Pet Releaf CBD Hemp Oil Edibles and Review

By now, you have probably heard of CBD for pets and how it might benefit your dog.

Pet Releaf Hemp Health was the first pet CBD (cannabidiol) brand I discovered back in 2016 and I was really impressed by the quality of the product and the owner’s knowledge. 

UPDATED: This article was originally published June 2016.

Disclosure 1: Some of the links in this article are affiliate links, which means that we earn a small commission when you make a qualifying purchase.

I was provided their hemp CBD oil, and edibles for dogs, called edibites, to try for my Dachshunds.

Since then, the use of CBD in pet products has exploded and we’ve had the chance to try many other brands. But I keep coming back to Pet Releaf again and again.

Below, I will share with you the reasons I love Pet Releaf CBD for dogs so much.

A Brief Introduction to Hemp CBD

Some of you have come to this article after extensively researching CBD and its benefits for dogs. 

However, for some of you, this might be one of your first stops so I want to provide a little background.

What is CBD?

CBD is a compound found in Cannabis plants – both marijuana and industrial hemp. 

Both types of cannabis contain CBD and THC (the compound that gives people a high) but marijuana has been cultivated to contain high concentrations of THC and very little CBD.

The CBD in dog treats should be derived from industrial hemp, which contains virtually no THC, the psychoactive component in cannabis, so CBD dog cookies will not get your dog high.

The scary stories you hear about dogs overdosing on marijuana has nothing to do with CBD products. They are two different things.

Note: CBD can unfavorably interact with drugs like benzodiazepines, such as valium, and SSRIs, such as trazodone, so always check with your veterinarian before giving CBD to your dog if they are on medication.

If you want to know more about what CBD is, where it comes from, and the legality of it in your state, read my previous article Hemp Cookies for Dogs? My Dog is Not a Stoner!

The bottom line of the legality is, because CBD for pets doesn’t contain THC, it’s not considered a controlled substance by the US Drug Enforcement Agency and it’s legal to possess in all 50 states.

For a more scientific explanation, read the article How does CBD Hemp Oil work? From Pet Releaf.

Why I Give CBD to My Dachshunds

My discovery of CBD occurred in the same year my Dachshund Gretel was diagnosed with Intervertebral Disk Disease (IVDD).

Pet Releaf CBD treats helped keep Gretel calm and relaxed during her 10-weeks of crate rest so she didn’t move around too much. 

Later, when my first Dachshund Chester developed dementia, he was frequently confused and agitated. I gave him CBD to help him cope with external stresses and promote relaxation.

Today, I give my Dachshunds CBD to:

  • Support and promote long-term health
  • Help support circulation
  • Support their immune system
  • Help support joint flexibility and mobility
  • Help relieve occasional joint stiffness
  • Help them cope with external stresses and promote relaxation

Other potential CBD uses I am keeping in mind for the future include cancer and seizures, just in case either happens to one of my dogs.

Research indicates the CBD may have potential to assist the treatment of cancer.

Studies have also found that CBD shows promise for treating canine epilepsy and seizures.

What Sets Pet Releaf Apart From Other Pet CBD Brands?

There are five primary reasons I think Pet Relief is one of the best CBD brands for pets.

1) Pet Releaf Contains Therapeutic Concentrations of CBD

The use of CBD in pet products has exploded over the years. Once it became popular, and to this day, many brands are using it to cash in. 

Hempwashing”, where, for one example, brands put “hemp” on the label to fool you into thinking the product contains CBD when it actually doesn’t, became a popular marketing technique.

However, Pet Releaf is passionate about creating and making truly healthy hemp-derived CBD pet products with honesty and integrity. 

They have done extensive research to make sure their CBD products are pure, authentic, and maintain a high-level of effectiveness.

They even have an in-house veterinarian on staff!

2) Pet Releaf CBD Products Are Superior Quality

Pet Releaf CBD stands apart from many pet CBD products on the market because:

  • Pet Releaf contains CBD extracted from the whole hemp plant (often referred to as “full spectrum”) sourced from US-based farms that don’t use pesticides or herbicides
  • Uses CBD extracted using the Super Critical CO2 Extraction method to ensure absolutely no toxic solvents compromise the quality of our CBD pet products.
  • Pet Releaf Is independently lab tested to confirm consistency and the verify amount of CBD in the product
  • All Pet Releaf Hemp Oils, Liposomes, Capsules and Edibites are certified by the National Animal Supplement Council, which ensures the products’ seed to sale traceability and safety of their products. (source
  • Pet Releaf hemp oils are blended with organic coconut oil, or wild alaskan pollock oil (liposome oils), as a carrier so it’s like two supplements in one.

3) Pet Releaf CBD is Effective

Over the years, I’ve tried around a dozen CBD products for pets. And, like I said, I keep coming back to Pet Releaf again and again.

With Pet Releaf CBD, I clearly see a calming effect on my dogs. With some others, I’ve felt like they didn’t do anything.

If Gretel is walking around stiff from a hike, I give her CBD to help her joint health and recovery. I feel like she walks better afterwards.

Since I can see the calming effect on my dog’s outward symptoms, I assume Pet Releaf CBD is also performing its magic in other, internal ways too.

4) The Owners of Pet Releaf Are Friendly and Very Knowledgeable

A lot of thought went into developing the Pet Releaf Hemp Health products. 

Before they launched their initial offerings, they spent a year researching, testing, and refining their products, including getting feedback from veterinarians.

Steve, one of the founders of Pet Releaf, enthusiastically agreed to talk to me about CBD and spent almost an hour explaining about the hemp plant, different ways it can be processed, what the research says about CBD and pets, and the legalities of CBD

And believe me, Steve is a crazy busy guy. The fact that he took time out to talk with me one-on-one says a lot.

5) Pet Relief is Leading the Sustainability Movement in the Pet Industry

Pet Releaf sources their hemp from regenerative organic farms whose goal is to improve land health. 

Regenerative farming is a conservation and rehabilitation approach that focuses on topsoil regeneration, increasing biodiversity, improving water cycle, increasing resilience to climate change, and strengthening the health and vitality of farm soil.  

With regenerative agriculture, farmers are not just sustaining the current land resource so that it can continue to be used in the future. They are improving what is there, leaving it better for the next generation.

Pet Releaf operates in a sustainable manner throughout every step. 

Besides using agricultural resources efficiently, they work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, keep our water sources clean, and minimize packaging material.

The Pet Releaf CBD for Dogs Product Lineup

Pet Releaf Edibites

Pet Releaf Edibites ®, also known as chews or edibles, were created by a professional chef who chooses ingredients to be synergistic and enhance the effectiveness of the CBD.

The treats are made by hand in small batches and are baked slowly at low temperature, followed by a dehydration process to preserve them, so none of the CBD oil evaporates. 

The treats come in several different flavors: blueberry-cranberry, peanut butter-carob, peanut butter-banana, sweet potato pie, peppered bacon, and pizza.

Pet Releaf started with one type of CBD dog treat but have recently expanded their product line to address different concerns.

There are now 4 different types of Pet Releaf Edibites for dogs.

Daily Releaf Edibites

Daily Releaf Edibites are their general CBD treats that are designed to do a little of everything – from supporting mobility to calming to digestion and sensitive skin – to keep your pet happy and healthy.

These treats contain only their proprietary CBD. 

The limited edition Barking Dog Collection, featuring artwork from Keith Haring on the package, are pizza flavored.

Stress Releaf Edibites

In addition to CBD, Stress Releaf Edibites contain organic baobab and chamomile to help enhance the calming effect of CBD.

If your primary focus is helping your pet stay calm, cool, and collected when you leave for work, during fireworks or thunderstorms, during travel, or when guests come to visit, these are the ones to choose.

Digestive Releaf Edibites

In addition to CBD, Digestive Releaf Edibites contain marshmallow root and ginger to promote a healthy digestive tract and address and occasional gastric distress.

If your dog occasionally experiences an upset tummy and bloating, these chews may help support digestive tract health.

Hip and Joint Releaf Edibites

In addition to CBD, Hip & Joint Releaf Edibites contain glucosamine, chondroitin, and noni to promote healthy hips and joints.

If your dog experiences occasional hip and joint discomfort due to normal daily exercise and activity, these chews can help maintain healthy joints and connective tissue.

Pet Releaf Hemp Oils

As with the CBD chews, Pet Releaf initially launched one kind of CBD Hemp Oil.

There are now 4 different types of Pet Releaf hemp oils for dogs.

Please pay close attention here because even though most of these oils have the same names as the Edibites (for example, there is a “hip and joint releaf” in each line), they contain slightly different ingredients (but those different ingredients do help achieve a similar result).

Daily Releaf Hemp Oil

As with the Daily Releaf Edibites above, the only active ingredient in Daily Releaf Hemp Oil is CBD (suspended in organic coconut oil).

It is intended as a one-stop shop for general wellness and longevity, supporting mobility, calming, digestion, and sensitive skin. 

Stress Releaf Hemp Oil

In addition to CBD and organic coconut oil, Stress Releaf Hemp Oil contains organic Ashwagandha.

If your primary focus is helping your pet stay calm, cool, and collected when you leave for work, during fireworks or thunderstorms, during travel, or when guests come to visit, this oil is a great choice.

Hip and Joint Releaf Hemp Oil

In addition to CBD and organic coconut oil, Hip & Joint Releaf Hemp Oil contains organic devils claw powder.

This oil is specifically designed to promote mobility, and manage hip and joint discomfort, so your dog can keep fetching, hiking, swimming and enjoying zoomies. 

Liposome Hemp Oil

Pet Releaf Liposome Hemp Oil uses sustainably sourced wild Alaskan pollock oil as the carrier oil for the full spectrum hemp extract (CBD) instead of organic coconut oil.

The pollock oil may be more satisfying to a picky pet’s taste buds and has the added benefit of delivering essential Omega 3 fatty acids, in addition to the CBD, for their overall wellness

As with the Daily Releaf, the liposome oil is intended as a one-stop shop for general wellness and longevity, supporting mobility, calming, digestion, and sensitive skin. 

Other CBD Products From Pet Releaf

SENTESA Tri-Active Capsules

SENTESA, a patent pending formulation, was developed specifically for Pet Releaf by a world renowned Scientist and is a revolutionary TriActive supplement for Dogs. 

SENTESA Tri-Active Capsules are a combination of BetaCaryophyllene, Caprylic Acid, and Full Spectrum Hemp Extract creates a synergistic effect in your pet’s body to:

  • Support their Immune system
  • Enhance bone health
  • Support healthy brain activity
  • Provide increased happiness, energy, mobility, and calming 

The capsules contain a powder. You can place the whole capsule in your pet’s food dish or open it to sprinkle on food if you need to deliver a smaller dose and/or need to make it harder for your pet to spit out.

Skin and Paw Releaf

Skin and Paw Releaf is a soothing topical balm specifically designed to help pets cope with skin irritation like itchiness, irritation, and allergies ,bug bites, and salty, snowy paws. 

You can apply it directly on your dog’s skin and paws throughout the day as needed to promote a normal inflammatory response and maintain the normal moisture content of the skin.

You can also massage it on your dog’s ears to promote calmness.

Should I Choose Edibles or Hemp Oil For My Pet?

Whether you choose CBD edibles or CBD Hemp Oil depends on a few things.

How You Want To Administer the CBD

The primary consideration is the method of administration that your pet would prefer. 

Hemp Oils can be dropped directly into your pet’s mouth (many pets will willingly lick it) and it offers a more precise dose. 

Edibites offer a convenient way to administer CBD when away from home because it’s easier to carry and administer a “dog treat” vs a bottle of oil. 

Both the treats and oil can be added to your dog’s food dish at meal time. (and so can the Sentesa capsules)

Which Supplemental Ingredient You Prefer

You probably noted that for each line of chew or oil, the two contain slightly different ingredients.

For example, the Stress Releaf Edibites contain organic baobab and chamomile in addition to CBD where the Stress Releaf Hemp Oil contains Ashwagandha as the additional ingredient.

Even though the ingredients differ, they all enhance the CBD in a similar way.

However, if you have personal experience with herbal supplements, you may prefer one to the other.

The Size of Your Dog

The Hemp Oil is a more concentrated form of CBD.

For a small dog, they may only need ½-1 CBD chews 1-2 times daily to be effective. That is not many additional calories to their diet and a bag of Edibites may last you an entire month.

However, if you have a very large dog, the dosage for the treats may call for several given multiple times a day. 

Not only does this add significant calories to your dog’s diet, it can get expensive when you are blowing through one bag of treats every week (or less).

Whether You are Addressing Occasional or Chronic Issues

The Hemp Oils contain a more concentrated form of CBD so they may be a better choice for pets with more chronic issues. 

Final Thoughts

Pet Releaf is one of the highest-quality CBD products we’ve tried (we have tried many) and I love how environmentally conscious they are.

I regularly give Pet Releaf CBD to my Dachshunds to:

  • Help support and promote long-term health
  • Help maintain joint flexibility and mobility
  • Help my dogs cope with external stresses and promote relaxation

Pet Releaf may help your dog too.

If you want to try it, you can get 20% off your first Pet Releaf order by clicking this link.

Disclosure 2: I have been partnering with Pet Releaf to share their products with you for years. We have occasionally received compensation for our efforts (but also purchased their products). All thoughts and opinions are my own.

5 Reasons I think Pet Relief Hemp Health is the best CBD for dogs #pethealth #cbdfordogs #cbdforpets

About the Author

Hi, I’m Jessica. I’m a Dachshund sitter, President of the largest social Dachshund club in Washington State, a dog trainer in training, and I’ve been a Dachshund owner for 20 years. I have over 150,000 hours of experience with the breed. When I’m not working, you can find me hiking, camping, and traveling with my adventurous wiener dogs.


  1. 3 bum swings! 3 more!
    What a pawsome post & giveaway Rachel!

    As I barked out before, we support the use of CBDs & look forward medical marijuana being legal & commonly used in the veterinarian field.

    nose nudges,

    1. I just visited Pet Releaf’s website & had a look at the wooftastic edibites archives! It’ is a difficult choice but if I had to make one, The Peanut Butter Banana CBD Hemp Edibites would be likely my favorite. I just love bananas & they are so good for you.
      With that said, I would love to try all the flavors; they sound both delicious & good for you!

      nose nudges,

  2. I am so excited to read this post! I am proudly owned by three dachshunds – Gracie Lou Freebush and Gunnar (who are under-socialized rescues), and Liam who is two years post-IVDD surgery. I also foster dachshunds for a rescue organization, and they come to me with myriad health problems. I am excited to try the CBD treats for them to help with calming in stressful situations (vet visits) and for the benefits for the fosters who are older and a bit frail. Thanks for doing the leg work on this. I will be ordering som Pet Releaf products to try on the Weens!

  3. I think my dogs would LOVE the peanut butter & banana ones. I have 3 miniature doxies as well. While they are all fairly healthy, two are under-socialized and have fear issues. I would love to see if this product would be something that could help them.

  4. I’m starting to hear a lot about these types of treats and I haven’t done any research on them so this is helpful for me. I am entering your giveaway. Ace would probably choose the peanut butter and banana treats!

  5. I bet Koira would like the coconut the best. But she’d probably eat any of them. I wonder if it would help her with staying loose at flyball tournaments, when she is running a lot of the weekend. Right now, our vet has me giving her rimadyl during tournament weekends, but I would be happy to have an alternative to use instead.

    1. Huh. That is an application I never thought of. It would be great if you could get a “non drug” option to help Koira. I’m a big fan of going with natural when I can. Of course, there are some thing that natural doesn’t work for.

    2. Hi Crystal – steve from pet releaf here. we actually have a K9 team in Southern California that is using our oils for recovery after trainings and work sessions. They love us because it helps with the trainings and the recovery time without the side effects of the Pharma options. K9 dogs can’t be “doped up” on pain meds.

  6. I’ve tried to tweet and FB but didn’t get credit. So I’m heading over to the website to order the peanut butter banana treats. Hope they help my old man. Thanks for the tip.

    1. I checked the back end of the giveaway and you’re right, it didn’t give you credit for visiting the Facebook page or tweeting. You should be able to try again (you can tweet for an entry every day anyway). If you’re still having trouble, email me at Jessica(at)PetTalkMedia(dot)com and I’ll see if I can get the issue worked out with you.

  7. We recently adopted a young, energetic dog … who tore his ACL two weeks later. He has some social anxiety issues, especially in the crate, and is on strict rest while we wait to see if we can avoid surgery. All of those things combined? They’re a nightmare! After one of our sweet neighbors stopped by a few weeks ago to tell me that one of our dogs was barking nonstop in the crate while we were gone, I was desperate. I went to the natural pet food store and picked up some of those Edibites and, let me tell you, I am a believer!!! Great product – and SO much better than putting him on Xanax, etc. for his anxiety!!

    1. That is great to hear! I’ve read a lot of research about CBD treats but it’s always better when information comes from people in your circles. I’m so glad you didn’t have to go with the heavy drugs.

  8. I need to try these! Our dog is showing signs of dementia and has anxiety issues. I think these would help her.

  9. Buster and Ty would like to try the Carob and Coconut!
    Jess, I really appreciate you for doing the research on these products. Buster suffers from anxiety, but is also medicated for seizures – most anti-anxiety medications are not available to us because they alter brain chemistry and could cause him to begin having seizures again. I’m going to do some more research about our specific situation, but the foundation you’ve laid in these posts is wonderful. Thank you!

    1. The information out there is pretty confusing. I’ve tried to get to the bottom of this by diving head first into all of the resources, both online and in person, out there. Did you read my other article It sounds like you already know it might help Buster so you probably don’t need to know about all of the other potential benefits 🙂 It would be amazing if this helped him. The oil is more concentrated and better for helping more severe medical issues so you might want to look into that too. If you do try it, please share your experience.

    2. My dog rhodie suffers from anxiety and severe seizures as well and the medications prescribed just aren’t working. If you have tried the product i would love to know of your experience as this is my last hope for her.

      1. Hi Ashleigh,
        I’m sorry to hear that you’re not having any luck with Rhodie’s medications. Unfortunately, we haven’t tried any of these with Buster, so I can’t share my personal experience – but it certainly seems to me that it’s worth a try to help Rhodie. Good luck!

      2. I have given my dog Snoop the peanut butter & banana treats for his seizures. I break one treat in half and apply a 25mg dropper of oil on the treat 2x a day. His last seizure was April 6, 2017. He has officially been seizure free for one month as of. 5/6/17. I believe in Pet Releaf.

  10. These sounds really great and I will give them a try. Lulu has been having some issues that I think these would help with. Thanks for the review.

  11. My senior, 14 year old Boston Terrier rescue could definitely benefit from trying Pet Releaf edibites. He might like the Blueberry Cranberry flavor. His appetite comes and goes so we have days when it is difficult to get our BT to eat anything. I wonder if the CBD Hemp Oil would help stimulate his appetite?

    1. I assume it would? I can’t say for sure though. I don’t know if it’s the THC or CBD that stimulates appetite and there is no THC in this. It’s sure worth a try though.

  12. Our doxies both have back problems, one has been on pain medication and muscle relaxant for several months. They are both 11 years old and still want to do everything with us. I’m interested in trying the Pet Releaf product with them.

  13. This product sounds like a viable treatment for fireworks season! I’m gonna have to try it out to see if it helps. Thanks for reviewing this product.

    1. I would love too hear how this product works for storm phobia.
      I have a senior ACD that shakes and hides during storms. We do use a cannabis treat, which does help, but these sound safer and the research seems more thorough than the product we use.
      He also had the start off arthritis in visas neck.

      1. Hi Lori. In my personal case, Chester and Gretel do not have severe storm phobia so I am probably not much help there. Chester does get anxious though and I feel like CBD helps him to mellow out.

  14. This is such a great idea for a product and love that you did your research on oil and found a company that seems great. I think my pups Nala and Cody would love the blueberry and cranberry flavor as well as the peanutbutter banana.

  15. Fantastic article with such amazing information. My boyfriend & I took our little one, Baker, to Sasquatch this weekend. When we got home he was just beat, despite all the water I had him drink. The fact that CBD also helps dogs astounded me. I’m sure if I had given him a treat at least once during our trip, he wouldn’t have slept for days trying to get muscle recovery. Such great information to have in handy, that’s for sure! Thanks for sharing this, and thanks for hosting such a rad giveaway!

    1. I didn’t know dogs were allowed at Sasquatch. Did they let you bring Baker inside (or did you sneak him in?). That’s a lot of time he’s not sleeping around the house (I know my dogs sleep at least half of the day when we are at home) so he probably would have still slept for a long time. Maybe he wouldn’t have needed to sleep so much though and wouldn’t be sore from all of the walking and playing.

      1. You’re right, they’re not. But the Dude is my therapy dog (for anxiety & PTSD), so he tends to be attached at my hip in dense public places. He and another service dog were the only ones there, so he had a lot of stimuli from people around him. We actually only stayed away from home for one night, solely cause I didn’t want to cause him any discomfort of not being in his comfort zone. Same with me, though. After being away from familiar places for too long my anxiety goes through the roof. So we kept our trip short. You’re right, all the walking, running, meeting the other service dog, meeting people, etc. was definitely a lot for him. Festivals aren’t out of the norm for him, but the area and temperature definitely was! I’m so glad I had water on me at all times to hydrate him.

  16. i would love to try these. thank you. i think i would like the Blueberry-Cranberry and Kale-Carrot,

  17. With out a doubt my dogs would love the Peanut Butter Banana. They love the nutty flavor of peanut butter and banana is one of their favorite fruits.

    1. Thanks. I try to pack all of the information I’ve found into them but I still feel like I am missing some. I plan to write more in the future 🙂

  18. My dogs come running when I unscrew the peanut butter lid. I know they would go crazy for the peanut butter and banana flavor.

  19. Headed over to order some right now. Thanks for your additional article about these treats and items.

  20. I greatly appreciate your post. Given my Pomeranian has IVDD in his neck, I can relate to your worries. I used another CBD oil provider in the past and found it made all the difference in my dog. I’m about to order another bag.

    After reading your article, I was very interested in trying releaf. I would have ordered from their site but I’m weary of a provider who says they do third party testing, yet they don’t post the results of their results to the public. I have found my other provider to be much more transparent about their research.

    This concerns me about pursuing this product. I’m a big believer of proving it instead of saying it. Be careful dog lovers.

    1. Hi Ian. It’s always good to be skeptical and ask questions. In this case, they list the guaranteed CBD levels on the label of the treats. If you meant that you want to see the scientific test results on every single batch run, I am not aware of any company that posts those for the public on their site. Are you saying the company you use does that?

      1. HI Jessica! I use CBD Oil for myself and the company I order from Entourage Hemp posts their Certificate of Analysis for every product. Darn they don’t have canine CBD Oil. I think I’ll have to suggest they make canine treats?!?

        1. It takes a significant investment of time and resources to formulate an effective and healthy CBD dog treat. I might suggest going with a company that has already done all of the research and produced treats. Two of my favorites – very knowledgeable and the treats were more effective than others on Chester and Gretel – are Pet Releaf (first choice) and Treatibles. I am not sure about Treatibles but Pet Releaf also tests their treats for guarunteed CBD content and makes that information available. Good luck.

  21. I have three Standard Poodles, my oldest Jade 13, is having some serious problems with kidney counts and nothing is making her better and her weight is just falling off. I am going to try, the Blueberry-Cranberry CBD Hemp Edibites and the oil and pray it helps keep the quality of her life stable>> she is not in pain thank God. One of my face book Standard Poodle friends also has an elderly Standard this has helped and the moment I read that I rushed here and ordered, pray they will be here this week and give Jade additional support. I am grateful for all prayers and good thoughts
    Happy New Year everyone and bless your beloved pets,

    Charlotte, Jade, Issabella and Ava

    1. Hi Charlotte. I’m sorry to hear about Jade. I understand your pain. It’s for a different reason but Chester has been losing a lot of weight lately. He is not in pain either, and seems in good spirits, but it’s hard to watch our babies “waste away”. Trying the CBD certainly can’t hurt. It affects all dogs a little differently so I hope that it can provide some, at least temporary, relief. I hope you can get the issue figured out. We’re sending good thoughts your way.

  22. I just bought 2 bags for our dogs as they get very nervous around the fireworks going off around this time of year. These worked well for all the dogs. They really liked the taste and could have cared less about the fireworks going off around us. I tried another brand the night before and they had no effect. I love these and will be giving them to our babies from now on.
    My only issue is the price and availability. I was in Philly yesterday where I found them and I live about a half hour away (and not an easy drive and parking is a nightmare) but the people who sell them are willing to ship.

    1. Hi Lois. I am glad CBD is helping your pup. Unfortunately, price is a big issue for CBD in general. $30 to $45 for a bag of treats are not uncommon. Considering that my dogs need a double dose in very stressful situations, that bag is lucky to last us a month. My pocketbook says ouch. I have also found Vetriscience Composure chews to be effective in some situations and they are cheaper than CBD. I sometimes will give the dogs a combination of the two so I can stretch the use of the CBD out longer.

  23. Jessica, I found your info on CBD treats and oil helpful. I’m thinking of ordering the Pet Release CBD oil for my dog Ace to potentially decrease his pain related to arthritis. I sure hope it helps him!

  24. We have a senior chihuahua with a degenerative disc disease in her spine. Usually she is perscribed Previcox. Just this week she had a flare up and I bought the Releaf brand banana and peanut butter treats, as well as the drops. When I left work she would not lift her head or get out of bed. When I came home and gave her 1 treat and 1/2 dropper of oil with a little wet food, within 1 hour she was walking around and wagging her tail. We are taking her to the vet in the morning but I wanted something to help in the mean time and I am so glad I tried these products. I am a believer of the healing properties of cannabis and its byproducts and this is no different. We will deifnitely have it on hand to help with her pain.

    1. Hi Annie. I believe the results are similar. Pet Releaf as a product for cats, and information about giving it to them, on their website.

  25. My 105 lb lab has been diagnosed with Ostiosarcoma in his right leg and has been on Rimadyl for 1 month and now does not want it. I am giving him Pet Relief CBD and seems as though it is helping. Anyone else have this experience and if so, can you tell me what you did to make your pup more comfortable and pain free? Thank you.

    1. Hi Patricia. I don’t have personal experience with Ostiosarcoma but I am glad to hear that it appears the CBD is helping.

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