Climbing Up, Up, Up Mt. Si


Last Monday we finally got out and went for a hike. Because of family obligations, and planning for my wedding, it had been a long time since we got out in the woods. Mt. Si is about 45 minutes from Seattle in the Cascade Mountains. Views from the tip include Puget Sound, Cascade Mountains, Seattle and the Snoqualmie River Valley. Wikipedia says about 80,000 to 100,000 people visit the Mt. … [Read more...]

BlogPaws or Bust Was Anything But


Whew! We made it back home from BlogPaws in one piece. It was an amazing trip. We met up with our local friends from It's a Weinerful Life and road tripped it down to Salt Lake City - making the entire 15-hour trip down in one day! The trip down was a lot of fun. We played the alphabet game (find each letter of the alphabet on signs or license plates), chatted and sang along to songs a … [Read more...]

Mush! Weiner Sled Dogs


We decided to start the New Year off right by going snowshoeing on New Year’s Day. Our friends and their young daughter came with us. We planned to go back up to Source Lake but didn’t really have an agenda. We weren’t sure how long our friend’s daughter would last – or how long they would last if they were carrying her – so we thought we would just go as far as we could and then turn … [Read more...]

Close But Not Quite


Usually when we go somewhere we have a plan. We know where we are going, how far we are hiking, what kind of weather to expect, what gear to bring, etc. We decided to take a hike on Thanksgiving but both S and I were feeling non-committal. Chester and Gretel didn’t have any suggestions either :) We decided we would head to the mountains not really knowing where we were going or what we were … [Read more...]

Dog (un)Friendly Astoria, Oregon


We visited Astoria a few weeks ago on our Oregon Bike Tour. Astoria is where we were going to leave our car and launch or trip from. Before we left, I did a search of dog-friendly stuff in town.  I didn’t really find anything except hotels and restaurants on websites like DogGoes and BringFido when I searched “stuff to do with your dog in Astoria, OR”. Upon further research, I found that the … [Read more...]

Adventureweiner Bike Tour Part II – Seaside to Cannon Beach to Astoria, Oregon


We took a bike trip from Astoria to Cannon Beach, OR and pulled Chester and Gretel along with us in doggie trailers. We told you about Part I of the trip yesterday which found us in Seaside. Our plan was to continue on to Cannon Beach, spend a couple of days there and then ride back to Astoria – a total of about 60 miles. Unlike the fairly flat ride from Astoria to Seaside, this stretch of … [Read more...]

Adventureweiner Bike Tour Part I – Astoria to Seaside, Oregon


I know a lot of you were anxiously waiting to hear about the cycling trip we took. I want to thank you for being patient. We had a lot to do when we got back and I had a lot to write about. For those of you who don’t know, a couple of weeks ago we took the dogs on a cycling tour of the North Oregon Coast. It was only the second time they had ridden in their doggie trailers and thefirst trip was … [Read more...]

Gearing Up for a Backpacking Trip with the Dogs


We are with our pal Roxy the Traveling Dog this week – forgoing fun in lieu of packing for our extra fun upcoming adventures. Besides meeting with some of our Doxie friends at the Edmonds off-leash dog park (our favorite) and visiting with family, we spent the weekend preparing for our vacation next week. We plan to start off the week with an overnight backpacking trip with the dogs and then we … [Read more...]

Bike Touring Mukilteo to Langley with Two Wieners in a Doggie Trailer


Last Friday S brought home a used doggie trailer. By Saturday afternoon I had decided that we were going to use it Sunday for the first time and ride almost 15 miles from Mukilteo to the dog-friendly, seaside village of Langley, WA. Sunday, after slapping some duct tape on the trailer (fixes anything right?), throwing some gear together and airing up the bike tires we were off. Most people … [Read more...]

Zuke’s Dog Treats are the Sh*t


We would like to tell you about our most favorite treats. I will start out by saying that I bought these products myself (and have been regularly buying them for years) and the manufacturer doesn’t have any idea I am doing this review. Now that we have that out of the way you can really take to heart what I have to say about them. Our favorite treats are made by Zuke’s Performance Pet Nutrition … [Read more...]

Gretel’s First Camping Trip


We just had a week vacation. We are saving money for our wedding so we decided to forgo the long travel for a Staycation instead. S had never been to Deception Pass, and it had been about 15 years since I had been to the area (and I had never actually camped there) so we packed up the car and headed over to camp for a couple of days at Deception Pass State Park. I had to make the reservations a … [Read more...]