Adventurewiener Club of Washington members play together and learn together.

Whether it be via talking with other Dachshund owners, or directly through instruction-focused events, most people learn something new by coming to our events.

Our guarunteed monthly events are the Greenlake Walk and a meetup in the Lacey/Olympia/Tacoma area.

The Greenlake event draws up to 40 people and 100 wiener dogs from all around the area and the sough sound meetup draws an average of 15-20 people.

In addition, the club hosts other free events around the state like dog park meetups, walks, hikes, and camping trips when time and availability allows (typically 1-3 per month).

Join the Adventurewiener Club Community in Washington State

There are two options to join the club below.

The Basic membership, which will always remain free to join, includes two regular events each month, a private Facebook group where you can connect with local Dachshund lovers, and occasionally extra events.

The VIP membership is a newly-launched way to support the club and ensure it will continue to thrive in the future.

Besides the basic membership benefits, VIP members get early access to events, are automatically entered into a quarterly giveaway, and recieve exclusive coupons and discounts.

Logo for the Adventurewiener Dachshund Club

Please select an option below to join the club.

Basic Memeber

All of the standard benefits:

  • Attend non-premium events including the Greenlake Walk, Olympia/Tacoma event and other free meetups as scheduled
  • Access to the 1.3k member Facebook group so you can connect with other Dachshund owners in Washington State

VIP Member

Basic membership benefits PLUS:

  • Quarterly Giveaway (value: 3 months membership minimum)
  • Exclusive Coupons/Discounts (coming soon)
  • Guaranteed, and sometimes exclusive, access to premium events
  • More than the total of your 6-month dues donated to benefit Dachshunds (rescue, nonprofit, etc.) every 6 months (individual 6 month dues + 3% total dues collected – minimum)