Subscription Dog Box Review: OCT Pooch Perks

We’ve been getting the Pooch Perks dog subscription box for several months now.

It’s helpful to see the monthly dog boxes we review several times to get a good picture of what they are about and what they offer.

After several months I can say that Pooch Perks is a dog subscription box that is definitely on par with some of the best boxes out there.

All of the treats we’ve received have been high-quality and made in the USA.

Several of the treat companies were clearly socially aware and used locally grown foods (supporting local farmers) and/or supported community programs.

About Pooch Perks

The two dog Moms that started Pooch Perks subscription box personally curate good-for-pooch treats and toys for the box each month.

They work to make giving your dog the best more convenient by carefully scrutinizing the toys and treats for you so you don’t have to spend your time and energy doing it.

The treats in each Pooch Perks box are healthy, Made in the USA, and the focus is on treats that are predominately organic, grain free, and with no added preservatives, fillers, or artificial colors.  

Their toys are held to the same rigorous standards and children’s toys (the regulations are confusing but it basically means no lead, chemicals, or plastic eyeballs that could come off and choke them).

You are given three dog-size options at checkout plus there is a mixed option for households with varying sized dogs.

A portion of every Pooch Perks subscription is donated to animal rescue organizations.

Between the two founders, they own 8 rescue dogs that were abused, abandoned, or neglected. They believe Rescue is a breed and encourage people to rescue the hundreds of thousands of dogs that reside in shelters across the U.S.

Inside the October PoochPerks Box

Note: I received two boxes in October – one was the real October box and the other was box from a previous month to use as a prize at our Halloweenie Party. I accidentally opened the wrong box – which is detailed below.

I am leaving the information as-is because it gives you a good idea of what is inside non-holiday boxes.

However, the image below that is what was in the REAL October Pooch Perks subscription box.

 Oct Pooch Perks Subsciption Box

(What I thought was inside the box)

Pooch Perks Box Contents October

We received the Pampered Pooch Box this month.

The box contained 3 full-sized treats and 3 toys.

Lindy & Company Yogurt Peanutty Puppers

These are little gluten-free, bone shaped peanut butter (the first ingredient) “cookies” with yogurt icing.

The really cool thing is that Lindy & Company is a gourmet pet treat bakery that teaches homeless youth and young adults valuable work skills so they never have to be homeless again.

Smart n’ Tasty Little Chewzzies

Chicken is the first ingredient in these chewy, moist little bone-shaped treats and ALL of the ingredients are sourced from the US.

They are small, healthy, low-fat, and low-calorie (less than 5 calories per treat) so they make great anytime rewards or training treats.

Bubba Rose Biscuit Company Pumpkin Spice “Crack!”

These crunchy treats come in a bar shape with grooves that allow you to easily “crack” of little bits to use as training treats.

They are handmade in small batches from organic ingredients and are wheat, corn, and soy free.

Bow Wow Pals Soft-Bite Toy Bone

This purple nylon canvas bone is soft inside, tough outside, and squeaks.

Bow Wow Pals Tug & Play Rope Ring

This vibrantly colored rope ring is woven from small threads that help clean your dog’s teeth when they bite into it.

There is a tennis ball on the ring so your dog can latch on and tug.

Spunkeez Dog Toy

Honestly, I am not quite sure what this cute yellow squeakie guy is supposed to be.

A Platypus maybe? 

But the furkids happily played with it anyway.

What Did I Think of the October Pooch Perks Box?

The Platypus (?) toy was cute and soft but that meant it didn’t last long with Chester.

Because Pooch Perks toys are held to the same standards as children’s toys (i.e. nothing to choke on), I didn’t have to worry about him swallowing an eyeball when he tore it up though.

I was a little surprised because Chester doesn’t’ normally like rope toys but he really took to tugging on the Bow Wow Pals Tug & Play Rope Ring.

Chester tugging on the rope toy from our Oct Pooch Perks dog subscription box

The treats, of course, are always a hit with Chester and Gretel but I was really happy to see the Lindy & Company treats that help homeless youth learn valuable working skills to help them be successful in life. That warms my heart 🙂

Overall, I was satisfied with the products in the box.

I give it a high-average rating for the number of items included, the quality of the items, and the company’s preference for supporting the little guy.

Check out our July 2015 PoochPerks Review and our May 2016 PoochPerks Review and the 5 best subscription boxes for Dachshunds.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by PoochPerks. I received compensation in exchange for my honest review. PoochPerks is not responsible for the content of this article and all opinions are my own.

October Review of the Pooch Perks Dog Subscription Box

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  1. I have seen Pooch Perks before and think they do an excellent job of offering great products. Stuffies usually don’t last very long here either. We received a Crack bar a few months ago and had a lot of fun with the name. LOL!

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