Our Secret: Start Small and Then Go Big


You have heard us go on and on about how ingrained the stereotype of small dogs is  – of how they are often underestimated and are capable of so much more.  We even wrote a guest post about it over at Will My Dog Hate me? We get really excited every time we see a story about another small dog proving the world wrong. On our blog we share our stories and talk about the miles we have hiked up … [Read more...]

Weiner Dog Walk – May 14, 2011


These things keep getting better and better and more and more fun to organize. We had about 30 people show up again for our Greenlake weiner dog walk on Saturday. Besides being our regular monthly walk, this walk also served as the first “hike” in the Couch to Peak™ series. The weather was beautiful and everyone was in a friendly, happy mood as usual. Spring seems to finally be upon us so … [Read more...]

Couch to Peak™ Training Program Launch


Summer is just around the corner which means the days are longer and the sun is out more. Most of us have spent the winter hibernating inside or only getting outside to move our body once every few weeks. Now is the perfect time of year to start a new exercise routine or just simply vow to get out more with your dog. Walking is the simplest form of exercise and often the one that you are more … [Read more...]

Adventureweiner Club Success


Tuesday marked the first official meetup of the Adventureweiner Club of Seattle. The evening walk around Greenlake went great. I just love getting other weiner dog owners together to socialize and let our dogs play together. Having great spring weather helps too. This group was smaller than the other walks I have organized. I do hope that our group will continue to grow but it was refreshing to … [Read more...]