The Best Dog Carrier Sling Bag for Carrying Your Small Dog

Linentails Disclaimer 2Linentails FeatureI prefer that Chester and Gretel walk everywhere. I mean, I take them with me so they get exercise. Sometimes we go to a place where it is too dangerous or stressful for them to be on the ground though. In those cases, I prefer to have something I can carry them in.

I’ve tried several sling carriers that you wear and can tuck a small dog inside. None of them have worked for us though. Besides the fact that some of them were not comfortable for me, none were long enough to hold a long-backed Dachshund securely enough for my comfort.

I recently had the opportunity to try the Snuggles ‘n Stride™ sling bag from Linentails.

Linentails 1The first thing that stood out to me about this bag is the philosophy behind it. Linentails believes that bonding with your pet makes you happier and healthier. Multiple studies have shown that a dog’s touch can lower your blood pressure and heart rate, help strengthen your immune system, and relieve pain.  This intimacy is good for your dog too. The Snuggles ‘n Stride sling bag allows you to keep your dog close to your body where you can touch, hug, and talk to them.

When the sling bag arrived, I threw it over my shoulder. I was disappointed that the pouch rode pretty high up on my side. That was, until I put Gretel in it. To my surprise, I discovered that this was not my Grandma’s linen. It had a hint of Lycra in it to make it soft, stretchy and comfortable. The “bag” part hung down around my hip and cradled Gretel perfectly. It was super comfortable for me. I was in love!

I wasn’t sure Gretel was in love though. I think she was a little unsure at first because the bottom was not solid and felt a little unstable to her. She relaxed after a couple of minutes though and curled her little legs up inside the bag. Once I tucked a little fleece blanket around her (it’s cold here and I wanted to take her outside), she was really enjoying it.

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Linentails 2We headed out the door to give this sling bag a real test. I hiked up a really steep hill by my house. I expected the bag to be a little uncomfortable because of my “leaning uphill” body position but it wasn’t at all. I spent about an hour visiting little shops with her and I never got a tired shoulder. Gretel never tried to get out of it either. Every shop we went into thought it was the cutest thing and several “just had to get a picture”.

There were a couple of “negatives” for me but two of them didn’t have to do with the bag itself.

First, Gretel added width to my body so I had a harder time fitting in between the racks and tables at some stores. I was afraid of knocking something over! I was able to navigate fine with some extra care though. It will just take some getting used to for me.

Also, I can’t recommend this bag to people for carrying their dog hiking. I get that question all of the time but I don’t have a good solution for Dachshunds to recommend (yet. I keep looking). I think this bag would work well for a stroll around the neighborhood though.

The ride was a little bouncy for Gretel. Her head kept bobbing up and down while I walked. I felt like it had to do with where the bag sat on my hip. I worried that she would get a little “seasick” after a while but she didn’t seem to mind at all during the hour we were out.

I would definitely recommend the Snuggles n’ Stride sling bag to someone who wanted to carry their smaller dog with them.

Linentails 3A little more about the Snuggles n’ Stride sling:

  •  Made with a natural linen fabric and handcrafted in the beautiful country of Lithuania
  • The Linen is made of flax fiber, which is grown without the use of pesticides, artificial fertilizers, or chemical treatments
  • Features two pockets on the shoulder strap to hold keys, ID, and money
  • Pockets on both the front and back sides of the bag for easy rotation between arms
  • Magnetic clasps on the pockets instead of Velcro in order to maintain cleanliness and strength through everyday use
  • Comes in three different designs and two sizes

For more information about Linentails products, visit their website or follow them on Facebook.

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About the Author

Hi, I’m Jessica. I’m a Dachshund sitter, President of the largest social Dachshund club in Washington State, a dog trainer in training, and I’ve been a Dachshund owner for 20 years. I have over 150,000 hours of experience with the breed. When I’m not working, you can find me hiking, camping, and traveling with my adventurous wiener dogs.


    1. This:

      “Zip up the sling when you walk into a public place where dogs are not welcome.”

      Is _Not_ O.K. and should Not be used as a selling point (as it is on the linked company page).

      It makes trouble for Service Dog teams when pets are smuggled into public places where they are not allowed.

      1. I agree with you. Unfortunately, I was informed prior to my review that their website is not up to date. My carrier does not even have a zipper. I can’t’ make any assumptions about their current belief but that is not an option now for the carrier anyway. I will pass your concern on to them and maybe they can remove that portion when they update the site.

  1. You don’t think it would work for hiking? Right now if we go for a long hike I take my camelback with water and everything else. If Roxy gets tired, we put her in a bag I made from a reusable grocery bag. I, or the hubby, can sling her over our shoulder and still carry our backpacks. The straps are not real comfy though, and this looks like it would be. Plus It would fold up and store in the backpack. What do yo think?

    1. Hi Mary. I can’t say I would wholeheartedly recommend it. Would it work for Roxy? Perhaps. I certainly wouldn’t use it for any tough/steep hikes but for gently rolling ones under two hours it might be ok. If you already use a sling-type carrier for her then you might be used to the way it fits too.

  2. Cool concept! How cool is it to have the capability to carry your dog around in the situation that they are unsafe on the ground?! I’ll never get the opportunity to hop in a sling bag….I’m a bit big…..53 lbs might be a bit much for Mom or Dad! 😉 Thanks for the info though- we’ll be sure to pass it on to those we know with smaller dogs!

  3. Ok, that is just absolutely adorable!!!!
    I don’t think my huskies would fit though 😉
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  4. It would be nice if my 80lb sister could fit in such a thing so she could go along even with her arthritis, but that won’t be the case. Great for tiny dogs.

  5. Thank you so much for this! I am trying to get my dog approved to be my emotional therapy dog and have been having problems trying to find a bag that I could carry my dachshund around school, that was comfortable for both me and her and also able to give me the comfort I need of knowing she’s near be. Thanks so so sos SOOO much!

  6. I really like this sling bag, but I’m wondering – shouldn’t there be more support under the dog so s/he won’t end up in a crunched up bundle inside? Millie has IVDD, and I try to keep her spine straight whenever possible 🙂 Do you find that you’re constantly supporting Gretel with one hand or arm?

    1. I’ve had both Chester and Gretel in it. They’re both about 14 or 15 inches long from shoulders to base of tail and 11 – 13 lbs. Besides folding their legs under their body, they don’t “crunch up” inside. Their spine stays relatively straight/level. I’m very picky about those kinds of things. I was before Gretel was diagnosed with IVDD. I would have no qualms about carrying her in it now either. I do hold her with one arm, or onto the strap, when I am walking at a fast pace because it can bounce a bit. That’s more to keep from shaking her tummy up though. I don’t feel the need to support or stabilize her otherwise. I gave their length/weight though because a larger dog might have a bit of a different experience. I haven’t heard any complaints about it but every dog is different. Hope that answers your question 🙂

  7. Hi! I’m so glad you posted about this – I’m looking for a sling for Bruiser for a hike we’re doing Saturday in the Gorge. He’s about the size of your guys so I need something sturdy for hiking and loved your review. Thanks!

  8. Hello. Did you get the Small or large version? My mini is long and lean (longer than regular minis but still a mini) would a small do? She is about 12 lbs.

    1. Hi Kim. I don’t remember off the top of my head and I’m not home right now. I’ll check for you early next week. I suspect it was the large though. Gretel is about 11 lbs and Chester is 13. They both fit in there fine.

      1. Thank you! Cocoa is 16 ins long (her parents were both long for minis). Large would probably be the best option for her if both your pups fit in it (and it is a large). I make coats for her – it is hard to find things long enough that aren’t huge everywhere else.

    1. Hi Sara. I checked the size chart on their website and it says that a large fits a dog up to 18″ in length (front of chest to base of tail I assume) and up to 15 lbs… so that’s the one you need. Hope you like it.

  9. Great article Jessica.. I am bringing home a 10 Week Old Mini Dachshund Boy.

    Would you recommend the small or large for my new guy?

  10. We have had a dog sling for years and both of our girls love it. However, this one is soo expensive. There are others out there for much more reasonable prices!

    1. Yeah, it’s definitely a higher cost item. It works much better than any other one I’ve tried though (and I’ve tried a lot) so it’s a worthwhile investment piece for me. It’s lasted many years and still looks new.

  11. Hi, we have a 2yo 20 pound 17″ (tail-chest) dachs and we are still struggling to find something to carry him around the city. He gets very scared of larger vehicles so he feels really stressed when we get near streets and doesn’t want to walk, so we only take him out to the park. But we would like to take him with us when we go out on small errands around town carrying him with us, but not in a backpack that feels a bit cumbersome to take him in and out. The sling looks like a good option but our Ubi is a bit bigger.

    Q: Do you think the Snuggles ‘n Stride would be fine for him? Do you have any experience with the 4 Lazy Legs Carrier?

    I want to thank you for all the information. I feel the struggle as we’re also looking for a backpack for longer trips but that is different topic. I have read and reread the the posts about the backpacks and slings and all the comments and am really grateful for all the info. Truly helpful.

    1. Honestly, I think the Snuggles n Stride might not be the right sling for you guys. The material is a bit stretchy and even my 11 lb Dachshund bounced up and down a bit when I walked. She didn’t mind, and it was minimal for me, but I imagine that it could be bothersome with a heavier dog. I don’t have experience with the 4 Lazy Legs Carrier specifically but I’ve seen it and many products that look/work just like it. The material looks like a sturdier cotton that won’t result in as much bounce so it may be the better choice for you guys.

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