I Can’t Keep My Mouth Shut!

MZ Rock Solid Campaign Poster

I am so excited that I want to shout from the rooftops! I just found out something amazing this morning and wanted to share. This is breaking news people. You are one of the first in the country to find out. Do you remember us talking about the amazing, progressive rescue we adopted Gretel from, Motley Zoo Animal Rescue? Well they are launching an amazing project that will revolutionize the … [Read more...]

We DO Care About Pet Rescue


I know we don't talk about it much. We don't talk about any pet-related causes much. I know a lot of other blogs do, and we don't want to seem callous, but it is not what we are about. In our special corner of the pet universe, we are champions for small dogs - specifically, keeping them active and at a healthy weight. Small dogs have gotten labeled too many times as "lap dogs" and people don't … [Read more...]

Responsible Dog Owner Month


We may not say it outright but underlying all the adventure stories, reviews, promotion of dog heath and fitness, recommendations and advice is that we believe in responsible dog ownership. The American Kennel Club has deemed September responsible dog owner month. To celebrate we are listing our 3 favorite posts related to being a responsible dog owner. Trail etiquette when hiking with your … [Read more...]

The Go Dog, Go! Canine Festival is the Best!


Last week I gathered the usual suspects and we all headed to Kirkland, WA for the festivities at the Go Dog, Go! Canine Festival. I would say this event wasn’t a ton bigger than Poochapalooza but it did feel like there was a lot more to see there. The highlights included a stop by the Planet Pup booth, a stop by Amore Grace to check on Gretel’s pretty jacket and a visit to the Motley Zoo Animal … [Read more...]

It Gets Deeper


Yesterday I told you that Gretel was a victim of puppy “flipping”, or trafficking, and that is what lead her to our family. A local woman was busted for purchasing cheap puppies online, falsifying vaccination and spay/neuter papers (even forging a veterinarian’s signature) and reselling them for a profit. Initially, the woman denied any wrongdoing but has not had a change of heart and got honest … [Read more...]

Gretel, Hookers and Blow


Gretel’s past was a little fuzzy when we adopted her. We were told that the people who bought her got way more than they expected and couldn’t handle her. The issues of anxiety and aggression towards men were mentioned. The couple decided to surrender her to Motley Zoo Animal Rescue saying that the situation they took her from was “sketchy” and they didn’t want to take her back there. When we … [Read more...]

Where Gretel Came From (Hint…Not a Stork)


We have said how lucky we feel we are to have found Gretel. We wanted to share a little about the people who brought her to us, Motley Zoo Animal Rescue, because we think they are great. As a young, fresh organization they are already revolutionizing the rescue scene. They go beyond everything a traditional rescue does. Besides saving the lives of animals in need and fixing them up, they also … [Read more...]

We Are So Lucky


As most of you know, we adopted Gretel. When we got her we were told that she was not socialized as a puppy. We were told she was extremely anxious around dogs and strangers, especially men. She was apparently so bad that they had her on anti-anxiety medication. After we got her, we took her off the medication almost immediately. We have spent a lot of time working with her, both providing … [Read more...]