Pre-Christmas Shopping With the FurKids

I had been sick the last couple of days fighting a cold.

I was bored from sleeping on the couch all day and Chester and Gretel were bored from watching me sleep on the couch all day. I decided today was the day to get out of the house.

I showered and changed from my PJs into stretchy workout PANTS (emphasis on pants) which I admit sometimes moonlight as my PJs. I loaded Chester and Gretel in the car and headed to Petsmart for a little early Christmas “window shopping” (because of course I couldn’t buy there gifts with them there or the surprise would be ruined).

I was hoping that they would give a nod or a little nibble to the things they would like for Christmas but they were completely unimpressed with the collection. They were WAY more concerned with snorting dust bunnies under the shelves in hopes of finding an errant crunchy morsel of doggie-biscuit goodness.

Sometimes they are just no help. How do you pick out presents for your pet for Christmas?


  1. says

    Gizmo judges his toys by his ability to shred them into fluffy nothingness so he’s no help…I try to choose toys with squeakers that won’t drive me crazy when he goes to work on them. :)

    Since Gizmo is a Jewish dog he generally gets one nice new toy on the first night of Chanukah, and then a treat every night for the eight nights that we light the candles.

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    • AdventureJess says

      Gizmo is one lucky dog…getting multiple special days instead of just one! Chester shreds any squeakie toys immediately too.

    • AdventureJess says

      Ha, ha. I thought you said “AND an fun reindeer look” and I thought “oh, I am sure they enjoy that” :) Chester likes those water bottle toys too….crunchy, crunchy, crunchy.

    • AdventureJess says

      Yeah, I think they really aren’t discerning. If it’s fluffy and they can squeak it (or rip it apart, they are in.

  2. says

    Other than hinting for a can of spray cheese for her hiking pack to “ward off bears”, P. will get the same thing she always gets. She never seems to be interested in anything else. Here are the contents of her stocking:
    1.)1-2 pks of Chuck-it balls (
    2.)Homemade buscuits, preferable w/pumkin and wrapped up. Festive.
    3.)optional:apple to slice up w/sm. amt. of string cheese at bottom of stocking.
    I know, a mite boring to us. But hey, should it be all about us?
    PS)She likes a place in the christmas dinner line as well.
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    • AdventureJess says

      I am surprised her stocking isn’t 6 feet long and stuffed to the top with Chuckit balls. Ha, ha. I read apple and thought that was a great idea but wondered what you did about the seeds. Now that I am on my computer instead of phone I see that you cut it up. That’s a great idea though! I might steal that idea this year. They are small so even quarters of apple will take them a minute or two :)

  3. says

    Woof! Woof! That’s one thing mom misses Shopping … me too. I recently broke my water toys and had a hard time to find one. There’s not much selection and way $$$.
    You pups got that look I want it all … just be practical on your selections. Happy Saturday. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar
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    • AdventureJess says

      I have always heard that things were expensive in Hawaii but I never thought about dog toys. I suppose you don’t have a Wal-Mart or Petsmart with marginal quality, easily destroyable, cheap toys :)

  4. says

    My pack wants something with a squeaker, so they can pull it out and hear me fuss at them. They want something they can destroy in a few minutes. They want something they can chew on for a long time. But they don’t get what they want. No bells, no ribbons or small parts nor anything cute since it’s a waste. Something that is always a hit is the stuffing-less toys. They adore them!
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    • AdventureJess says

      That’s fun that your Mom takes you shopping too. You are taller than Chester and Gretel so you get to see more toys :)

  5. Tiki and Lana says

    Mine go hunting for dust bunnies and the odd piece of food. Mine get the same as always (Himalayans), I just wrap it in paper and let them have at it.

  6. DeAnne says

    JJ would be far too distracted by licking whatever the store has within tongue’s reach. His favorite toy is a firmly braided ‘bone’ made from strips of polar fleece. He thinks we should make some this year for his doggy cousins, but I think it will be safer to give all of them homemade pumpkin biscuits.

  7. Elizabeth says

    We evaluate which of their favorite toys are in the worst condition and replace them with new ones! We also always include some kind of chewing toy as our girls do love dog bones.
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  8. says

    OMD! Really, who could resist those two faces?? I would buy em’ what evers they wanted!
    I sure hopes your feeling better…being sick sucks! Just ask my Ma!

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