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We love getting email from our fans! Last month we got the pleasure to “meet” Buster, a fellow Adventureweiner.

Buster is a tough, low-maintenance little dude who loves to camp and hike. Buster lives with his family in Escalon, CA which in the Central Valley just below the foothills of the Sierras.

They have a permanent trailer in Avery, CA at about 3,800 foot elevation. Buster gets to spend a lot of time hiking in the Sierras and sleeping at the trailer. Lucky Dog!

This is what Buster’s Mom shared with us in her email:

Hi Jess, Chester, and Gretel –

I was SO thrilled to find your blog and Facebook page!  We were die hard Labrador Retriever people and, until 2 years ago, I would have told you there was no other breed worthy of even considering.  Then we inherited Buster, a male smooth black and tan dapple. 

From the beginning, we decided we would treat him with the respect that he deserved. We were going to treat him like a big dog and not make a baby out of him like so many people do with small dogs. However, we had serious doubts about whether he would be able to keep up with us hiking.

The first weekend we had him, we had already made camping reservations at Lake Alpine in the high Sierras.  He blew us away on our very first trip out. We watched in shock and awe as he powered up the mountain through the loose rock scree, actually raising a dust cloud as he went!  Once we gave him a chance to get in shape, we found he had far more stamina than our laid-back lazy Lab – in fact, more stamina than us!

Thanks for your great blog, and for spreading the word of the power of the Weiner!

Kate & Chuck Smith, Buster the AdventureWeiner and Willie the Fat Lab

We were so happy to hear from buster and his family. If you have a similar story to share, we would love to hear from you too. If you contact us you may get featured here just like Buster.

I am sure Buster is famous in his own right – being a weiner dog that hikes all over the Sierras – but everybody loves an extra 15 minutes of fame :)

This is Buster with his Labrador brother and Daddy on a camping trip to Plaskett Creek Campground, Big Sur, CA, last October:


  1. says

    Imagine saying that about Labs (wink wink)…but I can see that their little wiener/beaner has really proved his worth (move over Labs)…PSST I won’t tell Sophie this story(her Lab 1/2 will hear I just know). Big Sur…please may I have some more…gorgeousness! So a big, humongous, mammoth HAPPY NEW YEAR to EVERYONE on the adventure trails of the west coast….many CHEERS!
    ron & sophie…^5 recently posted…Doggy Appreciation Night!My Profile

    • Kate says

      Aww, Sophie looks like a sweet girl (assuming that is her in your profile pic)! We’ll be looking for you guys in Big Sur next year.

    • AdventureJess says

      I know what you mean. My friend has a miniature Greyhound and that things legs are so thin you can see right through their skin to the other side! Her little dog loves to hike and run in the snow though.

  2. says

    I know of a few people who moved from labs to weiner-dawgs, mostly because they didn’t have the space to properly exercise a lab. It is nice to see a little dog have so much fun.
    2browndawgs recently posted…Short WeekMy Profile

  3. says

    YESH wiener dogs! OK – Seymour, my long haired tweenie may be up for a hike but Danny Quinn, the smooth blue eyed double dapple tweenie “faints” on his way home from a nice walk on mostly flat ground. He tips himself on his side and says “Enough!” So fun to read about these adventuring, hiking doxies :). Hopping through but will be back!
    Roberta recently posted…Walking the Dog(s)My Profile

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