Kurgo Adventure Gear: Loft Hammock Car Seat Cover

I worked at a large outdoor retailer for years and have always been a gear junkie. I know a quality made product when I see it. I can also tell if something is just made to look like “outdoor adventure gear” for dogs or if it’s actually going to work and hold up to repeated use.

As a pet blogger, I’ve seen a lot of stuff made for pets. There are a few brands that really stand out to me. Their products are made to the high-quality standards I’m used to seeing in people gear and it seems like a lot of thought was put into them. One of those brands is Kurgo.

I had actually never owned anything by Kurgo – I’ve just been admiring it for years. Well, I finally got a Loft Hammock to protect the back seat of my car and I love it!

Kurgo Loft Dog Hammock to protect your back seatI love everything about it.

It looks sharp (that’s important you know). It’s waterproof to help protect my seats from wet hiking gear and muddy paws. I can just throw it in the washer when it gets dirty. I can use it as a hammock to create a little storage compartment on the floor that the dogs can’t get to (I can’t put food or treats there though. I am pretty sure they would eat through a brick wall to get to those 🙂 or remove the front attachments to create a car seat cover that will protect my seats from our wet, muddy people friends.

It also doubles as a ground cloth at an outdoor concert or a blanket when it starts to get chilly.

Our Kurgo Loft Hammock doubling as a ground cover at an outdoor concertKurgo has some other great adventure gear too.

I have my eye on the Quantum Leash because I can’t let Chester or Gretel off leash but I want to try hiking hands-free. I would like to try the Surf N Turf Life Jacket for paddleboarding next spring because it looks like it will fit a Dachshund well but offers more flotation than the ones we currently have. They also have crash-tested dog safety harnesses for the car (only a few out there are actually crash tested), dog jackets, a dog first aid kit, and much more!

I’m definitely looking forward to trying more of their stuff.

Disclosure: This post and giveaway is sponsored by Kurgo. I received compensation in exchange for sharing information about Kurgo and this giveaway. However, I only write about products and brands that we would use or can stand behind here at YouDidWhatWithYourweiner.com. Everything I say is really how I feel. Kurgo is not responsible for the content of this article.

About the Author

Hi, I’m Jessica. I’ve been studying the Dachshund breed since 2007, owned 3 of my own, and shared in the lives of thousands of others through their owner’s stories. When I’m not sharing what I know on this blog, you can find me hiking, camping, and traveling with my adventurous wiener dogs.


    1. A lot of people don’t know. Some companies use the term “safety” harness to mean safety because the dog can’t run around the car to distract you – not “safety” as helps to keep your dog safe.

  1. I’m a huge fan of Kurgo products. They deliver such quality and I’ve always been able to count everything we’ve used. Our hammock is nearly 2 years old and is still holding up strong with 4 big dogs.

  2. What an awesome giveaway! I LOVE Kurgo products. I use the wonderful Kurgo safety harness on all our road trips to keep our dogs safe. I need a car seat cover badly to help keep the car clean during our many outdoor adventures!

  3. I only have one thing from Kurgo and it’s a harness. It’s great quality. Would love to try out some other things – thanks for the giveaway. 🙂

  4. I was only able to get 1 entry (don’t have Instagram) but I wanted to say I have the quantum leash and several other Kurgo products and they are all great. My personal favorite is the collapse-a-bowl, which I have in blue.

    1. I’ve had my eye on the quantum leash. Their other products are so well made I am sure it is too. Glad to hear that you like it.

  5. We love Kurgo too! We have one of their car harnesses that is also easily used as a walking harness. We’d love to try some more of their gear too. Thanks for this great giveaway!

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