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Adventureweiner Club April 2015

The Wieners Are Out In Full Force

We're starting to get our summer crowd back for the Adventureweiner Club Green Lake walk. We had over 30 people and almost 40 wieners show up. The event can draw up to 50 people during the summer … Read More!

Peshastin Pinnacles

Desperately Seeking Snow

I have a problem. I was sent some snowshoes to test for Backpacker Magazine but we don't have much snow in the mountains this year. I don't remember a when we have had such low snow levels. I … Read More!

Pet Health

Photo courtesy Despositphotos and stone36

Why Won’t My Dachshund Stop Barking?

Dachshunds are notorious barkers. I knew this so when Chester was young I worked to teach him that constantly barking at everything was not necessary. That all fell apart about the time Gretel came … Read More!

Snowshoeing Tips & Info