Our blog features two adventurous wiener dogs breaking stereotypes, having fun, staying active and fighting pet obesity.

We believe that small dogs are just as capable of doing the things that big dogs do. We think it is unfortunate that so many people underestimate what the small dog is capable of.

We always hear things like “How can those short legs carry them up the mountain?”, “Oh, look at that poor dog, they have to work so hard to keep up” or “That little guy made it up HERE?” when people see us out hiking.

Sadly, part of this “underestimation” is the idea that small dogs do not need exercise. This, combined with showing our love through food, had led to an epidemic of obesity in small dogs.

We created this blog partially to illustrate what small dogs are capable of through the sharing of our stories and adventures. We want to inspire others get out and enjoy nature with their small dogs as much as we do.

Ultimately, we want to raise awareness around the importance of keeping your pet healthy, active, and at a healthy weight. Our hope is that you will be entertained reading our blog and maybe learn something along the way.

About Chester

Chester has been physically active all of his life. He has ran up to 5 miles without stopping and hiked over 15 miles, with 6,000 feet of elevation gain, in one day. He is a loyal, even-keel kind of guy that loves people more than other dogs. Now that he is over 10 years old he prefers long walks on the beach over the “extreme sports” of his youth…..although he can still show the youngins and thing or two!

Read more about Chester here.

About Gretel

When Gretel’s life started, the odds were stacked against her. She joined our family in November of 2010 and quickly discovered her own natural athletic abilities. Her first hike was 4 miles uphill in the snow and she fell in love. She has never looked back since. She has grown into a sweet loving soul with perseverance and a “go getter” attitude.

Find out more about Gretel and how she came to us (she has quite the shady past) by reading these posts: Meet Gretel and Gretel, Hookers, and Blow.

About Jessica

Jessica is Chief Blogger at YouDidWhatWithYourWeiner, the President of the Adventureweiner Club of Seattle, and a blog and social media coach-consultant. She lives in Seattle with her husband and two miniature Dachshunds, Chester and Gretel, and loves hiking, traveling, photography and animals.

We welcome questions and feedback from our readers. We also love to hear your stories . You can contact us here.