Group photo of the Adventurewiener Club of Seattle members holding their Dachshunds

Get Out – Get Active – Get Social

The Adventurewiener™ Club is a social Dachshund club that was founded by You Did What With Your Wiener? (us) in 2010.

The primary goal of the Club is to help Dachshund owners connect with other owners in their community to share tips, meet up for play dates and other events, improve their Dachshund’s quality of life and, most importantly, have fun!  

However, over the years, our fans have come to know and love Summit and Gretel (and Chester before Summit). So club events are also a way that our fans can meet us.

How Do I Join the Adventurewiener Club?

Logo for the Adventurewiener Dachshund Club

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History – How It All Started

I’ve (your club President Jessica) been studying the Dachshund breed for over 15 years and have been hiking (most of the time with my dogs) for over 25 years.

I love sharing what I know with other owners to help improve their Dachshund’s life.

Shortly after starting this blog, I launched the Adventurewiener Club as a way to bring Dachshunds and their owners together in the Seattle metropolitan area through in-person events.

Eventually, the membership, and scope of events, grew to encompass all of Washington State.

Recently, I started a “national” chapter of the club in the form of a Facebook group and eventually plan to hold Dachshund events around the US.

The Adventurewiener Club is now one of the biggest social Dachshund Clubs in the United States.

We have over 1,000 members and we have hosted over 125 events for Dachshund lovers.

Check Out Our News and Events Page for More Info.

Woman wearing a grey T-shirt with the Adventurewiener Dachshund Club Logo on it

Adventurewiener Club Merchandise

We want to help Dachshund owners better identify each other and immediately know they have common ground.

In order to do this, I’ve created merchandise with the club logo on it for you to wear around town and during your travels.

You can purchase T-shirts and sweatshirts HERE

Future merchandise is in the planning stages and may include bandannas, mugs, and trucker hats.

There ARE stickers available but you can currently only get one by attending an in-person event.

We hope to “see” you around whether it be in person or virtually

Heads Up About Imposters!

The logo above is our new club logo. Below is our old one.

Both of these logos are copyrighted and are not for use outside of the Adventurewiener Club and

If you see either of these logos being used on other Dachshund sites, including those selling puppies, beware because it’s a scam!