Seattle’s Newest Pet Store – Health Mutt

A couple of weeks ago we stopped by a new Seattle pet store. I don’t just mean new to us. As of this posting, this store has only been in existence about 3 months.

I noticed the store one day after shopping at Whole Foods. It caught my eye with its bright turquoise and orange sign and neatly organized shelves peeking out through the huge front windows.

As a close to our lazy but exciting Sunday, we decided to swing by and check it out.

When we walked in, the owner enthusiastically welcomed us. She immediately started fawning all over Chester and Gretel and gave them a couple of treats (with my permission of course). We told her about their hiking adventures and our Adventureweiner Club.

I looked up at the counter where she got the treats and these were no ordinary treats! Most pet stores have the obligatory treat dish filled with your average run of the mill milk-bone or crunchy type treats. Her treat jar was full of our favorite soft, delicious treats – Zuke’s!

Also on the counter was a display of homemade, gourmet dog treats  arranged on cake pedestals and in baskets. The owner said they were from a local company called the Nyima Bakery and were all-natural. She said they were always fresh because the lady who makes them stops by every couple to leave new ones and takes the old ones back with her.

After drooling over the treats on the counter (yes, even I was drooling. Ha, ha), we took our time wandering the store looking at every item in the store.

As we wandered, the owner would come back and check on us. She always seemed to come back right after, or during, a treat heist by Chester. He kept snagging treats from the bottom row of bulk treats and crunching away. She didn’t mind at all. I said I would pay for them but she didn’t charge me.

The high quality brands and meticulously organized shelves made the place look like an expensive boutique. Curious, I snuck a look at the price tag on almost everything in the store. The prices seemed very reasonable. You won’t find any bargain deals here but all of the products are top quality!

Health Mutt goes beyond your basic pet store. They carry high end dog foods like Orijen, Acana, Nature’s Logic, Addiction, Taste of the Wild, Great Life, Honest Kitchen and Stella and Chewy’s raw. They also have a huge seleciton of fasionable dog collars and toys to keep your dog’s busy.

One reviewer on Yelp said, “It’s so refreshing to walk into a pet store that doesn’t carry the exact same 4 types of treat toys as eeevveerryy single other pet store.” We feel the same way.

I emailed the owner after our visit to get some more details about her business. In her response back to me, she told me why she started Health Mutt. I planned on editing her response for this review but I loved everything she said. I thought you might want to hear it too so I left it just as she wrote it.

She said, “I opened Health Mutt because I had been dreaming of a store chock-full of all of my favorite cat and dog stuff.  I’m passionate about pet nutrition and I love helping people find what they need to make their dogs and cats a happy and healthy part of the family.  Over and over again, I’ve seen what a huge difference a good diet can make in the lives of dogs and cats.  And in turn, I’ve seen how happy our healthy dogs and cats can make us humans!  All of Health Mutt’s food is meat-first, filler-free, by-product free, U.S. sourced and produced.  We don’t have a single food that’s not top quality.  We don’t mess around!  But as much as I focus on nutrition, I also know that a tired dog is a good dog.  So, I’m always on the hunt for the best toys, treat-releasing games, no-pull harnesses, etc.  And of course I love the cute collars and the raincoats that don’t leave me with stinky and wet dogs after a walk.  I tell people that I have literally fed every food, and played with every toy, in the store.  We carry as many local, or U.S.-made, products as possible.  If I sell it, it’s because I love it!”

We like her style! We like to support local business owners so we will definitely be back here. If you are in the Seattle area this is certainly a place worth stopping with your pooch.

UPDATE: As a reader kindly pointed out, I forgot to include the location. You can find Health Mutt  at 1207 N 65th Street, Seattle, WA 98115 – one block east of Whole Foods Market 65th and Roosevelt.


    • AdventureJess says

      Thanks Bruce! I thought I had a link to the store website and people would click that. It turns out that I didn’t!. I edited the post to include the link and also added the address at the bottom. Thanks again for pointing that out.

    • AdventureJess says

      We stopped in again yesterday. The owner recognized us and was happy to see us. She gave us some samples of grain-free kibble we are going to try.

    • AdventureJess says

      We were just there again yesterday and the owner was very happy to see us. There were about 5 other dogs there too and she was letting them all run around her shop. Chester picked out his own squeakie toy :)

  1. amy says

    Rufus, Porter, & I stopped by there today and I have to say that the store was a-maz-ing. I am a little spoiled from all the wonderful independent stores around Seattle and didn’t think I needed to add another one to my regular rounds, but the owner is fabulous, the amount of different stock she has is great for the size of the store, and the different kinds of bulk treat was fantastic. Thanks for the review or I might not have ever gone in! :-)

    • AdventureJess says

      Hey Amy, glad you guys liked Health Mutt. I have learned that we are very lucky with all of our independent pet stores around here. However, with so many choices they can tend to lose some of their specialness. I think Health Mutt is great because you feel like you are being welcomed into Jenn’s home and that she sees her store as a gathering place. The last time I was there, she was letting about 5 dogs (including us) run around the store and play. I might try to arrange a special visit for the Adventureweiner Club sometime :)

  2. says

    We love this store! Bondi is grain free and no fat due to lymphangiectasia and Honest Kitchen Zeal is the only “commercial” dog food he can tolerate. I love that health mutt keeps his 10lb boxes in stock for us:)

    • AdventureJess says

      Thanks for sharing your feedback on this store. It’s where we go for all our dog supplies. Jen is always willing to talk with us about any feeding concerns we may have.

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