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Gem Lake Snoqualmie Pass

Backpacks, Lakes, and Humble Pie

It's trips like this where you learn the best lessons. The first backpacking trip of the year never goes smoothly. It doesn't matter how many lists of equipment you made, or how much you try and … Read More!

Hiking Tips & Info

Dachshund in a backpack

Backpacks for Carrying Dachshunds

I have been searching FOR-EVAR for a backpack to carry a small dog around the city or on a hike. Or more accurately, searching for a backpack to safely carry a Dachshund (i.e. doesn't put pressure on … Read More!


Pet Health

Chester getting a ride in a backpack

Senior Dog Joint Problems and GlycoFlex

"How hard could it be?" I said. Climbing a Colorado 14er is certainly no joke. I've hiked trails as steep but not at 12 - 14,000 feet above sea level. I, and avid hiker for years, was the one that had … Read More!