Suncadia – a Pet Friendly Luxury Vacation Resort Near Cle Elum, Washington.

While, normally, our overnight adventures include camping, glamping, or other forms of roughing it, we enjoy a bit of luxury now and then too.

A few weeks back was one of those times. We had the privilege of being guests at the pet friendly Suncadia Resort, which is one of the nicest pet friendly hotels near Cle Elum, WA.

It was a bit of a special occasion because we stayed with our friends from who are, sadly, moving away at the end of the month (read their article about our stay with the dogs at the Suncadia resort).

It was nice to spend time with them without having to focus on how to find the closest campsite in the dark (which we did many times on our previous road trip to Arizona).

Dog Friendly Snowshoeing at Suncadia Resort

Dog Friendly Activities At the Suncadia Resort

While our pet friendly vacation rental at Suncada was about the fanciest rental I’ve ever stayed in, it’s would have been a shame to stay inside.

There were several dog friendly activities that I didn’t want to miss out on.

We took our dogs snowshoeing on the trails at Suncadia

Our first day at Suncadia started with a snowshoeing adventure.

We picked up our rental snowshoes and found our way to the trail that goes from the front steps of The Lodge, down through the forest, and along the banks of the Cle Elum River.

The trail began with a sweeping view of the river valley and Snoqualmie Pass. It had snowed the night before so the trees were absolutely gorgeous.

We crossed a creek and sat at the picnic tables near the river before heading back for lunch.

We left the dogs in the car while we ate at the Portals restaurant and enjoyed the almost-too-good-to-be-true view from The Lodge.

We played at the Dawson dog park

That evening, we checked out the on-site off-leash area – the Dawson Dog Park.

How awesome is that they have one at the resort?

It was just minutes from where we were staying so it was kind of like having our own fenced yard where Gretel and Sora could run free.

We went cross country skiing with the dogs

The next day we went cross-country skiing.

Cross country skiing with a dog at Suncadia Resort

It was my second time trying it and the first time ever with a dog.

Note: dogs are only allowed to walk along ski trails when they’re aren’t many people out for the day so weekdays are the best opportunity for this

We stopped by the rental shop again to pick up our equipment, grabbed a map, and headed out the front door to one of the beginner ski trails.

I would like to say that it went really well but it didn’t.

I had never been on skis except that one cross-country pair before – I’m a snowboarder – so I wasn’t used to going downhill facing forward.

I managed to fall something like 6 times in one mile. Gretel was patient each time I floundered to get up.

At least I didn’t break anything and was still laughing at the end!

How Pet Friendly is the Suncadia Resort?

Suncadia doesn’t just tolerate dogs staying at the resort, they welcome them.

Suncadia knows that it’s difficult to leave a furry family member behind when you leave on vacation.

They also don’t believe that the best place for the family pet is in a lonely, sometimes expensive, boarding kennel.

That’s why they are happy to let you bring your dog with you as long as you follow their Pet Policy guidelines.

Dogs are welcome nearly everywhere in the community (on-leash of course), aside from the golf course and the restaurants.

Dogs can make themselves at home at Suncadia Resort in Washington

More About the Pet Friendly Suncadia Resort

The pet-friendly, Suncadia Resort, A Destination Hotel, is nestled in the mountains near the historic town of Roslyn, Washington, is only 80 scenic miles from Seattle.

It’s located on the east slope of the cascade mountains where the sun shines more, and it rains less, than it does on the west side. Precipitation that does fall in the winter is usually in the form of snow.

With more than 6,000 acres of forested mountain landscape, sun-dappled meadows, and rushing rivers, Suncadia Resort offers a wealth of year ’round activities – perfect for a Washington State vacation with your dog, friends, and family.

Some unique highlights of the resort include:


There are more than 40 miles of both paved and unpaved trails throughout Suncadia where you can mountain bike, hike, walk, run, stroll, ski, or snowshoe with your dog to your heart’s content.

There are even more trails to be found in the surrounding 2.2 million acre Wenatchee National Forest (not all are dog friendly though so be sure to check first).

Beautiful mountain view from the Suncadia Lodge

One Thousand Steps

The 1,000 Steps project at Suncadia is 21 flights of stairs that connect the back door of the The Suncadia Lodge to the Cle Elum River.

Covering an elevation change equivalent to the height of a 19-story building, the 393 steps provide resort guests with convenient access to river activities and a scenic walkway with landings and lookouts.

The steps aren’t just good for a casual stroll though. They’re a great place to get your heart pumping if you’re a runner or training for a big hike.

Dawson Dog Park

Dawson Park is the largest active park in Suncadia.

It has many amenities including walking trails, picnic benches, open grassy areas, horseshoe pits, a playground, a basketball court, tennis courts, and restrooms.

Of course, the biggest draw for dog owners is the fenced off leash area.

Suncadia Resort Vacation Rental Options

Many of the Suncadia rentals are pet friendly.

There are several ways you can enjoy a Pacific Northwest luxury vacation at this resort.

There are lodging options for groups of almost any size.

The Inn at Suncadia is an intimate, elegant lodge in the mountains with golf course views and stunning Northwest-style design.

The Lodge at Suncadia is beautiful and features majestic architecture, panoramic river and mountain views, and all the amenities of a full-service luxury hotel and conference center.

A collection of custom vacation rental homes are also available for a getaway with a few friends or multi-family trip.

We stayed in one of these – the beautiful home at 280 Cake Box Lane. I was blown away by how beautiful it was. And big!

Dog friendly Suncadia Home - 280 Cake Box Lane

The modern and luxurious home was just over 2,500 sq. ft. and included:

  • 4 bedrooms with comfortable beds and TVs
  • 4 bathrooms with heated tile floors
  • A large living room gathering space with gas fireplace
  • A spacious gourmet kitchen
  • A deck with barbecue overlooking a creek
  • A hot tub (which we didn’t use during our stay because we were too busy out having fun).

The 6 of us (4 humans and 2 dogs) had enough room to grab some alone time for napping or working but the home could accommodate up to 13 human guests.

All vacation rentals include access to the swim and fitness center, advance tee time bookings on the golf course, intra-resort charging, resort transportation, and concierge and bell service.

Disclaimer: We were guests of the Suncadia Resort during our stay in exchange for sharing our experience with you guys. However, all views and opinions expressed are my own and would be the same whether we were provided anything in return or not.

Pictures of Suncadia Resort

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