Expert Dachshund Dog Sitter in Washington State (Will Travel)

Spoiler alert! It’s me!

Back in college, I started a dog sitting and dog walking walking business. Although I no longer walk dogs, I do still occasionally invite Dachshunds to stay in my home while their owners are on vacation or out of town.

I choose to specialize in Dachshunds because:

  • I absolutely love the breed. I don’t think I could ever NOT have one of these cute, funny little dogs in my life.
  • Dachshund owners just get other Dachshund owners. Dachshund owners treat their pets like family and worry sick when they are away from them. I get it and am cool with that. I’m happy to send as many pics and status updates as you want while you’re gone.
  • I have over 15 years of experience with Dachshunds. I’m most comfortable around them.
  • I understand the Dachshund personality. Dachshunds have very unique mannerisms and traits and not a lot of dog sitters in Seattle understand that.
  • I have experience with IVDD, back injuries, and other medical needs of Dachshunds. I can provide care just for them just like you would at home.

Why Your Dachshund Should Stay With Me

When a Doxie stays with me in my home, they get treated as one of my pets.

I try to maintain as much of their normal routine as I can but I care for them alongside my two Dachshunds – Summit and Gretel – and they get treated just as good.

I let your pup sleep in my bed if they are used to sleeping with you.

I once slept with my hubby and 6 Dachshunds on our queen bed. Imagine that. Ha, ha.

I work from home so your Dachshund won’t be left alone for long periods and I can tend to their needs as they arise.

I have a securely-fenced yard your dog can run and play in.

I don’t leave them unattended in the backyard but sometimes sit out there with them so they can spend time sniffing every inch and laying in the sun.

Sometimes they get to go on adventures with us.

I run a big Dachshund club in Seattle called the Adventureweiner Club.

I host a monthly walk by my house and sometimes other events like meetups at a dog park.

If your dog is comfortable around strange people and dogs, I usually take them with me.

I really like to take road trips, camp and hike with Summit and Gretel so, if your dog is comfortable riding in the car, and you give permission, your dog will go with us.

I dog sit Dachshunds because I love it.

Although it means a little extra money in my pocket, I don’t dog sit for the money.

My house is not a revolving door of guest doggies. I only intermittently watch dogs and. except in vary rare cases, I only watch dogs from one family at a time.

The most Dachshunds I’ve every had in my home at once was 6. It was fun but a little nuts!

I know what to do in an emergency. 

I’ve been trained in pet first aid for over 10 years.

I’ve been trained in human first aid for a lot longer than that and, in many cases, that same knowledge can be applied to dogs.

How Your Dachshund Can Stay With Me

I’m located in Central Washington state. Cle Elum to be specific.

It’s a small little mountain town so the chances you don’t live here.

There are several options if you want your Dachshund to stay with me:

  • You can bring your Dachshund to me.

    Because I live only 1.5 hours east of Seattle, and the major east-west route across Washington (I-90) runs almost literally past our house, many times is’t not a inconvenience to drive your Dachshund to my house.
  • For stays of 5 days or more, pick up and drop off is available anywhere in Washington State for a fee.
  • For stays longer than 2 weeks, I will pick up and drop off your Dachshund anywhere in Washington State at no additional cost.
  • For stays that are a month or longer, I will come pick up your Dachshund anywhere in Oregon, Washington, or Idaho (traveling further than that may be possible for a fee)

What Others Say About Me

Owners of Dachshunds that have stayed at my house have good things to say about me. Here are a few reviews and testimonials:

“Jessica was great with Coffee and Libby, she understands the breed very well, she was very patient and you can tell she loves them. I would definitely leave my dogs with Jessica again, I like that she sent pictures of them and kept me posted on how they were doing.” – Maria

“Jessica was absolutely fantastic with Bleu & Brie. I felt 100% confident the entire time I was away that the dogs were well taken care of. Since she’s an avid dachshund blogger and all-around dachshund expert I had peace of mind that she knew how to take care of my guys and ensure their comfort and more importantly their safety. I would highly recommend her for watching your dogs.” – Jenny

“LaaLaa always has a good time when staying with Jessica, she let him stay in the bed with them! She even offered to pick LaaLaa up to accommodate my schedule… She agrees to carry him up and downstairs after his back surgery. She is great!” – Wenling

“I am so glad that I found Jessica on Rover. My girls Smokey and Mei Mei both need some special care, and I was stressed out finding someone who can care them like his/her canine children. Jessica is a very knowledgeable dachshund lady and has two very cute dachshund kids. Knowing how healthy and happy her dogs Chester and Gretel are, I trust Jessica taking care of my girls. She provided excellent care of them and sent us updates on a regular basis when we were on vacation. I highly recommend Jessica for all the dachshund parents who are looking for a sitter who you can count on.” – Yuchi

How to Find Me

While I used to have my own Dachshund sitting business and website, my services are now only listed on

I list more details about your dog’s stay, and my current rates, there.

See my profile and contact me HERE

Photos of Past Dachshund Guests

About the Author

Hi, I’m Jessica. I’ve been studying the Dachshund breed since 2007, owned 3 of my own, and shared in the lives of thousands of others through their owner’s stories. When I’m not sharing what I know on this blog, you can find me hiking, camping, and traveling with my adventurous wiener dogs.


  1. I am still very impressed you managed to get all six to pose so well together on the step. And they are all looking at the camera! That takes some serious skill.

  2. Woof! Woof! BUSY but for sure Lots of DASH FUN in your household. Happy Wordless Wednesday. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar
    FYI: Golden Thanks for your kind comments that I am always handsome but I want to inform you that I am a Golden GIRL dog. Golden Woofs

  3. You must have the patience of a saint. I can barely handle Mom’s Cappy (you may remember him from Barkworld) for more than a weekend. SIX dachshunds? Crazy!

    Christie from

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