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I’m An Impostor

Or at least I have been feeling like one lately. My blog is about being active with your dog but the truth is that I have been spending more time on the couch in my … Read More!

Our Adventures

Camping trip - Chester

Camping Out With 9 Wiener Dogs

I've been sick the better part of the last two weeks so our adventures have been limited. We were able to make it to the annual Adventureweiner Club camping trip that I organize though. While the fun … Read More!

Pet Health

4 Apps to Keep Your Dog Happy and Healthy

4 Apps to Keep Your Dog Happy and Healthy

Today we have a guest post about apps to help keep your dog healthy. This is the first post on our blog written by someone else but I am excited to share it with you because we use some of these apps, … Read More!

Snowshoeing Tips & Info