We’re Adjusting

Here in Seattle we only get about 3 months of summer and great weather. Then it turns really rainy and cold and stays that way for 6 months until spring. It’s always a huge adjustment for our family.

In the summer, the sunshine beckons me to the mountains. I feel good every day and and have dozens of ideas of what we can do for outdoor adventures.

We have gotten almost 7  inches of rain so far in November (Update: the 40 inches previously quoted was for the YEAR). At best it has been gray and clear and at worst it has been dumping rain in almost blackness for 24 hours straight! That really bums me out. I get tired of sitting in the house but I can’t think of anything I would rather do but snuggle up in a blankie with some ice cream on days like that.

When the “dark season” starts I have to re adjust my thinking. I feel less motivated to do things and I spend a few weeks resisting the change and misguidedly “waiting” for the weather to get better. Then, at some point, a switch goes off and the old Northwest adage comes back: “If you wait for it to stop raining to go outside, you never will”. My urge to get outside takes over and I am forced to get creative.

When it is raining in Seattle it is usually falling as snow in the mountains. Snow is cold but DRY…..and it’s being wet that we all dislike most. Also, most of the time it is raining in Western Washington, it is dry and sunny over the mountains on the eastern side of the state. On days when we don’t have all day, I vigilantly watch out the window for a break in the rain so sneak outside for our walk or look for dog-friendly things we can do around the City….so we can stay DRY. Sense a theme? ha, ha.

It takes a month or so for me to adjust but after I do we end up going on just as many adventures in the winter as we do in the summer. Just last week I bundled Chester and Gretel up in their Dachshund jackets and headed for one of our favorite winter mountain hikes – Source Lake. I have a couple of friends east of the mountains I have been wanting to visit so soon the rain will send us over there for another desert adventure. I found this place in the City called K9 Fun Zone that has weekly playtime where small dogies can play indoors we want to try. I also found out a cool bar up the street from us is dog-friendly and have plan to go there with a friend in a couple of weeks.

So, once my attitude adjusts with the weather, I learn to look forward to our winter activities. Bring on the adventures :)

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    • AdventureJess says

      I grew up here too….so I lived here for years because I didn’t know any better. When I discovered the outdoors in my teens, I became less and less of a fan of the grey (the rain itself I don’t mind). I don’t move though because 1) My family is here and I am very close to them and 2) In the three months of summer we have I wouldn’t wish to live anywhere else. We are so lucky to have everything within three miles…desert, ocean, rain forest, wooded mountains, alpine mountains, gleaming, white snow covered mountains…..

  1. says

    Ha ha! The problem here for us this time of year becomes that it just gets too darned busy! I always look forward to the time after the holidays when we can start getting out again. I’m hoping we’ll be able to avoid snow for another month or so, though!
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    • AdventureJess says

      Well, I do like that the snow rarely comes to our doorstep here. I mean, all that shoveling, plowing and slipping on ice stuff is a bummer. I love it when it first snows because it white and pristine but it turns grey and icky it’s just a hassle.

      I hope you guys are able to sneak in a few good hikes before Christmas.

    • AdventureJess says

      Well, as a friend pointed out, that was the total for the YEAR, not the MONTH. It has ONLY rained 7 inches this month. Still more than “meh, no biggie”. It’s been enough to flood and destroy homes and still make me a basket case :)

    • AdventureJess says

      I have heard it is grey and rainy over there too but didn’t realize it was that way through summer too. Ick.

  2. says

    Holy Flying Cat Balls!!! You mean 4.0 inches of rain right; not 40 inches? Here in Sequim, we have gotten maybe 2 or 2.5. I know how the grey and wet mood can really work on you mentally, even bringing out the black dog in us (excuse the pun-it was intended). But I can’t imagine you really got that much in November! If you really did; I stand corrected. Say it ain’t so, Jess!
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    • AdventureJess says

      Yeah…just kidding :) You made me look. 40 inches is for the YEAR. This month it has only been 7 inches….which is still almost three times what you have gotten, lucky. Thanks for pointing that out though. I wrote this post late last night and by BS meter wasn’t working. I searched Google for “November rain total” and found 40 inches….and at midnight that didn’t sound so unreasonable. This morning, especially when I read your comment, It DID seem a little high. Ha, ha. Thanks for catching that! I fixed my numbers….but now I won’t get as much sympathy :)

  3. says

    Wow! We definitely prefer snow to rain- and that’s what we get 6 months a year! We had our first real snowfall last night. Sounds like you have some great winter options to try!
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  4. says

    That’s a lot of rain!

    I live in Alaska, so I can appreciate the short summers. Here it is more like 3 months of spring, 6 months of winter and 3 months of in between…

    We are planning a trip with our two doxies to Seattle just to take a break from our winter (this past week we have been at ~15F). This will be their first  airplane trip so we wanted to start with the closest destination out of state. We love Seattle, but this is the first time we are have a pet oriented vacation. Would love to hear your recommendations (parks, trails, pet friendly restaurants/pubs) on what to do or where to go during this time of the year. We’ll be following your blog!

    • AdventureJess says

      That is about the seasonal mix we get here too :)

      I do find it interesting that you are coming to Seattle for better weather. Ha, ha. I promise it is not that cold here! I would love to talk to you more about your dog-friendly vacation here. I don’t know when you are coming but I host a monthly Dachshund walk around one of Seattle’s most popular parks. We usually have around 30 Dachshund who come for walks in the winter (we have more in summer). I also have some dog-friendly recommendations for drinks and dining and know some other local bloggers with additional recommendations. You can contact me at adventurejess(at)gmail(dot)com and we can continue the conversation there.
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  5. Missy@dawsondogs says

    Wow, mom says she remembers the rain when she lived there in the past. You look nice and cozy in you cute coats.

  6. says

    Hey Chester, Hey Gretel, Jet here.

    How you adjust to the dark season, we adjust to the 7-8 months of summer; filled with daily booms/streaky lights, unbearable humidity and scorching temperatures. If we wait for a change, we’d never leave the house!

    Shifting and adjusting is a wise choice. We love seeing your outerwear, quite pawesome. You look great trekking through the white stuff I’ve only heard about!
    Jet recently posted…Little Miss Golden Girl Got Her FIRST Naughty SpeechMy Profile

    • AdventureJess says

      Well, I CAN honestly say I have heard complaints from the other side of the fence about blistering heat and humidity. At least we can put on down and waterproof jackets and be reasonably comfortable outdoors in the winter. In some areas of the country, the miserable summer weather can’t be avoided except with indoor air conditioning.
      AdventureJess recently posted…We’re AdjustingMy Profile

  7. says

    We’d gladly trade you your winter of rain for our winter of feet upon feet of snow which must be shoveled, snowblown and otherwise pushed around into various piles. Usually in the dark and definitely in the freezing cold. If it weren’t for the three great months of summer in Maine (and a climate that doesn’t support many large bug species) we’d live in North Carolina!
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  8. says

    I wish you could send the rain south to Texas. We would love to share some of it! I understand what you are saying because our summers are so brutal that we really can’t get out much so we just hunker down in the a/c and wait for it to be over! Love the pictures, the jackets are too cute!
    Beth & 4Doxies recently posted…I’m tiredMy Profile

  9. says

    We understand the weather thing. Seriously. We live in Ottawa. #3 coldest Capital in the world. We have 6 months of … winter. With a level of cold most people just can’t appreciate. Days that are so cold it is dangerous to go outside for fear your lungs will – quite literally – freeze when you take a breath.

    Yet, even with that we manage. Yes, we have days where going up and down the stairs of our apartment are the only way to exercise the wee one … but with snowsuit or thick wool sweaters and booties to keep Montecristo dry and warm … we go out. A LOT.

    But … I think we will wait for your summer to visit Seattle. :)

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