Getting Back to Mischief

March Adventureweiner Club Walk

Well, our week in Sequim turned into two, which turned into being overwhelmed and busy with "tasks" almost every waking moment. Not that I am complaining. Life sometimes does that too you. However, it has left no time for you have probably noticed by our lack of posts. Things have eased up a bit around here lately so we have been able to dabble in a little Mischief here and … [Read more...]

Hollywood Here We Come


Like our friend Crusoe, our star is rising. We are getting better known around these parts. We are being talked about all over town and people are starting to recognize us. The owner of Health Mutt emailed me to tell me about a guy that came into the store the other day. He showed her a picture of his two gorgeous Doxies. She asked him “have your heard of the Weiner Adventure group?” He then … [Read more...]

Guest Adventureweiner Spartacus


Today’s Guest Adventureweiner is Spartacus.  Spartacus is from Edmonds, Washington. His is an active member of our Adventureweiner Club and one of our good friends. Sparticus’ Dad took a little adventure time out to answer some questions for us. Tell me a little about Spartacus Spartacus is 13 months old (Dec 14, 2010 birthday) and approx. 16lbs. He’s is not fat so that weight … [Read more...]

Guest Adventureweiner Crusoe


Our Guest Adventureweiner today is Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund. Crusoe lives in Ottawa, Ontario Canada. We have become fast bloggy friends with Crusoe and admire his drive for adventure. Crusoe is a local celebrity where we lives (or at least he thinks he is). He is one lucky dog because all he has to do for his blog is explore and look cute. He has a manager that does his writing for him … [Read more...]

A Long, Fun Day Ends at Discovery Park


After our Greenlake walk and dog-friendly lunch, a few of us from the Adventureweiner Club went for an urban hike at Discovery Park. We hiked out to the bluffs where we took a break to take some pictures, watch the ships and chase the dogs around. We saw a Bald Eagle. He swooped right over our head. Everyone gasped! Unfortunately, he was moving too fast, and I was moving too slow, to … [Read more...]

Great Dog Costumes at Dog-O-Ween 2011


Some of us from the Adventureweiner Club of Seattle met up at the 12th annual Dog-O-Ween on Saturday, October 22nd. Unfortunately, it was cold and rainy the whole time we were there.I didn't dress Gretel up because I didn't want to get her tutu muddy. My friends, who worked about 3 weeks on Hugh Heffner and Playboy Bunny costumes for their dogs waited to the very last-minute to put them on so … [Read more...]

Don’t Be THAT Guy – Good Etiquette When Hiking With Your Dog


Search the internet and you will find that dogs on hiking trails is a subject that is hotly contested. There are very passionate voices on either side. I am of the belief, obviously, that it is ok for dogs to be out on the trails. However, bringing your dog along comes with great responsibility to both people and the environment. I admit, haven’t always been the most responsible person when it … [Read more...]