These are the services available when your Dachshund stays at Camp Adventurewiener.

The base stay is awesome as-is and includes many perks that other dog boarding and sitting businesses will charge you for.

Your dog’s standard (it’s really anything but) visit, includes lots of snuggle time, daily enrichment provided in the form of games, walks, and short adventures close to home, supervised time in our fenced yard, natural chews, daily brushing and mat check (long haired Dachshunds), a bath if there is a poop accident or they roll in something, a needs assessment, and a 20-minute report at the end of your dog’s stay.

Add-ons available to help make your pup’s stay extra awesome include grooming, training, semi-professional portraits, camping and hiking.

Please contact me or view the FAQ’s page if you have any questions.

Adult (12+ months)$75*
Puppy/Senior Special Needs/Holiday** Rate$85*
IVDD Special Needs Dogs (paralyzed or in recovery)$95+
* Discount available for returning customers and potentially for a second dog from the same household ** Holidays: Presidents Day (Feb 16-19), Memorial Day (May 24-27), Fourth of July (July 3-5), Labor Day (Aug 30-Sep 4), Thanksgiving (Nov 27-Dec 1), and Christmas/New Years (Dec 24-Jan 1)
Drop off and pick up round trip (trips over 150 miles one way from Cle Elum are extra)$65*
Nail Trim (refunded if I’m not able to do it)$25
Ear Cleaning (to remove wax and help clean up smelly ears)$15
Teeth Brushing (if they are already used to it and you send the supplies – price per day)$10
Bath before drop-off (probiotic shampoo/conditioner or oatmeal anti-itch shampoo as needed)$20
Brushing/Combing (to remove lose hairs and check for mats – price per day)$5
Tranquility Treatment (natural calming supplement – CBD or VetriScience composure as requested – 15-minutes deep/rhythmic petting designed to promote relaxation, and encouraging your dog to relax through meditation and rhythmic breathing (me. It the calm transfers to them) – price per experience)$20
*fee waived for stays over 21 consecutive days and within 150 miles of Cle Elum one way
Puppy Socialization and Confidence Building (safe and gentle exposure to new sights/sounds/experiences – price per day)$25
Training Tune Up (reinforce known commands or start teaching a new skill – price per day)$25
Camping Adventure (customized to your pet’s needs. ie. We’ll start outside glamping on the deck if needed; short walks in the woods included – per night)$45
Half Day Hike (2-3 hours in the woods with lots of sniff breaks for mental stimulation – trail chosen according to your pup’s ability)$25
Full day hike (4-6 hours in the woods hours in the woods with lots of sniff breaks for mental stimulation – trail chosen according to your pup’s ability)$35
*we live in Central Washington where it’s drier and warmer than Seattle. Camping and hiking season is approximately mid-May through mid-October.
Photo Album “Summary” (all photos and videos taken of your dog during their stay send in a Google Drive album for you to keep – 20 average, depending on the length of stay).$50
Semi-Professional Portraits (A minimum of 5 high resolution photos of your pup taken with a DSLR camera taken inside and/or outside at various locations around our home – like professional photos but less expensive.)$250

*available upon request*

Over the last 13 years, I’ve build moderately-sized, loyal social media following centered around my Dachshunds. I suppose you can say that we have achieved “influencer” status. Our followers love to see other Dachshunds besides mine and sometimes choose to follow our houseguests too.

During your dog’s stay, I typically post photos and videos of your dog enjoying their time at my house on social media for you to see and for our audience to enjoy. If your dog has a social media account and you, and are looking to build a following, we can discuss a formal social media “campaign” with the aim of gaining more followers for your pup.

Quotes for this service are custom, taking into account your needs, the length of your dog’s stay, etc., but typically start at $100.