How Many Calories Do You Burn Walking Your Dog?

We are always talking about the benefits of exercising with your dog. We love to hike, and even occasionally run, with our dogs (yes, believe it or not, Dachshunds are good runners – why do you think there are so many weiner races out there?) but walking is the easiest, bet way for you and your pooch to get exercise together.

We think that any basic exercise plan has to start with walking. If you and/or your pooch are out of shape and a few pounds too heavy, walking is the best way to ease into a more intense exercise program.

If you are just starting an exercise program, regular walk should be your aim. Start out with small walks around your neighborhood if you aren’t used to physical activity. After you can walk about an hour 4 days a week with ease then you can start adding longer, faster-paced walks or hikes.

To help get you motivated, you can calculate the calories you will burn while walking your dog. Enter your height, weight and age into this calculator, select “walk – dog walk” from the activity drop-down menu, enter either time OR distance, and the amount of calories burned will appear.

For example (me), a 165 lb person walking for 45 minutes at a normal walking pace will burn 213 calories. I walk Chester and Gretel at least 3 days a week for 45 minutes each so I burn 639 calories a week dog walking.

To be clear though, this calculator is for a walk where you are intentionally exercising – walking at a brisk pace with few or no stops to sniff around. Sniff-fest type walks are just fine if your goal is for your dog to fill it’s nose with wonderful scents but you, and your dog, won’t burn many more calories doing that than you do sitting on the couch or washing dishes.

For ambitious types that eventually want to get into jogging with their dogs to up the calorie burn, here is a beginner tip:

“Just like people who aren’t used to exercise, dogs should start off slow. Moderately paced walking is a good way to start—it lets canine athletes build their cardiovascular and muscle strength without putting undue stress on their joints. A daily ten- to 15-minute walking session is a good start; you can build to an hour a day if Rover seems up to it. If, after a few months, he’s doing well and can handle long, fast walks without fatigue, he can graduate to jogging with you.”

Give the calculator a try and tell us how many calories do you burn a week walking your dog.


  1. says

    hey there coming by from the hop, i did always wonder how many calories i burned when walking yuki my schnauzer. i usually like to walk for about 40 minutes, after dinner. happy saturday :)

  2. Cherie K. Miller ( says

    Stopping by on the pet blogger hop – I especially liked your calorie counter – I volunteer at the Etowah Valley Humane Society and walk a LOT of dogs!

    Go to to see the very best cat band/cat lady video ever. It’s destined to become a viral hit and you’ll be one of the first to see it!

    Happy Caterday from Chairman Meow and his minions (the pups).

  3. says

    Hi Y’all,

    It’s too hot here to do much of anything. When we get mornings that aren’t too humid, my Human will jog with me. Winter is runnin’ time for us. Lots of days I only want to go out long enough to take care of necessities. I’ll have my Human check to see how many calories we burn…

    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  4. says

    I often get in a couple of long walks a day with my dogs and, yes, it helps with the weight loss! I also carry a pedometer along with me so I know how many steps I’ve taken per day. It even calculates calories.

  5. says

    Walking is a good way to start exercising. I tend to do more in the spring/summer/fall and not so much in the winter. I am not a fan of super cold weather. :) The calculator is cool. Thanks for posting it.

    • says

      We aren’t fans of walking in winter either when it is cold, dark and wet here. We just get out and walk when we can and go for a snowshoe on occasion. Our winter activities are definitely lacking.

  6. says

    Does reining in an exuberant Aussie puppy burn more calories? I think maybe yes. Check out my post tomorrow for great pictures of where I walk the dogs all the time. Sounds like you had a fun weekend.

  7. bonchi07 says

    Thanks for sharing this great tool. I walk my dogs twice a day and at times I combine with small running intervals. I live in Florida so right now, in the middle of summer it has been a little challenging to run them since it is so hot at times. On the weekends I try to make them swim also. They dont like the water too much but I figure little by little they might also learn to like it. Thanks for sharing how important it is to exercise with your dog.

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