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What’s New

Rockit 1

Guest Adventureweiner: Rockit

After a long hiatus, our Guest Adventueweiner feature is back. We like to highlight and give a shout-out to other adventurous Dachshunds. Secretly, it's also to further our agenda of breaking small dog stereotypes. These features are proof that Chester and Gretel aren't the only wiener dogs hitting the trail. Say hi to Rockit. Rockit is a 16 lb bundle of love from Texas. He is an amazing service dog to his Mom and a little dog that is always willing to try new adventures. Rockit's Mom took … Read More!


Take the #PawNatural Challenge With Us

In January I made a goal to for Chester, Gretel and I to exercise more and eat healthier. Perhaps it is because my goals were not concrete, and perhaps it is because I suck at sticking with anything, but I think I stopped before I even started. It's not my fault really. I have a million excuses that include "it's cold and rainy out". Now that spring is here and we are getting more sun, I actually FEEL like I want to get healthier. I set a goal for us to hike 250 miles this year. I am also … Read More!


Valentines Party Table

A Dachshund Valentine’s Day Party

I am a little late writing this post. For Valentine's Day this year, we hosted a party for some of our Dachshund friends. Around Valentine's Day, I was still recovering from my surgery. I wanted to … Read More!

Snowshoeing with Your Dog

Hiking with Your Dog

Marmot Pass Sign

Don’t Make These Hiking Mistakes

About 5 years ago, when I was first dating my now husband, I took him and Chester to one of my favorite overnight backpacking spots. We hiked to Marmot Pass on the Upper Big Quilcene trail to … Read More!

Woman Hiking with Dog

Do You Know the Definition of Hiking?

We've had a love affair with Zuke's since before they had any idea who we were and we are proud to have them as one of our long-term sponsors. Their continued support helps to make sure we have the … Read More!