Thankful We Skipped Thansgiving!

Ok…before you string us up, or think we are totally ungrateful, let me start out by saying that my family celebrates Thanksgiving the Saturday before and S’ family lives out of state. We did celebrate Thanksgiving – we just skipped it yesterday.

We are thankful for a lot of things year round but yesterday we were most thankful for not having to be stuck in traffic jams or wait in long check-in and security lines at the airport. We are thankful that we did not have to rush around like Turkeys with our heads cut off to get somewhere on time. We are thankful that we didn’t have to cook and more thankful that we didn’t have to clean up after a huge coma-inducing turkey meal.

What we were also thankful for yesterday were eyes to see, healthy lungs, strong legs to walk on and the privilege of living in an area with such beautiful (and plentiful) recreation opportunities so we could do this:

We worked up a huge appetite and dined on chicken and potatoes for dinner…..served to us by the great staff at McDonalds that sacrificed begin home with their families to make sure we didn’t go hungry. (note: the dogs did not get chicken and potatoes…they had boring ol’ kibble).


    • AdventureJess says

      Well, it WAS much more relaxing. I might have liked Turkey and cranberry sauce instead of McDonald’s though but it’s a trade off :)

    • AdventureJess says

      I think I was more thankful because of the way we spent it. But I wouldn’t have been if we really skipped Thanksgiving – didn’t celebrate it the week before – so I am also thankful that my family is so insightful and practical :)

    • AdventureJess says

      That’s great you guys got outside though. Nature is always so relaxing and can bring some sanity to an otherwise crazy day.

    • AdventureJess says

      I know, I know….I should have thought ahead on the chicken and maybe picked them up some special treat…however, I don’t think we got a “special treat” with McDonalds. Ha, ha.

    • AdventureJess says

      We intended to hike to Snow Lake on Snoqualmie pass. S asked me if we should bring snowshoes and I said “nah, Snoqualmie pass is lower than Stevens – I am sure the snow is not that deep there”. Well, I put my snowshoe in my mouth because it was deep. It was pretty packed to Source Lake, although we did fall through a few times (us, not the dogs..they are always fine. Ha, ha), so we only made it to there. Beyond that, we would have needed snowshoes.
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    • AdventureJess says

      It was but note that I sacrificed my down jacket for them :) I was colder than they were so next time we are bringing them their own down blanket for when we stop. It always takes once in the snow every year to remember all of the stuff you were supposed to bring :) We did have hot chocolate.

    • AdventureJess says

      We think this is what we did last year too…even on the same trail :) I have always had a personal tradition of doing something fun and outdoorsy on Thanksgiving since we celebrate earlier.

  1. Michelle says

    Did you guys just go hiking or did you camp out there as well? Whatever you did, it looks so much fun and it’s a great idea to spend the holidays outdoors with your favorite person and pets!
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  2. says

    What a great hike! It’s hard to believe there’s that much snow anywhere already. We’ll be hiking out to get a Christmas tree tomorrow, but that’s as far as we’ll get! lol I envy you your peaceful Thanksgiving, ours is crazy at hubby’s family’s house every year!
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    • AdventureJess says

      I thought for a minute you said your hubby was crazy….or your hubby’s family was crazy…or something like that. Ha, ha. Ski resorts are starting to open around here. There is almost 5 feet of snow at the base of Mount Baker up north (which usually gets the most snow of all the Washington State ski resorts. I would say there was around three where we hiked.

  3. says

    Oh you got a bunch of snow. Love the pictures. We were at our cabin where it was 60 degrees on Thanksgiving (and I was able to wash the windows :)). Then on Sunday the bottom fell out and we got snow.
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