July. Both of you have a great trip.

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