Best Coats for Dachshunds That Fit Their Long Body

Over the years, I’ve written about what I think the best sweaters and coats for Dachshunds are because I know how hard it can be to find one that fits their odd-shaped body well.

A dog coat is one of the 10 essential items we bring on every adventure, but I’ve personally faced challenges when finding coats that fit my long body dogs with a deep chest and short legs.

It’s especially hard if you are looking for a good quality jacket for Dachshunds that hike, take long walks, and camp because the coats need to be comfortable for longer periods and not chafe.

Every year or so for the last 10 years, I’ve tweaked my “good Dachshund coats list” article to keep it relevant and updated. 

This article is the result of my trying countless miniature Dachshund coats since 2003.

However, it’s been long enough now, and I have a lot more experience, I thought I would start fresh with a new one.

There is still good information in my old Good Jackets For Dachshunds article – some of it which didn’t make the cut this time – so you may want to check it out too. 

However, my most up-to-date recommendations and advice is contained in this article.

Below, I list the Dachshund coats we use the most note: these jackets will also likely be a good for for a Chiweenie).

These range from light fleece sweaters for cool weather to warm, waterproof coats, to heavy winter jackets.

But first, what things do I consider when finding the right coat for my active Dachshunds?

What Qualities Do I Look For in a Dog Coat for My Dachshund?

Finding the right coat to fit a Dachshund can be frustrating.

Finding the right one can be especially challenging if you have fit and skinny Miniature Dachshunds like I do. 

I’ve tried a lot of different dog coats over the years for my Doxies.

Some I bought myself, some were sent to us to test out, and some belonged to friends.

Dachshund in an orange fleece jacket

When I look for a quality dog jacket for my Dachshunds, I want:

  • Something that fits a Dachshund body shape well.

Specifically, it covers their back but the chest part isn’t so big it drags on the ground.

  • Chest strap buckles, or any other buckle for that matter, that don’t fall directly behind the elbow.

Because if it does, their elbow bumps against is when they walk and, over time, it can chafe and cause a sore.

  • Stands up to multiple washes in a standard washing machine.

I.e. It will last for years under “hard” use.

  • For waterproof jackets, they are 100% waterproof and truly keep the rain out.

I also prefer that the fabric is breathable so as to not trap moisture on the body.

  • Looks stylish.
  • It’s not too big in the chest, or have loose legs, that cause my Dachshund’s feet to get caught up inside the jacket resulting in a trip or fall.
  • There is no chafing from fabric, edges, or straps.

We often hike for over 5 miles in the wet and mud.

Many coats that look like they fit well will often chafe and cause sore spots after that distance (which is a distance few go with their Dachshund so it’s a true test).

Many of the coats we have tried didn’t meet my standards (which, admittedly, are high since I used to work for a big outdoor gear retailer).

However, over the last 15 years, although I still like to try new dog coats to test for fit on a Dachshund, I have refined my go-to Dachshund jacket list.

Below is a list of coats for Dachshunds we have tried ourselves and love.

I also include a section at the bottom that mentions jackets we have heard things about from other Dachshund owners but haven’t tried ourselves.

All of the jackets in this article have either been personally tested by us or they were recommended to me by other Dachshund owners.

Disclosure: Some of the links in this article are affiliate links (Amazon Associate or other programs we participate in). As an affiliate, I earn a small commission from qualifying purchases.

Ones We Love: The Best Coats for a Dachshund

The dog jackets on this list have all been tested by my Miniature Dachshunds.  

We hike an average of once a week, year round and sometimes more, for distances of 5-15 miles.

After miles of repeated motion, I will know if a dog jacket is going to chafe them.

We hike in all types of inclement weather from cool to below freezing, rainy to wet and muddy from water on the trail, and in the snow. 

I know if a coat performs as it says – keeping them warm and/or dry.

Cool Weather Coats for Dachshunds

When the temperature is cool, like in late spring or early fall, I put a light to medium-weight fleece sweater or coat on my Dachshunds, depending on the air temperature.

They have slick, short hair, and low body fat, so it’s not hard for them to get chilly.

If it’s cool and raining, they wear a waterproof fleece dog jacket or a separate rain coat over their fleece.

Note: all of our favorites in this category have Velcro on them. I mention this because I know some dogs are scared of the sound it makes

Teckelklub lightweight Dachshund fleece coat

Fuzzie® fleece Dachshund sweater from Teckelklub

The Teckelklub Fuzzie is made of a light to midweight (420 weight for outdoor gear geeks like me) anti-pill Polyester fleece.

We use this fleece jacket on it’s own last spring through early fall. 

When the weather is colder, but not yet cold enough for thick winter jackets, I sometimes layer the Bunny Hug or Trench (see below) over it.

It slips on over the neck and then fastens around the chest with Velcro.

It’s machine washable and durable enough to last for years. It has a reflective strip on the back of the neck for visibility.

This fleece sweater does not come with a harness hole in it. You can request one but it significantly increases the cost of the jacket.

Instead, I just cut a small hole in the fleece fabric where the harness D-ring is.

The nice thing is that, although the hole may stretch a bit (which is why I cut it as small as possible), the fleece does not fray or tear.

Cutting a small hole in fleece won’t ruin the jacket.

Teckelklub jackets are made by a small facility in Canada and they have a second distribution center on the US side of the border.

Read the full Teckelklub Fuzzie Review HERE.

Heather-Maple Pass Trail near North Cascades National Park is dog friendly

Teckelklub Bunny Hug fleece Dachshund hoodie

The Bunny Hug sweater is made of the same high-quality, anti-pill fleece as the Fuzzie. 

The differences are that the fleece is significantly thicker (approximately twice as thick), it has a hood, it’s 100% windproof, and it has a 2” wide 3M reflective strip running down the back for increased visibility.

The fact that it’s windproof makes it a good choice for blustery days.

You put it in your dog the same way – over the head and Velcro around the chest – and it’s also very durable and machine washable.

If the temperature is so cold that the dogs would still be cold in the Fuzzie, and especially when it’s windy, I sometimes layer the Bunny Hug over the Fuzzie above.

Wearing both fleece sweaters at the same time does start to get a bit cumbersome though, especially for small Miniature Dachshunds.

I usually just switch to one of the winter jackets below when it gets cold enough.

Again, this fleece sweater does not come with a harness hole in it and requesting one might put it out of your budget.

Because of the reflective strip on the back, I didn’t feel comfortable cutting a hole in the fabric for the harness ring myself so I went ahead and ordered one.

Layering dog jackets can make your dog warmer but also remember that more fabric can start to make it uncomfortable, impede your dog’s natural walking motion, and increase the risk of chafing.

Cutting your own hole in the jacket might work but I can’t make any promises.

Teckelklub jackets are made in Canada.

Read more about Teckelklub Fleece Coats for Dachshunds HERE.

Voyagers K9 Apparel Tummy Warmer fleece dog sweater

The Tummy Warmer kind of falls in between the Fuzzie and Bunny Hug on the spectrum.

It’s made of a thicker anti-pill fleece than the Fuzzie but has no hood and is not windproof.

It also slips over the head and wraps around the chest with Velcro. However, the fit around the rib cage is more snug than the Fuzzie.

This can help keep debris off the chest, make it warmer since less air can get in, and the snug, wrap style can act like a bit of an anxiety coat, potentially helping your Dachshund to stay calmer.

This jacket does not come with a harness hole and the company told me they don’t like to sew them in – they intend for the jacket to be worn underneath your dog’s harness.

That doesn’t work for us though so I snip a harness hole in the back as with our other fleece dog jackets without holes already.

If you don’t like to put the harness over the jacket either, it’s worth asking them if they can sew a hold in it for you in case you get a different answer than I did.

Voyagers K9 Jackets are made by hand in the USA.

Read our full Voyagers K9 Tummy Warmer review HERE.

Teckelklub waterproof fleece coat in Mont Blanc grey

Teckelklub Winter Trench waterproof dog coat

The Teckelklub Winter Trench coat is made of an outer layer of waterproof but breathable ballistic nylon and lined with fleece (the same fleece as the Fuzzie).

It’s trimmed all around the edges with 3M™ brand silver reflective piping.

Teckelklub intends for you to place your dog’s harness over the Trench to preserve the waterproof integrity for your dog (because there is no hole in the outer shell).

However, a harness will fit underneath and you can custom-request a harness hole be sewn into the jacket (which is what we have done).

I just cut the harness hole in myself. It does make the jacket not 100% waterproof but any water leakage through the small hole has been minimal.

Even though it has “winter” in the name, I put it in this category because it’s definitely not warm enough for my miniature Dachshunds when the temperatures drop below about 40 degrees.

It’s a really great option for the in-between seasons.

If it’s cool and raining, I only put the trench on my Dachshunds.

If it’s colder, but one of our recommended winter jackets below would be too warm, and it’s raining, I layer dog jackets and put the trench over the Fuzzie.

Teckelklub jackets are made in Canada.

Raincoats for Dachshunds

I’m going to disappoint you here because I haven’t found many rain coats for Dachshunds that fit my standards.

Unfortunately, my favorite Dachshund raincoat – the Hurtta Torrent – has been discontinued in lieu of other styles.

I stocked up before they were all gone so we still have a few, and use them regularly.

However, no one else will be able to get one so I’ve been trying out some raincoats on my Dachshunds in order to be able to make a recommendation to you.

Honestly, 80% of the time it’s raining, I also want my dogs to have some warmth too, so I use the Teckelklub Winter Trench Waterproof Dog Coat mentioned above.

Common Questions About Hiking with Small Dogs Answered

I will also note that all of the coats listed in this article keep a Dachshund’s body warm even when they are wet (an advantage of synthetic fabric over cotton).

Since my recommendation for Dachshund rain jackets is still in the exploratory state, and changing a lot, I’m just going to leave you with a list of Dachshund raincoats with potential.

  • Hurtta Drizzle Raincoat – 100% waterproof and breathable; probably better for Dachshunds with longer legs (and maybe over 15 lbs) due to the flaps that hang down over the back legs.
  • Voyagers K9 Apparel Dachshund Rain Coat – Waterproof but the website doesn’t say the outer shell is breathable; the jacket fits perfectly and looks super cute.

The Voyager K9 Dachshund rain coat is by far my favorite Dachshund rain coat I’ve tried so far.

If you end up buying a dog raincoat made of performance fabric (waterproof AND breathable) make sure to check out my expert tips for keeping the raincoat working like new.

Winter Coats for Dachshunds

When it’s really cold out (below 30 degrees typically), or it’s moderately cold and we are hiking in the snow, my Dachshunds wear a heavy winter coat.

If you wonder if your Dachshund needs one, check out my article Does My Small Dog Need to Wear a Jacket in the Winter? for the criteria I use to judge.

Besides helping keep their muscles warm to prevent injury, being extra toasty helps keep their feet comfortable. 

A dog dissipates heat through their paws so they are constantly pushing heat out through them if their body is extra warm (but at risk of overheating).

With an extra heavy dog jacket on, my Dachshunds have never had to wear dog boots in the snow.

Hurtta Extreme Warmer winter dog coat

The Hurtta Extreme Warmer is our favorite winter and snow dog jacket.

The Hurtta brand was developed in Finland, where the climate is similar to that of the Pacific Northwest. 

Although the Extreme Warmer is made in sizes for all dogs, the proportions of the smaller jackets fits my Dachshunds well.

Two great things about this jacket is that it has a panel that covers the chest and it has a “side curtain” that drops down to cover their rear legs.

Flaps in the back snap together to wrap around the rear haunches.

The neck is a high collar that has a snood inside that can be pulled up over the ears in extreme temperatures (this is the cutest feature, believe me!)

It makes a nice warm cocoon around their body without impeding their movement at all.

Note: This is the only dog coat without Velcro on our favorites list.

This jacket automatically comes with a harness hole integrated under a storm flap.

Voyagers K9 Winter Coat

The winter coat from Voyagers K9 Apparel is fleece with a head/neck snood and waterproof layer on the back of the jacket.

You can buy one “off the shelf” or have one custom made for your Dachshund.

A hole for your harness, or D ring on the outside, can be added for an extra $20 fee (you’ll be asked if you want one at checkout).

Although I have admired them for years, I only recently got an opportunity to test one out when they sent us one to try.

Our experience with the winter coat from Voyagers K9 has been limited but, so far, I really like it.

Both Dachshunds have no problem walking in it and there was no chafing visible after a couple long hikes in the mud and snow.

I will say though, it’s still not as warm as the Extreme Warmer above because it doesn’t have side flaps, thus creating it’s own little warm climate around the body.

I would say this dog coat falls between the Teckelklub Winter Trench (warmer because of the snood and a thicker fleece) and the Hurtta Extreme Warmer in regard to its ability to keep my Dachshunds toasty warm in the coldest weather.

Voyagers K9 Jackets are made by hand in the USA.

If your Dachshund won’t fit a standard size, you can request a custom-made one be made to fit your dog perfectly for a small, additional fee.

Read our full Voyagers K9 Winter Coat review HERE.

Finding the Right Size Coat for Your Dachshund

I hear from so many people that say, my Dachshund is ## lbs – what size jacket should I get for him or her?

That’s the wrong question to be asking.

Weight doesn’t tell you much as each dog has slightly different dimensions.

The measurements that almost all size charts use are:

  • Neck circumference – typically in the middle but some will also you want to measure the base of the neck (where a necklace might fall)
  • Chest circumference – usually around the widest part, especially important in the case of deep-chested breeds like Dachshunds
  • Back length – measured from in between the shoulder blades to base of the tail

Note: it’s best to measure the back length when your dog is standing up and not hunching.

Once you have these measurements, you can compare them to the size chart for the specific jacket you’re looking at to find the right one to fit your Dachshund.

If you are looking at one of the Hurtta jackets, check out our detailed Dachshund fit guide for Hurtta dog jackets.

For reference: what coat sizes do Summit and Gretel wear?

I often get asked what size jacket Summit and Gretel wear.

Here are their measurements and the size they wear in each of the jackets on our favorites list.

Summit’s Measurements:

  • 12″ base of neck
  • 10.5″ narrowest part of neck
  • 15 1/2 around chest behind front legs
  • 14″ back length from shoulder blades to base of tail

Summit’s Jacket sizes:

  • Teckelklub Fuzzie – she can wear Gretel’s size 14 Fuzzies but they are a little short on her. I had some custom made for her since her neck and chest are so skinny but she is long.
  • Teckelklub Bunny Hug – These were custom made for us but they are roughly between a size 14 and 16
  • Voyagers K9 Apparel Tummy Warmer – medium
  • Teckelklub Winter Trench – Size #3 (medium)
  • Hurtta Extreme Warmer – size 12 or 14, depending on the jacket style
  • Voyagers K9 Winter Coat – miniature Dachshund medium
  • Voyagers K9 Rain Coat – miniature Dachshund medium

Summit and Gretel are close in size but Summit is a bit longer so she wears a larger size coat in some brands.

Gretel’s Measurements:

  • 12″ base of neck
  • 10.5″ narrowest part of neck
  • 16 1/4″ around chest behind front legs
  • 13″ back length from shoulder blades to base of tail (maybe 13.5 but she is almost always hunching)

Gretel’s Jacket sizes:

  • Teckelklub Fuzzie – Size 14
  • Teckelklub Bunny Hug – These were custom made for us but they are roughly between a size 14 and 16
  • Voyagers K9 Apparel Tummy Warmer – medium
  • Teckelklub Winter Trench – Size #2 (small)
  • Hurtta Extreme Warmer – size 12 (in all Hurtta jackets)
  • Voyagers K9 Winter Coat – miniature Dachshund medium
  • Voyagers K9 Rain Coat – miniature Dachshund medium

Other Dachshund Coats We’ve Heard Good Things About

There are other coats that we haven’t tried but have heard from people we know personally that they fit Dachshunds well. 

These are the ones I’ve heard about pretty consistently:

Chilly Dogs coats

Chilly Dogs jackets are not custom made but they specialize in fitting unique body types. 

They make a fleece dog sweater, two styles of waterproof jackets, and a few other jackets and accessories.

The Chilly Sweater is about the same weight fleece as the Teckelklub Fuzzie above but it fastens around the chest with webbing and buckles instead of Velcro.

If your Dachshund hates the sound of Velcro and won’t wear a jacket with it, you may want to look into this one as an alternative to our favorite light fleece sweater.

They’re a Canadian company that also ships to the US.

Noodle and Friends Dachshund Trench Coat and Raincoat

I would describe Noodle and Friends as “cute and stylish” rather than functional for adventure dogs. 

However, I know of a couple Dachshunds that use their coats for walks and running around and they love them.

They are hand made specifically for the Dachshund’s unique body shape.

Some of their jackets have a hole for your harness D ring and some have a D ring attached to the back for a leash.

A unique thing about these jackets is that many are reversible and several are made with wool.

The huge drawback to me is that the instructions say to hand wash and lay out to dry. 

I wash our jackets so often, and we often need a quick wash-dry cycle so the jacket can be worn or packed for a trip, so these are not likely jackets I will ever buy.

Morezi winter dog coat from Amazon

I don’t know much about the Morezi dog coat but it came recommended by someone in our Dachshund club.

I’m including it here primarily because of the price. I know that most of the jackets I’ve listed in this article are out of reach for Dachshund owners on a fixed budget.

Dog coats made in the USA by hand out of quality materials will almost always out-last a cheaper one from Amazon but don’t feel bad if that is all you can afford right now.

The description says it’s windproof but doesn’t mention that it’s waterproof. 

It has a neck snood, is lined with fleece, closes with a Velcro strap around the chest, and is machine washable.

It looks like it’s made in China.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re searching for a dog coat for your miniature Dachshund, standard Dachshund, or other long bodied dog, although it can be challenging, there may be more options out there than you think.

I’ve presented over 10 jacket options for you here.

We actually own most of them.

In fact, we own multiples of our favorites because one or two are always in the laundry basket.

However, I realize most people only want, or can afford, one to three jackets for their Dachshunds. 

If I was going to narrow down this list for you, I would suggest a cool to wet weather layering set of the Teckelklub Fuzzie and Trench.

These will get your Dachshund through most of the weather scenarios because you can layer the dog jackets to adjust to varying conditions.

If you can only afford one Dachshund winter coat, I highly suggest the Hurtta Extreme Warmer. 

Out of all the jackets we own, it’s my favorite overall. 

If you live in a climate where winter temperatures drop below about 30 degrees Fahrenheit, I highly suggest you add this coat to your Dachshund’s clothing lineup.

Warm Coats for Dachshunds That Actually Fit

About the Author

Hi, I’m Jessica. I’ve been studying the Dachshund breed since 2007, owned 3 of my own, and shared in the lives of thousands of others through their owner’s stories. When I’m not sharing what I know on this blog, you can find me hiking, camping, and traveling with my adventurous wiener dogs.


  1. We have been VERY happy with the selection of doxie raincoats and personal attention we got from Noodle & Friends. We live in the Bay Area and a good raincoat is a MUST for winter weather.

    1. That’s great to hear. How long are your average walks in the rain? What is the longest you guys have walked in the rain with the jackets?

  2. Hi.
    Can you recommend the best step in (zipped back) waterproof coat that’s not too warm (I have Equafleeces for colder weather) please.
    My miniature is chunky (not fat – muscular)
    Many thanks

    1. Hi Beverly. I am not able to check my blog comments often in the summer because we are so busy. So I apologize for the delay. Is there is a particular reason you need a coat with a zipped back? I don’t use those but you could look at Ruffwear. The waterproof jackets we use are from either Hurtta (Hurtta America if you are in the US), Teckelklub, or VoyagersK9Apparel. Neither of those have zippers on the back though.

  3. We are a Teckelclub House. Their coast are really good. The Velcro gets a little tired, but some hand cleaning of threads usually does the trick.

    1. Hi Bruce. I’m glad to hear you like them. I, too, have had experience with treads and hair sticking in the velro of our jackets. I’ve used a comb, tooth brush, or just picked at it with my fingers to clean it. Is that what you do?

  4. Hello!

    I could use your help. I have a Havanese that has a really long body similar to a dachshund, so I’ve been looking for a service vest or suggestions for one that has a long enough back and won’t cut in behind his front legs.

    I hope you can help!

    Thanks so much. Love your site and blog and appreciate it so much. Max and I are your people! Lol

  5. Hello Jessica, I live in Kingston, Ontario, Canada with usually wet snow. I found a seller on that makes winter coats for doxies. Soft shell outside, fleece inside, zipper on back, d ring , beautifully seeed by her. My chunky monkey needs a larger size. She incorporates, double snap domes under carriage, if the dog needs to size up. Comes with a snood , so cold air is blocked from entering chest area. She just needs 4 measurements, gender, and colour choice, If you want, more info, please email

    1. Hi Laura, Personally, I am very happy with the jackets that we use, so I am not looking for another, especially since so many out there do not work when you hike miles, or hours, like us (cause chafing). Feel free to share the information though and I will check them out.

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