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We like hearing about your stories, hearing how YDWWYW has inspired you, and helping you make the most of your life with your pup by answering your burning questions.

There are several ways you can get in touch with with me, Jessica, the human behind this blog.

1) Message me through our Facebook page or Instagram

If you have a quick question or are unsure of how long of a discussion your issue will take, this is the best first step.

I check and respond to social media messages the quickest. Please message me through our Facebook page or Instagram profile.

2) Email

If your preferred method of communication is email, you can contact me at Jessica(at)PetTalkMedia(dot)com.

This contact method may take a little bit longer, but I generally respond within 48 hours.

3) NEW: Speak with Me Directly

Some readers like to talk to a real person, especially when asking for advice or emotional support.

I offer phone consultations on a limited basis if readers have an in-depth question about behavior, health, training, adventuring with your Dachshund, or just want to pick my brain.

If you would like to request a phone consultation, please use one of the methods above to contact and ask how to purchase a block of time.

You can find out more about phone consultations with me on my “Dachshund Owners Life Coach” page.