Not Your Typical Day at the Beach


In desperation for more beach glass to fill my wedding favors, I convinced one of my bridesmaids to take a trip with me and Gretel out to Glass Beach. No one had accompanied us out to the beach for well over a year. We always made the trek alone. I grew up in this area and have been to this beach many times over the last 20 years. This time we saw some things that I had never seen … [Read more...]

Climbing Up, Up, Up Mt. Si


Last Monday we finally got out and went for a hike. Because of family obligations, and planning for my wedding, it had been a long time since we got out in the woods. Mt. Si is about 45 minutes from Seattle in the Cascade Mountains. Views from the tip include Puget Sound, Cascade Mountains, Seattle and the Snoqualmie River Valley. Wikipedia says about 80,000 to 100,000 people visit the Mt. … [Read more...]

A Visit to the Beautiful Point no Point Lighthouse


I had to head to Sequim again this weekend to work on my Grandparent's house some more. We were watching a friend's dog, Clancy. I took Clancy and Gretel with me and left Chester and home with S, as usual, so he had someone to keep him company. While I was on the Edmonds-Kingston ferry boat I got an email that my appointment had been pushed back. I had a couple of hours to kill so I decided to … [Read more...]

Poo Poo Point Hike


No, I did not get poo on my hand again. Last weekend we got two special treats. We had an Adventureweiner friend, Spartacus, come and stay with us. We also had a rare winter (weekend) day of sun and clear blue skies.  It was the perfect recipe for a hike so we loaded our gear and the dogs in the car and headed to Poo Poo Point. Poo Poo Point is a grassy knoll on Tiger Mountain where local … [Read more...]

Bark Espresso: The Best Place to Have Coffee with Your Dog in Seattle!


UPDATE: When I visited on 9/22/12 there were signs plastered everywhere (and it is a small space) stating that your dog must be leashed at all times. This is no longer a place where you can have coffee while your dog  plays with others. The coffee is average and the location not very good. I can go to a lot of places and sit with my dog on a leash while I drink coffee. This place is not longer … [Read more...]

Close But Not Quite


Usually when we go somewhere we have a plan. We know where we are going, how far we are hiking, what kind of weather to expect, what gear to bring, etc. We decided to take a hike on Thanksgiving but both S and I were feeling non-committal. Chester and Gretel didn’t have any suggestions either :) We decided we would head to the mountains not really knowing where we were going or what we were … [Read more...]

Adventures in Internets #1


When surfing the Internets there are things that jump out and grab our short attention span. We thought we would start sharing some of our favorites with you so you can see how we spend our  time between hikes and adventures. The first thing I didn't actually find on the Internets. Instead, I found it on a table at a bookstore when I was wasting time waiting in line to meet Henry Rollins. Then, … [Read more...]

Dog (un)Friendly Astoria, Oregon


We visited Astoria a few weeks ago on our Oregon Bike Tour. Astoria is where we were going to leave our car and launch or trip from. Before we left, I did a search of dog-friendly stuff in town.  I didn’t really find anything except hotels and restaurants on websites like DogGoes and BringFido when I searched “stuff to do with your dog in Astoria, OR”. Upon further research, I found that the … [Read more...]

Don’t Be THAT Guy – Good Etiquette When Hiking With Your Dog


Search the internet and you will find that dogs on hiking trails is a subject that is hotly contested. There are very passionate voices on either side. I am of the belief, obviously, that it is ok for dogs to be out on the trails. However, bringing your dog along comes with great responsibility to both people and the environment. I admit, haven’t always been the most responsible person when it … [Read more...]

Secret Pet Friendly Seattle Restaurant


After we got back from camping at Deception Pass we had planned to take Gretel for her first overnight backpack. Instead we opted to stay in Seattle for a relaxing weekend and downtown Seattle with the dogs. We parked near the Pike Place Market and walked north to stroll Myrtle Edwards Waterfront Park and the Olympic Sculpture Garden. We also found out that the boat we saw from the ferry when we … [Read more...]

More Glass Beach Treasures


After the somewhat disappointing hike to glass beach a few weeks ago I had decided it wasn't worth the hike for what little bit of treasures we did find out there. With more thought and research my thoughts tended more towards "well, this is as good as it is going to get if you want to find your own beach glass". I am using beach glass to make boutonnieres for my wedding and thought that at … [Read more...]