Visit Dog-Friendly Seaside, Oregon

Seaside, Oregon is a top spot along the Oregon coast for dog lovers.

There are plenty of dog friendly restaurants, places you can stay with your dog, and, most importantly, your dog can run off leash at the beach!

If you’re looking for things to do along the northern Oregon Coast and you’re bringing your dog, this dog’s guide to Seaside is for you.


Things To Do in Seaside Oregon With Your Dog

There are several fun activities for you and your dog at Seaside.

Let your dog play and run at the beach

Some people dream of visiting Oregon beaches with their dog because their dog has never been before.

Others come because they heard that dogs can be off leash at Oregon beaches. But is it true?

Yes, yes it is!

While dogs must be leashed when within the boundary of an Oregon State Park, and a leash must be carried with you at all times on the beach in case it’s needed, your dog can wander untethered on most beaches.

The catch is, that they must be under direct control (within sight and responsive to commands), you must keep a close eye on them and pick up their poop, and they cannot chase or harass wildlife or other people.

But, still, the option of running on the beach without being leashed is an exciting and unique experience for you and your dog.

Two of the best beaches in Seaside to visit with your dog are Seaside Beach (off leash allowed) and Delray Beach, 10 minutes north of Seaside (It’s a state recreation site so leashes are required).

The cool thing about Delray beach is that you can drive your vehicle on the north end of it, which you can’t do in Seaside.

Visit the Historic Lewis and Clark Saltworks

This salt oven from 1806 is located in the Lewis and Clark Historical Park at Beach Drive and Lewis and Clark Way.

Walk along the beach promenade

This 1.5 mile path along the oceanfront is paved and ADA accessible.

Hike one of the dog friendly trails near Seaside, Oregon

Two dog friendly hiking trails close to downtown Seaside are:

Lewis and Clark Discovery Trail

The Lewis and Clark Discovery Trail is 12.2 miles round trip and is rated as hard. You can choose your own adventure though – doing the whole thing or going only as far as you want.

For an all-day trek, you and your dog can hike along the rugged coastline (note: there are only occasional views along this route) to Ecola State Park and back.

For a hike of a little over half the distance, hike to the Tillamook Lighthouse Rock viewpoint and back.

Clatsop Loop Trail from Indian Beach in Ecola State Park

The 2.8 mile Clatsop Loop Trail hike is, essentially, the southern portion of the hike above, starting within Ecola State Park.

The advantage is that you can go for a much shorter hike while, arguably, seeing the best part of the Lewis and Clark Discovery Trail. 

The disadvantage is that you will have to pay the State Park fee to park.

Rent a bike or wagon for a unique beach experience

At Wheel Fun Rentals, you can rent a bike to ride at the beach while your dog runs alongside you.

If you have an older dog that can’t walk that far but you want to take them on the beach to feel the wind in their ears, you can rent a beach wagon.

The Deuce Coupe has a jump seat in the back you can strap a basket or car seat into (bring your own) for your dog to sit in.  

Go wine or beer tasting with your dog

If sitting around sipping wine or beer is your thing, visit these with your dog.

  • The Buddah Kat (wine tasting room on the promenade)
  • The West Spot (serves wine, cider, and beer)

Dog Friendly Restaurants Seaside, Oregon

If you’re looking for a dog friendly restaurant in Seaside Oregon, you have a lot to choose from.

However, all of them are dog friendly because they have outside seating which may not be available in the winter. 

Some are better for people with dogs than others because of the available outdoor seating, proximity to downtown seaside, menu specials for your canine friend, and whether it’s along a busy street or not.

It’s also important to note that Seaside is a town that relies on seasonal tourism. Some of them may be only open in summer and some may close for a staff break in the off season.

The Best Dog Friendly Restaurants in Seaside

I’ve seen all of the restaurants that are listed as dog friendly in Seaside with my own eyes. 

According to my high standards, these are my favorite places to eat with my dogs.

Ruby’s Roadside Grill

Ruby’s Roadside Grill is about 4 minutes south of downtown on Highway 101. It has ample outdoor seating with a gas fire pit to help keep the chill away.

The best parts are that there is a field nearby your dog can play in (on leash), there are about a half dozen covered parking spots, which is great for shade if it’s hot out and you want to leave your dog’s in the car while you eat, and a dog menu!

Mo’s Seafood and Chowder

Mo’s Seafood and Chowder is right on the promenade. adjacent the roundabout at the end of Broadway Street.

There are several outdoor tables on their covered porch and there are several heaters hanging from the ceiling to keep you toasty on colder days. Because it’s covered, this seating area is also a good one for getting your pup out of the hot sun.

Other Restaurants For You and Your Dog Near Seaside

These restaurants received an honorable mention from me.

They’re options but not the best ones in my mind.

Maggie’s on the Prom

While I consider Maggies on the Prom to be one of the best restaurants in Seaside, do be aware that it may only open during the summer.

When I stopped by in April 2021, it was closed and there was a sign on the door that said “look forward to serving you in summer”. I’m not totally clear if it’s normal for Maggie’s to only be open in summer or if they took the slow season off because of COVID.

Maggie’s scores high in my book because it serves upscale, “farm to table” northwest cuisine at reasonable prices. 

I ate there the first time I visited Seaside back in 2011 and I was blown away by the spicy italian scramble with fruit breakfast. It was one of the best meals I’d ever eaten.

It’s located along the promenade south of Broadway street, opposite the beach, and has a cute, stone courtyard to sit in. 

Seaside Brewing Company

The Seaside Brewing Company serves bar-style food and, of course, beer.

There is an upstairs and downstairs deck with outdoor seating. Because they would need to enter through the restaurant to get to the top deck, I’m guessing dogs are only allowed on the lower one.

Since the restaurant is on busy Highway 101, and the seating area is near the front door, this may not be the best choice for anxious pups.

Big Kahuna Pizza and Subs

Big Kahuna Pizza and Subs is located along Broadway Street, a half block from the beach, and serves boardwalk-style fast food.

There are two picnic benches outside the restaurant but, personally, I would grab some food here and go hang out on the beach.

Bell Buoy of Seaside

Bell Buoy of Seaside serves fresh, fast, seafood. 

The menu includes seafood baskets, melts, chowder and sandwiches.

It only received an honorable mention from me because it’s on Highway 101, I only saw ONE table out front, and that table was sitting on an angle (kind of uncomfortable) right near the front door.  

Buoy’s Best Fish House

Buoy’s Best Fish House is located on the north side of the Bell Buoy of Seaside restaurant along Highway 101.

Their Facebook page says, “We serve tank tops and flip flops on paper plates with plastic forks. It’s just good seafood.”

There are 4 picnic tables along the river but there is no shade and they sit on an angled concrete parking lot.

To be honest, I don’t quite understand what differentiates this restaurant from the Bell Buoy next door because it looks to have a very similar menu. I’ll probably investigate further the next time I’m in Seaside.

McMenamins Sand Trap Pub

The McMenamins Sand Trap Pub is on most Seaside dog friendly restaurant lists. However, it’s not actually in Seaside. It’s about 10 minutes north in the town of Gearhart.

The menu has gluten free and vegan options.

I saw where this was located – on a golf course and just around the corner from Delray Beach (listed above). However, because the seating area is downstairs hidden away from the street, I didn not see the actual seating area for this one.

Dog Friendly Places to Stay in Seaside Oregon

Dog friendly hotels in Seaside, Oregon

Many Seaside, Oregon hotels are dog friendly and they are probably one of the most convenient and affordable ways to stay.

While room prices vary by season – and weekdays are often cheaper than weekends – they are a relatively affordable option if you want your own private space, a bed, and a warm shower.

It’s usually easier to book a hotel for a last minute vacation, rather than a private rental, or camp spot (both listed below) because there are a lot of pet friendly hotels in Seaside, Oregon.

Hotels in Seaside that allow dogs include:

Seaside Oregon pet friendly rentals

These are many Airbnb and Vrbo rentals in Seaside Oregon that are pet friendly.

This is probably the most affordable option if you are traveling with family or a large group. 

While the nightly rates may seem expensive compared to a standard hotel room, it may end up being cheaper if the cost is shared by 3 or 4 people or groups.

In addition, most have kitchens so you will save money on eating out (and this way you will be assured your dog can always “dine” with you).

I searched through the listing and these are the ones that I thought were the coolest:

Dog Friendly Campgrounds Near Seaside Oregon

If you want to put more adventure in your adventure, and are into budget vacations with your dog, renting a campsite may be for you.

The down-side to camping is that the campgrounds are not located in the downtown core of Seaside. That is also the upside because you may be able to escape from the summer crowds.

Pet Stores in Seaside, Oregon

If you forget something for your dog, or didn’t bring enough food or treats, you can swing by Lyle’s Seaside Garden & Pet Center to pick some up.

There is a little boutique pet store a few blocks from the Promenade too – Beach Puppy Seaside. 

While it’s a great place to pick up a cute shirt, jacket, shiny bling, or a leash for your pup, it’s definitely lacking in the food and treats department. 

There were two bags of food (same brand), a couple natural chews, and a few bags of treats when I went in, I definitely suggest going to Lyle’s for any noms.

Final Thoughts

Seaside is a great destination vacation for you and your dog whether it’s only for the day, for a weekend trip, or a week-long vacation.

If you want to extend the fun, take your dog to see the famous Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach.

Remember to follow these essential beach safety tips when visiting the coast with your dog.

About the Author

Hi, I’m Jessica. I’ve been studying the Dachshund breed since 2007, owned 3 of my own, and shared in the lives of thousands of others through their owner’s stories. When I’m not sharing what I know on this blog, you can find me hiking, camping, and traveling with my adventurous wiener dogs.


  1. Wow, great review of Seaside. And did I catch an engagement announcement there? Congrats. Abby and Murphy have enjoyed running on that beach, and I have some of my favorite pictures of them there.

  2. Eat dogs, oh no!!!! Glad they no longer do that. This was a very interesting read. I don’t know how I missed your engagement post but I just now read it. Congratulations! Beautiful ring by the way. Sweet picture of the doggies and that bike ride is cool. Hugs and nose kisses

  3. Thank you so much for this, cannon beach, Astoria and some of your seattle posts!!! I have been feverishly looking for pet friendly shops and restaurants in those areas. I leave next week with my mini schnauzer. I have been going to those destinations for many, many years, but this is the first time with my dog, age 7. I am so excited. I wanted to let you know, there is a very cute pet store in Manzanita, if you ever go back, it’s on the left as you’re driving into town on the main road. They usually have their own dog in the shop. 🙂

    1. How fun. I love traveling with Chester and Gretel! We barely go anywhere without them anymore. Sure, it makes it more complicated sometimes, and it may mean we can’t go certain places, but it is SO worth it to me.

      Thanks for the tip on Manzanita!

  4. HI! I’m Gabriele (Gaby) Walter (husband scott ). Just found your info about fun activities for dachshund owners and would love to know more. We are the parents of two sweet female standard wire-haired dachshunds ( Lexi – 3 yrs and Maiya-1 yr. ) we love to do outdoor activities and even have a bike cart (buggy) that we can can go on longer rides with them. Planning a toad trip to seaside or end of August and would love ant extra info you might have to share on having fun with our girls . Thx.? Hope to hear from you to share our pics and adventures. Bye. Gaby and Scott

    1. Hi Gaby. That sounds like a fun adventure. Although we travel all over, we have only been so Seaside once. Pretty much everything I know about the place is in this article. I am sure that has a lot of information on things to do there though.

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