Some readers would like to talk to me directly, rather than simply reading one of my articles, especially when asking for advice about their specific situation or seeking emotional support.

In the past, I wouldn’t help people over the phone, but since I am a certified life coach and Dachshund expert, I figured why not combine these two things and make myself available.

For a limited time, you can chat with me personally over the phone or Zoom (so you can also see the dogs). All you have to do is buy Summit and Gretel some dog treats!

We can discuss your Dachshunds health and how he or she a more fulfilled life, training and behavioral issues, how to get through the IVDD recovery process, how to hike with your Dachshund, and more!

The minimum for this option is 3 bags of treats for a 15 minute phone call (select 3 bags at checkout).

The average time requested by Dachshund owners is 25 minutes for 5 bags of treats (select 5 at checkout).

The maximum time for a chat is 50 minutes for 9 bags of treats (enter 9 into the custom number box).

You can buy Summit and Gretel treats HERE. Once treats are purchased, I will contact you to set up a time.

Please note that, although I try to schedule them as soon as possible, and phone call appointment could be up to two weeks away.

Also, this is a new process for me so if you buy treats and don’t hear from me within 24 hours, please reach out to me to let me know using one of the methods above.