The 5 Best Dog Subscription Boxes for Dachshunds

I’ve been a fan of dog subscription boxes since I discovered them in 2012.

At one time, I was subscribed to 10 different boxes, so my Dachshunds were receiving a lot of surprise products each month.

Evaluating so many different boxes month after month honed my taste and allowed me to start gauging the suitability of a particular subscription for my Dachshunds by reviews and photos alone.

Since the height of our dog box subscriptions back in 2015, a lot of dog subscription boxes have come and gone.

So I checked in on some of our favorites, poured over online photos and reviews of the new ones we haven’t tried, and decided to put this list together.

UPDATED: originally published April 2017.

5 Favorite Dachshund Subscription Boxes

All of the dog subscription boxes on this list have been scrutinized through my eyes to determine how good they will be for Dachshunds.

While my Dachshund’s preferences are definitely not true for all of them, I’ve had exposure to dozens as a Dachshund-specific dog walker and sitter.

Over the years, I’ve found some commonalities like:

  • Dachshunds are strong chewers yet many aren’t a fan of most hard nylon-type chew toys.
  • Dachshund owners are concerned about their dog’s health, which includes safety and the and the quality of food supplements they’re given.
  • Dachshund lovers treat their dogs like family and love giving them new, unique, and creative products.

Below are the 5 dog subscription boxes I think Dachshunds will like.


Inside the March 2017 BarkBox

The dog subscription box trend started with BarkBox back in 2011.

While having options is nice, BarkBox has had the longest time to perfect their subscription box just for your dog. And that they did.

I’ve been super impressed at how BarBox has evolved over the years by:

  • Improving the quality of the products in the box
  • Whole-heartedly accepting customer feedback and adapting to the need of their subscribers
  • Making their own treats and toys, which gave them creative freedom (the product names and descriptions are hilarious).

As they put it, “Having shipped over 50 million toys and treats so far, we’ve learned a ton about what engages dogs.”

Many of the products in the box are unique to BarkBox. You won’t find them on store shelves… even in upscale pet stores!

When our BakBoxes arrived, they always included 5-7 products, which were a combination of treats, chews, and toys.

What's Inside the June BarkBox - Dinosaur Theme

One of the best things is that you can order more of what your dog loves from their in-house store – BarkShop.

While BarkBox does offer a super chewer option for dogs with strong jaws, and a relentless drive to chew like Dachshunds, the “super chewer” toys are primarily hard rubber or nylon, which my Dachshunds aren’t interested in so I prefer the regular box.

Check out our July 2012 BarkBox Review, April 2017 Barkbox Review, and our June 2017 BarkBox Review.


Chester with His PupJoy Box

A few things really stood out about PupJoy.

PupJoy was born of of a personal desire to provide people a better way to conveniently pamper their dog.

The founder’s young Sister was diagnosed with breast cancer and he watched as her dog offered her emotional support and comfort through the scary and difficult ordeal.

That experience forced him to reassess what mattered most, and compelled him to do something that he felt was important.

Their three focus areas are:

  1. Honest Healthy Goods – maintaining high safety standards, using premium materials and being transparent about ingredients
  2. Sustainable Practices – focusing on environmentally-friendly goods, packaging, and ethical supply chains
  3. Give Back Goods – donating a portion of proceeds to charitable and socially responsible programs

PupJoy focuses on filling their boxes with clearly-labeled healthy dog treats, unique well-crafted toys, and artisan accessories that are sourced from small suppliers who are focused on creating quality, responsible products.

You can select from their treats and toy variety, power chewer, bully sticks & treats pre-built boxes or build your own box for small dogs.


Pooch Perks Slider

I was very impressed with what was inside the PoochPerks dog subscription box.

The each PoochPerks box has a theme and contains fun toys, all natural treats, and other fun goodies so you can pamper your fur-baby.

All our their products are hand picked, of premium quality, and they strive to be eco-friendly in our choices.

Each box is customizable depending on your Pooch’s needs; size, allergies, plush or durable premium toys and even frequency of box are all all up to you.

They have a small dog box option and even have a box for mixed households that have multiple size dogs if you own both a Dachshund and a big.

PoochPerks gives back to dog rescue organizations in US.

Their prices looked a tad more expensive than other boxes but:

  • Most products and monthly dog box plans have a flat rate shipping charge of $2 anywhere is USA.
  • There a good number of products in the box
  • The products inside were definitely of high-average quality
  • Every one of the products in the box – both treats AND toys – was made in the USA.

It’s a bonus that, by getting a Pooch Perks subscription box, you are supporting a women-owned company.

They have a monthly, and a bi-monthly (every other month) subscription option.

Check out the review of our first PoochPerks box, our 2015 PoochPerks unboxing video, and our Oct 2015 PoochPerks Review and our May 2016 PoochPerks Review.

Rescue Box

Photo Credit:

I have not tried the Rescue Dog Box myself (yet) but I’m impressed with past pictures of what’s included.

Each box has a unique theme and contains products such as toys, treats, and chews.

Each box contains 5 premium pet products that include a rotation of different treats, toys, and chews.

It’s one of the top subscription box choices of the Dachshund Mom behind The Dapple blog.

She says, “I was skeptical of this box going in because subscribing on the Greater Good site felt a little jenky, but I was actually really wow-ed by the quality of the items in the box and the value.”

The best part about the Rescue Dog Box is that each box feeds 142 shelter animals (through proceeds from your purchase).

Real Dog Box

Real Dog Box is one I have had my eye on for years but haven’t tried yet.

However, I regularly feed my Dachshunds Summit and Gretel air dried, real meat treats and chews, like duck feet, turkey tendons, and bully sticks, from another company.

While do like the option of picking and choosing what I want, like I do now, I also appreciate being surprised and introduced to new things I might not have tried otherwise.

Items in Real Dog Box will help you improve your dog’s diet, whether you currently feed raw or not and can help improve dental health.

And the chews will help provide mental stimulation and keep them busy when you need to take that important WFH meeting.

Final Thoughts

Subscription boxes are great if you like the element of surprise or want to give a unique gift.

However, if you are used to buying high-quality products from independent pet stores like us, you likely won’t be blown away by everything in a box.

The benefit of a dog subscription box is that you get to try some products that you might otherwise not buy and you get a little discount compared to buying everything in the box separately.

Hopefully this list of my favorite 5 favorite dog subscription boxes for Dachshunds helps you out if you’re deciding which one to buy.

I'm a Dachshund owner and have personally subscribed to 10 different dog subscriptions and reviewed many more. Hopefully this list of my favorite 5 favorite dog subscription boxes for Dachshunds helps you out if you're deciding which one to buy.

About the Author

Hi, I’m Jessica. I’m a Dachshund sitter, President of the largest social Dachshund club in Washington State, a dog trainer in training, and I’ve been a Dachshund owner for 20 years. I have over 150,000 hours of experience with the breed. When I’m not working, you can find me hiking, camping, and traveling with my adventurous wiener dogs.


  1. Great review! I’ve been meaning to try some of these subscriptions boxes but haven’t gotten around to it yet. These will be at the top of my list! I loved your side-by-side comparison chart too! Thanks so much for the research and tips on picking out the best!

    1. Chester and Gretel think getting so many goodies to “research” was hard work! Ha, ha. I am glad you found it helpful and are happy with the box that you choose.

  2. These are all new to us except for PawPals with Annie. We have had a couple we really like and a few we will never take again. There are so many, but only a few are really nice.

    1. Tell me about it! After seeing so many, only a few stand out… and even those aren’t radically different than the rest. I mean, how radically different can you be when you are a subscription box. It’s the little things that are important though.

  3. No BarkBox? My two pups have been getting BarkBox for years. It’s their favorite day of the month and the donations to dog rescues makes me feel great about using their service????

    Highly recommend – surprised they’re not in your list.

    1. It’s listed in my comparison post and it’s a good box. It didn’t make it to my top 3 though. It’s been around a long time and not changed much since the beginning. That is a good thing because most other boxes have come and gone. It also means that more modern offerings have come out that offer more like customization/personalization and more donations to charity though. Each of them on my top three have a little something special and/or their products and treats were just a bit better than the rest.

  4. I think you definitely qualify as an expect. Thanks to you, Chester, and Gretel we can now make an informed choice when picking a box company.

  5. I have just cancelled my Treat a Dog box and was excited to see reviews of the various other options. I have a pit bull and he has easily destroyed every toy in the boxes so far. I also love that there is now a Canadian option because some of the other boxes were only in the US. My favorite part of the surprise is how excited Diesel is when we get the mail. Thats mine mom! Mine! Open it open it open it!

    1. Unfortunately, I have not met a toy that can’t be destroyed if Chester put his mind to it….in about 5 minutes! It’s always nice to get toys that stand some kind of chance though. Ha, ha.

      I like that there are more Canadian boxes too. US boxes are usually expensive to ship to Canada, if they do ship them at all. With Canadian boxes, people can choose to support companies in their own country too.

    1. Hi Tammy. I have never received products specifically for large dogs in a box so I can’t make a solid recommendation. However, PupJoy is a very excellent box in general and they allow you to customize a box for “Huge” dogs of 100 – 200 lbs. I would try that one if I were you.

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  7. These are all new to us except for PawPals with Annie. We have had a couple we really like and a few we will never take again. There are so many, but only a few are really nice.

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