Not to brag, but I thought I was a pretty great Dachshund owner.

One of my proudest achievements was that I kept Chester at a healthy weight.

I didn’t know any other Dachshunds (this was before the internet was popular) I could compare him to, but he could run with me for 7 miles and he seemed healthy and happy.

Then I saw it.

I had just rescued Gretel and we were visiting my veterinarian for a checkup. As I waited for her to come into the room, I entertained myself by studying the posters on the wall.

That’s when I learned for the first time about something called a body condition score. It was a way to tell if a dog was over or under weight by looking at them and feeling their ribcage. 

I looked at the chart, then back and Chester, then back at the chart and thought, “Oh, boy buddy. It’s diet time for you!” 

It turns out that he was two full categories higher than an “ideal” weight. He was “too heavy”.

I learned that day that I wasn’t the best Dachshund owner I could be so I committed to learning more and doing better.

Now, over a decade later, I’m dedicated to helping other owners discover ways they could do better by their dogs.

Maybe I can help you?

*consults take place over Facebook Messenger video chat or Zoom.

We all like to think we’re making the best choices for our dogs – that’s were the best pet owners. But the truth is, you don’t know what you don’t know.

Twenty years ago when I was raising my first Dachshund, we only had books to teach us. Now we can find “answers” to almost anything on the internet.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of inaccurate information out there created by people who don’t even own a Dachshund.

How do you know which information is right? If you already knew the correct answer, you wouldn’t be searching online for answers!

Now, you can connect with other Dachshund owners from around the world through social media who are happy to give their opinion.

But how much experience do strangers on the internet have and how are they getting their information? Who knows!

Hint: They may have not owned a Dachshund for very long, not have experience with many, and they may be a pro at regurgitating inaccurate information that they learned on the internet.

People have asked my advice about their Dachshunds for years, and they appreciate my knowledge and clear, no-nonsense approach.

I can help doxie parents sort through information “noise” to find the truth and the right path forward.

If you need help, choose one of the consult options below.

*consults take place over Facebook Messenger video chat or Zoom.

I’ve literally dedicated the last 15 years of my life to Dachshunds.

I started one of the first Dachshund educational blogs on the internet, I’ve been a Dachshund sitter for 10 years, I founded the largest social Dachshund Club in Washington State, and I’m currently pursuing a dog (Dachshund) training career.

Between my online conversations with followers and readers, and talking in-person with club members and clients, I have experience with over 300 Dachshunds (and that’s being conservative!)

Add to that, I have a science-forward curiosity (backed up by a degree) and am a voracious learner. Because I run my own business in the pet industry, I’ve been able to pack multiple decades of learning into the past 15 years.

While I will never claim to know it all, I can help you sort through the online noise and bullshit recommendations.

I can steer you towards becoming an even better pet parent and Dachshund guardian.

I can help you give your Dachshund a happier and more fulfilled life!

Concerns and issues I can help with include:

  • Types of diets and benefits
  • Emotional support through the IVDD recovery process
  • Meeting your dog’s mental and physically exercise needs
  • Training and behavior issues
  • Puppy Head Start (early socialization & potty training)
  • Travel planning
  • How to start hiking or camping with your Dachshund
  • and more!

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*consults take place over Facebook Messenger video chat or Zoom.

*IMPORTANT: I AM NOT A VETERINARIAN. JUST A PASSIONATE AND EDUCATED DACHSHUND OWNER* Please consult with your vet or a dog behaviorist if you feel like your pet’s life, or yours, is in danger.