TA-DA! Introducing the Advenutreweiner Club of Seattle™

The Adventureweiner™ Club is where adventurous weiner dogs come to have fun and their parents come to exercise with their dog, make new friends and have a good time.

Originally, when I started organizing events for the Seattle/Eastside Dachshund Meetup Group, I dreamed of finding hoards of extreme weiner dogs and their owners who hike long miles up big mountains like we do. What I found was that kind of adventure seemed crazy to most folks.

However, I found that people WERE very intrigued by the general concept of “adventure”. Some wanted to start hiking but needed a beginning program to get them going. Some were regular walkers and wanted to stick to tamer organized group walks. Of course, as I had hoped, we did find a few that were glad to join us on our favorite hiking trails.

The truth is that our definition of adventure is pretty wide. We think that all of life is an adventure. It is all attitude and about how you approach what you do. Organizing meetups and meeting other weiner dog owners just made us remember and appreciate that.

Although we live for big adventures, we need to work our adventures in around the rain, cold (although we have been known to head out even in those types of conditions), busy schedules and just the regular old wrenches life throws at you.

All of this forces us to look for adventure in smaller doses and the places nearer to us on many occasions. Sometimes an adventure for us is going to the local dog park, eating at a new dog-friendly restaurant or going for a road trip.

I have been tossing around the idea of the Adventureweiner™ Club for some time now. I am still not clear what this idea will grow into but for now I decided to make an official move to make it an active, real club. You can now find the Adventureweiner™ Club of Seattle on Meetup.com.

It’s free to join and my hopes are that eventually there will be some kind of membership trinket like the embroidered patch I have been designing or sticker or something. Possibly in the future, discounts will be offered to members. For now, members will be rewarded with fun events, the chance to meet new people and possibly a great photo or two of their dog ( I love to photograph these events).

Our first event is a spring evening walk around Greenlake. You can sign up here. Upcoming events will include the pilot launch of the Couch to Peak™ beginning hiking program, group walks, play dates, other adventures and possibly beginning hiking clinics.

Click on over and check us out.

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    • says

      Thanks, we’ll see. I don’t have any solid expectations attached to it but thought it would be fun to see what happens. Of course it would be fun if it turns into a successful group.

  1. says

    Congrats; that’s awesome! (I love that there are so many cool ways to use “weiner” in a sentence. Who would not want to go on an adventureweiner?!)

  2. Agent H says

    OK, I have to say this . . .
    Your site is such a weiner! And I mean that only in a good way.
    And having a good club to hang out with is even better.
    We have some friends we regularly meetup with and enjoy every minute of it.
    Best of luck and cheers to you and your club advertures!

    Now on to the next bloghop site!

  3. says

    Hi Y’all!

    BrownDog here! Thanks for stoppin’ for a visit. Just had a minute to visit and meet Gretel. Love her expression in the pic on your post about the Greenlake Walk. Living in such rural areas we miss out on stuff like “pet sitting swaps” and “group fun walks”. My Human would love something like that. Even with this 100 lb retriever at her side, Papa doesn’t like her to go alone if he can’t go with her.

    Let us know if y’all move to the southeast coastal area…I like little dogs, big dogs and inbetween dogs. Maybe y’all would let me join in the fun!

    Y’all come back now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

    P.S. I picked up y’alls feed.

    • says

      Thanks. We have had a lot of people join the the last few days. It’s pretty much just for Dachshunds…..but we would make an exception for Gus. Maybe if you put him in a hot dog costume he would fit in. Ha, ha.

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