Meeting Bloggy Friends


I consider myself a social media butterfly. I love connecting with new people through our blog, Facebook and Twitter. I will be honest….I love connecting with people in general! I am not one of those people (no offense mind you) who is a socialite in the virtual world but then feels awkward in situations where you are face to face. I can strike up a conversation with a stranger anywhere! Can … [Read more...]

I’m as Free as a Bird Now


This last weekend we went to Port Townsend to walk the beach with my Step-Dad, Guest Adventureweiner Sadie and her Mom. Sadie’s Mom brought two dogs – Sadie and a Doberman named Smokey. Sadie is very old and wise so she is allowed to walk off leash. Smokey is also allowed off leash so he can obsessively chase the rocks thrown into the water for him (he doesn’t wander far from the hand that … [Read more...]

Barkster’s Holistic Dog Treats Review


Chester and Gretel are lucky that they can eat a lot of treats and still stay trim. They hike and get exercise regularly. When they hike they burn a lot of calories so feeding them a lot of treats isn’t really an issue. When hiking they actually NEED the calories. However, there are a lot of times I feed them treats while I am shooting photos at home or when we are out and about on the town. … [Read more...]



Since the beginning of the summer I have been looking at my back yard and longing to fill it will weiner dogs. A couple of weekends ago, after one of our weiner dog walks, I invited a few of our doggie (and human) friends over for a barbecue. There were about 10 weiner dog owners there with two “posers” (My aunt and step-mom decided to hang out and join in the fun). We ate…what else?...German … [Read more...]

Couch to Peak™ Final Hike


This is really a little out of order. I posted about our huge hike up Mount Si earlier in the week but really this hike happened before that hike. Our final goal in the Couch to Peak series was a hike up Rattlesnake Ledge. We have been up this trail several times but it was a good challenge for those who are new to hiking. I think I have said this before but it is 2 miles to the top with an … [Read more...]

Sir, My Dog is Broken


Last week I told you that I was going to start a Couch to 10k training program with Gretel. I wanted to provide weekly updates so you can follow us on our adventure in spirit or physically if you have decided to start our training program yourself. I have found that the only way for me to be motivated to actually train for anything is to set a goal. Our goal here, of course, is a 10k. I decided … [Read more...]

WW #10 – Weiner Dogs in Costume


Yesterday we told you about our adventures at Dachshunds on Parade over the weekend. One of the events was a costume contest. As promised, here are pictures of some of the contestants. And the winners were...... Weiners, eggs and toast! Happy Wordless Wednesday! Head on over to BlogPaws to see all the other blogs participating and their photos. You can … [Read more...]

Dachshunds on Parade


This last weekend I went to Dachshunds on Parade, a big Doxie event in Ellensburg, WA, for the first time. My friend had told me about it years ago when Chester was a pup and told me I should go but I never managed to make it. I decided this year was the year because several of my Doxie friends, and fellow Adventureweiner Club of Seattle members, were going. Our friend Sienna and her mom … [Read more...]

WW #9


We're back from our break. I wish I could say it was relaxing and I am refreshed....but I can't. This last weekend was a whirlwind of future mother and father-in-law meeting of my family and lots of looking at touristy things. Then there was the "Yay, I am finally almost over my, I am painfully sick again for three days and counting." Sheesh. SOMEBODY didn't get the memo … [Read more...]