Hurtta Jacket Sizing Guide for Dachshunds

UPDATED: October 18, 2020

I get a lot of questions about Summit and Gretel’s dog jackets from Hurtta.

People are excited when they see a quality made gear for active Dachshunds.

I like that you guys are interested in them, and I really do like helping you out, but I find myself answering the same questions about sizing a couple of times every week.

To make sure I don’t forget anything, and so I can leave the link next time someone asks me, I wrote this handy “little” Hurtta sizing guide for Dachshunds.

I say “little” because, as you can see, there is quite a lot of information here. I tried to cover everything I get asked and arrange the information according to the questions.

If your question is not answered here, please feel free to ask on our Facebook page, or email me, and I’ll get back to you (and also add it to this post… so really, you’re helping me out).

Disclosure: As Hurtta ambassadors, they’ve provided us jackets to try out over the years, although although I’ve purchased some too. All opinions are truthful and my own.

Also, some of the links in this article are affiliate links (Amazon Associate or other programs we participate in). As an affiliate, I earn a small commission from qualifying purchases.

What Size Hurtta Jacket Should I Get My Dachshund?

I often hear that Hurtta dog jacket sizes are confusing. Why exactly I’ve never been able to figure out.

I think it has to do with the fact that the brand is from Finland. They are probably using European sizing converted to US sizing.

It’s kind of like wearing size 8.5 in shoes but going to buy yourself a pair of Italian-made hiking boots. You’ll usually have to convert your 8.5 US to something like 38 EU.

When people send me questions about size, the first thing they do is tell me what their dog weighs. Then they ask me what Summit and Gretel weigh.

I know they are looking for some kind of reference but a dog’s weight doesn’t tell you what you need to know to select the correct jacket size for your Dahcshund.

A 11 lb dog can vary widely in the measurements that count – neck, back, and chest – even among the same breed.

That being said, another Dachshund is unlikely to take a jacket 3 or 4 sizes larger than Summit and Gretel’s.

If you want to know what size they wear, skip down to the bottom section (but don’t forget to come back up and read about how to measure YOUR dog).

How Do I Measure My Dog?

You will need 3 to 4 measurements to choose the right sized jacket for your Dachshund.

Note: use a fabric, or flexible plastic-coated, measuring tape for this – the kind used for sewing.

Watch this quick video to see how to measure in the right places and then read my descriptions below for more details.

1) Neckline

The measurement should be taken at the base of the neck – this being the widest part.

When measuring, place the tape right where your dog’s neck attaches to their shoulders.

Think of it as where a short necklace, or “choker” style necklace, would drape around their neck.

2) Back Length

For this measurement, place one end of the measuring tape at the withers (between the shoulder blades) to the base of the tail while your Dachshund is standing in a normal position.

If your dog is like Gretel, she “noodles”, or collapses/rolls over for belly rubs, as soon as I try to put the tape measure on her.

It’s important to measure your dog’s back length while they are standing in a normal position.

The easiest way to get a straight-line measurement is to use two people.

One person holds on to the dog’s back feet lightly, and holds a treat out in front of them, causing them to stretch forward a little to reach it. The other person does the measuring.

If you are trying to do this solo, try putting peanut butter on a long spoon and holding that spoon in your mouth while you measure.

It sounds silly but you can control your dog’s head this way by raising the spoon up higher, usually resulting in your dog standing, not sitting, to reach it.

Measure multiple times and choose the most common (2 out of 3) or the longest measurement.

If anything, this might result in a measurement that’s a 1/2 or so longer than your dog is when standing in a relaxed position.

However, in my experience, it’s better to have a jacket that is a little longer rather than shorter.

3) Chest

The measurement should be taken at the widest part of the chest, usually right behind the front legs.

This sounds pretty straightforward, right? Well, not necessarily.

The dog in the video above has a pretty uniform chest – similar width beginning to end.

Dachshunds are deep-chested breeds and many have quite a curve where the skin at the back of their ribcage rises to meet their belly.

A fit Dachshund’s chest is usually a little narrower behind the legs, widest just behind that, and then tapers quickly as it extends toward the abdomen.

Personally, I suggest measuring your dog and the TRUE widest part of the chest. That’s not always right behind the front legs.

Note: If you are purchasing a jacket, you can stop reading. However, if you are purchasing something like a suit that has legs, you’ll also want this next measurement too.

4) Front and Back Leg Length

The length should be measured from the bottom of the rib cage, or abdomen, and along the inner side of the leg to the wrist bone (just above where the paw starts to bend).

Your Dachshund’s front and back legs are unlikely to be the same length but are typically 1/2 to 1 inch different from each other.

To be totally safe, use the shorter of the two measurements when selecting a suit that has both front and back legs on it (like the Extreme Overall dog snow suit).

If the jacket you are buying only has front legs on it, obviously use that measurement.

I Have My Dachshund’s Measurements. Now What?

Once you have your dog’s measurements, you will need to consult with the size chart for the specific jacket you want to purchase.

Beware that some third-party vendors use the same size chart for all jackets. They do vary though so I suggest double checking on the Hurtta website.

Some notes on choosing the right size:

Back Length is Important

In my opinion, the back length is most important.

Most Hurtta dog jackets can be made shorter by 1-3 inches (the range varies by model) and not all of them are adjustable.

Be sure to check, especially if your Dachshund is in-between sizes.

I did find, at least with the Extreme Warmer, there is 1/2 to 1 inch leeway if your dog is longer than listed (see notes about Gretel’s size below).

The Chest Measurement is the Second Most Important

Definitely keep in mind the chest measurement though and don’t get a jacket that is way too big. The chest size is adjustable but there are limits.

I think it’s important that the jacket fit as snug as possible around the chest without being restricting.

This is important because, if the jacket gapes around the chest, your dog’s foot or toenail can get caught inside the jacket and trip them.

I do find the size range listed in the chart to be fairly accurate.

However, the chest strap can be tightened to 1/4″ to 1/2″ smaller than even the smallest measurement listed.

The Neck Measurement Isn’t Super Important

I’ve found the neck size on Hurtta dog jackets to be very adjustable.

Therefore, this measurement should be your last consideration.

With the Extreme Warmer, I was able to cinch the neck hole down by about 3-4 inches to fit Summit and Gretel’s neck.

A Note About Jackets With Legs

If you are buying an overall with legs, know that the size chart assumes you have a regular dog with regular sized legs, not one with 2-3 inch legs for the same chest circumference).

I’ve seen a few long and wire hair Dachshunds wear the overalls with, apparently, no issue. It looks to me like their fur keeps the jacket cuffs in place.

We tried a few but the legs were too long for Gretel and wouldn’t stay “pushed up” because she has a slick coat. Her legs kept going back up the sleeve and getting caught.

I’m not saying one won’t work for your slick-coated Dachshund but just keep our experience in mind.

What Size Do Summit and Gretel Wear?

Like I said, a dog’s measurements can vary widely even if they weight the same.

Below is the size charts for the my favorite Hurtta winter dog jacket for Summit and Gretel – the Extreme Warmer.

Summit and Gretel are both about 10.5 lbs but their measurements vary.


Gretel’s measurements are:

  • Narrowest part of neck: 10.5 inches
  • Chest circumference: 16.25 inches
  • Back Length: 13 inches (maybe 13.5 but she is almost always hunching)
Dacshund wearing a Hurtta winter jacket with snood

Gretel wears a size 12 in the Extreme Warmer (actually, all the Hurtta jackets we own).

As you can see by the charts above, Gretel’s back is actually 1-1.5 inches longer than the recommended back length for a 12. If she were any longer, it wouldn’t work.

It’s on the tight end as it is in the rear (when the flaps are buttoned) but I made the next a bit loser so the jacket could sit further back on her body and buy us a little bit of extra room.

The neck size listed for a 12 is 16″ – way larger than her neck actually is. The neck fits her loosely without sagging if I cinch it most of the way down.

A size 14 would be way to big for her.


Summit’s measurements are:

  • Narrowest part of neck: 11 inches
  • Chest circumference: 15.5 inches
  • Back Length: 14 inches (maybe 14.5 but she is almost always hunching when I measure her)

Summit is in between sizes but she has to wear a 14 to for the length of the jacket to work.

The rear length, and around the neck, are very adjustable on the Extreme Warmer so, although on the larger side for her, it works.

She’s able to hike in it with to tripping, jacket dragging, or chafing issues.

As you can see, the neck does gape on her quite a bit, even at it’s smallest adjustment, but it still keeps her toasty warm and doesn’t bother her.

In fact, she’s not a huge fan of jackets anyway – and often takes a some encouragement to start walking at first – so I think she prefers a loser fit.


Chester was my first Dachshund and the original Adventurewiener (sadly, we had to let him go in 2018).

Summit actually wears a lot of Chester’s old jackets (including his Hurtta Extreme Warmer). She’s skinnier but about as long.

Chester’s measurements were:

  • Narrowest part of neck: 13 inches
  • Chest circumference: 17 inches
  • Back Length: 14 inches (maybe 14.5 but she is almost always hunching when I measure her)

As you can see, Summit and Chester were the same length, their chest measurement varied by over and inch. and Chester’s neck was 2 inches larger.

Although the size 14 Extreme Warmer fit a little more snug on him, they both fit into the same size.

Anyway, I hope all of this helps you find the right size for your pup.

How to measure and select the right size of Hurtta dog jacket for your Dahcshund

About the Author

Hi, I’m Jessica. I’m a Dachshund sitter, President of the largest social Dachshund club in Washington State, a dog trainer in training, and I’ve been a Dachshund owner for 20 years. I have over 150,000 hours of experience with the breed. When I’m not working, you can find me hiking, camping, and traveling with my adventurous wiener dogs.


  1. Thanks for this, it was very helpful! I’ve been eyeing Hurtta for quite a while for Nola. She’s the same chest size as Gretel but is 10″ in the neck and 12″ in the back. I like the Ultimate Warmer look!

    1. I was sick the last couple of days but I saw your comment come through. You’re fast 😉 I think the 12 wold definitely fit Nola. Like I said, it’s just barely long enough for Gretel so It would work better for Nola since her back length isn’t as long. I know the neck measurement says 17 inches but I barely tighten down the bungee for Gretel. I like it to fit her lose. I just checked how far I could cinch the neck down. I could make it losely fit my wrist… which puts it about 8 or 9 inches in diameter. Hope that helps if you decide to get one.

  2. That jacket looks very cozy and also very stylish! Might have to purchase one for my pup as well!
    Great photos! Thank you for sharing. Keep up the fun posts! 🙂
    Take care,

  3. Jessica,
    Do you have knowledge about standard dachshunds? My Sadie has a 13+” neck, her chest is 23.5″ and back length is 17. Her numbers are all over that chart!!

    In addition, she’s long-haired, so a harness that is close to her “armpit” tends to give her dreadlocks 🙁

    Thanks for taking time to respond

    1. Hi Sharon. My Chester is in between sizes so I understand how the sizing choice can be difficult. It does help these jackets are very adjustable. I can help you more specifically if I know which jacket you are getting but here is an example for the Torrent and Summit (top chart):

      Back length 17″: This is one of the most important measurements to fit. It’s also better to err on the side of longer than shorter. The Summit Parka and Extreme Warmer can be adjusted by about 2 inches in length (shorter). Looking at the chart, this would put your pup at a size 18 or 20. Note: a size 16 could also work but you may have to leave the back flap unsnapped. I would measure your pup again to make sure they are not a little less than 17 inches.

      Chest 23.5″: The next most important measurement. The size listed in the charts is a range and the jackets can usually can be adjusted to be at least a 1/4 smaller than what is listed. According to the chart, your pup would need a size 16 or 18. But, since you are ok with the chest part fitting a little looser so as not to mat the hair as much, and a size 16 is a tad too small in the back, you would probably want size 18.

      Neck: 13+”: The neck is adjustable by 2-3 inches easy. Also, it won’t fit tight around the neck like a collar so an inch or two bigger is totally fine. The neck measurement listed for a size 18 is 22″. BUT, because it can be adjusted down to approximately 19 inches, and fitting loose is ok, it would work.

      If you want a tighter fit, or are looking at the Extreme or Ultimate Warmer I would go with a 16 since the 18 would be way too big in the chest.

      I’m verifying the return policy right now with Hurtta North America. My impression was that they would exchange sizes if it didn’t fit properly but I will let you know if that is not the case. Baxter Boo also sells the jackets. It looks like they will exchange as long as you make sure there is ZERO pet hair on the jacket when returned (packing tape works great for removing fine hairs). Their website is here:

  4. We need help! We ordered the wrong size from hurtta and can’t find anything about how to return it. We spent a lot of money and would like a good fitting jacket for our dog

    1. Hi Dawn. I’m sorry you go the wrong size and I’m sorry you’re having trouble finding the information you need. I assume you already looked at the packing label and the information was not there. I’ve been told that a customer who bought an item from the Hurtta North American website can have the item replaced for free to a smaller or larger size. I believe all you need to do is contact them. According to the contact page on their website, there are two ways to contact them – and phone 561.227.4092. Have you not had any luck with these?

  5. Wanted to get your opinion on size… reading yours was very helpful.

    I was looking at the Extreme Warmer for my pup. My dog measures 17.5-18 inches (length), 14 inches (neck), 21 inches (chest). I was thinking the 16 inches would be best, and 18 inches would be too big. What do you think?

    Thanks for your help!

    1. Hope I can help. That’s a tough one.

      Normally, you want to base your choice on length because you can’t make a jacket longer. Gretel is about 13.5 inches in length but the 12″ JUST fits over her bum… so there is an inch or so to play with in the length. Since your pup is at least 17.5″ long, the 16 could barely fit like on Gretel. I highly suggest measuring his back length a few more times to try and get a more accurate measurement. If he’s longer than 17.5″ then you probably want to go with the size 18.

      Chester’s neck is 13″. He has to wear a size 14 jacket because the size 12 isn’t long enough for him. It’s super baggy but I can cinch the 20″ neckline down to fit him, which is a difference of about 6″. Going by that, your pup would be fine in the 16″ for his neck but the 18″ might be too big.

      Chester’s chest is 17″ and I can tighten the strap to on the size 14 make the 20″ (listed min) waist fit him. That’s a difference of 3″. For your pup, the size 18 might not cinch down small enough.

      If you are ordering directly from Hurtta North America, I would email them for advice. If it were me, I would buy the two sizes, try them on, and return the one that is too big (check the return policy to make sure you can – I know you can with Hurtta North America). If I had to guess…. if you remeasure and your pup’s back is definitely 17.5 ” long or a little less, I would go with the size 16. If he’s any longer than 17.5 inches, I would go with the 18.

  6. This post is soo helpful! I’m preparing my doxie for her first northeast winter and ordered her several sizes to try on since I wasn’t sure. I think I found her size but I find that the back flaps and leg holes are very oversized/flap around a bit. Are you running into this issue at all?

    1. Hi Wendy. Which model of their jackets are you referring to? In general, they are designed to have back flaps that extend down over the legs. There should be elastic bands inside to put around your dog’s legs to keep them from flapping around.

      1. I have the Extreme Warmer and Expedition parka, both of which do have the leg flaps and elastic bands. I just feel like the elastic bands do not keep the leg flaps tight against my dog. Does this happen to Summit and Gretel? My question might be most easily answered if you or I could share a side-view photo of the dogs haha!

        1. I tie a small knot in the rubber strap to make them shorter. I don’t want them too tight though or they might rub and cause chafing. Some bounce in the flaps is expected. Also, putting your dog’s tail through the opening in the Extreme Warmer (when it’s buttoned) can help stop the jacket from sliding to one side if that is happening. There are many photos of the dogs in the Extreme Warmer in side view on our Instagram account. You can see one example here: We don’t use the expedition parka regularly so I don’t have a good image of that. Hope that helps.

  7. Our pup peanut measures 12″ neck,15 ” chest, and 16″ length. Her feet are 3″ x 3″. She is still growing. What size would you suggest? Thanks

    1. Hi Dcott. Due to the cost of the Hurtta jackets, I recommend that people don’t purchase one until their dog is full grown. With that being said, I have paid way too much for a dog jacket that my puppy grew out of and I just keps it for my next one.What jaket are you looking at? I can’t really recommend a size until I know which one as each size chart is slightly different.

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