Rowing at the Speed of Weiner Dogs

This is a really short post but I have to tell you about one of the absolute funniest things I heard last weekend during our Adventureweiner Club Greenlake walk.

First, let me set the stage.

Greenlake is where the University of Washington Rowing Crew practices. Go out there on any day, rain or shine, and you will see them out there.

There is always a trailing boat full of coaches following the rowers.

The coaches job is apparently to use a megaphone to yell things at the crew that are supposed to make them row faster. It reminds me of the hamster in this Geico commercial.

At one point, I ran ahead of our group to take photos. There I was, crouched down on the ground when I heard it. It was as clear as day.

The coach yelled, “Go faster! You are rowing at the speed of weiner dogs!”

The coach had obviously seen us walking around the lake and mistakenly believed in the stereotype that weiner dogs can’t go very fast on their stubby legs.

If the crew only knew how speedy our little Adventureweiners can be, they might have taken what the coach said as a compliment :)


  1. Bruce Sherman says

    Very funny. Sorry I missed the walk this weekend. Small correction though. The U of W rows out of their rowing center on Lake Washington. The crews at Green Lake are kids or adults rowing through the Park Department programs. Even adults can sign up for a session and learn how to row “Faster than a Weiner Dog!” As if!

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