thanks for trusting me with your baby!


Please take a couple of minutes to fill out this dog sitting request form (click the button below) and I will be in touch with you shortly (within 48 hours in most cases).

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have more questions before you are ready to book? Below are some of the most frequent questions I’m asked. If you don’t see yours here, you can shoot me at direct email at Jessica(at)pettalkmedia(dot)com or message me through our Facebook page.

If you have more questions before you book your stay, please use one of the options listed on my general contact page.

There are some things that I include in your Dachshund’s stay, which many dog sitters and boarders charge extra for. These include personal snuggle time, daily enrichment provided in the form of games, walks, and short adventures close to home, supervised time in our fenced yard, natural chews, daily brushing and mat check (long haired Dachshunds), a bath if there is a poop accident or they roll in something, a needs assessment, and a 20-minute report at the end of your dog’s stay.

Honestly, it’s more common for Dachshunds to be anxious than not, especially when staying in a strange new place and encountering new dogs and people. I understand this work with your Dachshund at their own pace to make them feel more comfortable. We’ve had some really tough cases before and there isn’t one we haven’t won over after a few days.

Because of our location (1.5 hours east of Seattle), most owners ask me to drop off and pick up, so they don’t visit my house. If you would like a quick video tour, you can view that HERE. We often travel to the Seattle area though and are happy to set up a meet and greet with the dogs before your pup’s stay. Also, you will complete a comprehensive intake form before your your Dachshund’s stay so that I am 100% sure I know what your dog needs.

Before your dog’s stay, you will complete a comprehensive intake form which will include a list of what I provide and what you will want to send with your pup. The basics are food, medication, supplements, harness/collar, leash, and a dog blanket that smells like home.

In general, I recommend making your reservation at least 3 months in advance. Some returning clients book their stay a year ahead of time! No notice is too short though, so please reach out with your needs to see if I am available. Sometimes my plans change and I become available, I may be able to move my schedule around to accommodate you, or there is a cancellation.

I accept cash, check, or Venmo. If you need to use a different form of payment, we can discuss the options.

I do not currently require a deposit to reserve your pup’s stay. Payment in full is due at the beginning of your dog’s stay. Please see below for more cancellation details.

Please understand that because I only watch 1 or 2 dogs at a time, a reservation for your dog closes my calendar off for other dogs during that time, which I may not be able to fill on short notice. For this reason, If you cancel less than 30-days in advance, you will be charged for half of your dog’s stay, less any ad-on services that you booked at the same time. In the case of emergencies out of your control, like with a natural disaster or death in the family, this fee may be waived. In the instance that you need to cut your dog’s stay short, a refund will be issued for half the cost of the remaining days, along with a full refund for any add-ons not used.

Before your pup’s stay, I will ask you for your pet insurance information (if you have it), have you sign a treatment release form, and ask me how you would like me to handle an emergency if it comes up. In general: I’m trained in dog first and and am experienced in handling small issues (like a broken nail, scratch, etc.). If I think medical attention is needed, I will immediately attempt to contact you to discuss. For non-urgent issues, we can visit one of the local veterinarians for a consult. For urgent, and more serious issues, I will drive your pup to the nearest 24-hour emergency vet.