Pawstruck Natural Chews: The Stuff Doggy Dreams Are Made Of

Pawstruck Natural Chews Review 2Chester and Gretel love it when the mailman delivers a package. They especially love it when it is something they can eat. We recently got a huge shipment of natural chews from and the smell of the box drove them nuts. They almost opened it for me.

What did they get? They got lamb ears, bully rings, bully springs, bully barbells, bully sticks, bully chains, and bully stick filled esophagi. Hitting the mother-load like that is what doggy dreams are made of. They have enough chews to last them a couple of months now.

I give Chester and Gretel chews when it’s time to go in their crate and to help keep their teeth and gums healthy. They get at least one chew a day so I care about the quality and cost of the chews. The chews from are both high quality and low cost.

Straight 5″ bully sticks can easily be $5 at the pet store but they are under $2 at Just because they are low in price doesn’t mean they are low quality either. Their bully sticks are produced from grass-fed, free-range bulls, contain no preservatives or chemicals, and are low odor.

I especially like the lamb ears. They can be as much as $4 in pet stores but, depending on how many you buy, they are as low as $0.75 at It’s not the price I love about them though. Because Chester and Gretel are small dogs, and I give them so many chews, I prefer to give them low-calorie treats. The lamb ears are only 26 calories each, whereas even a smallish traditional pig ear can be almost 100 calories.

Chester really likes the lamb ears. He was NOT going to give it up to me so I could take a picture of him.

Chester Fighting Me Over a Pawstruck Lamb Ear

I care about where the chews are sourced from too. Most of the chews on are sourced in the United States. However, there are some that are near impossible to source/manufacture in the states. For example, all of their bully stick items are sourced from South America, which  is the case with almost all bully sticks you’ll find in the stores or online. The cattle is processed in their own facilities that are USDA and FDA inspected and approved and meet the same requirements that are in place in the United States. Any of their products that are not sourced from the United States come from trusted source countries and are processed in facilitates that pass rigorous tests.

The cool thing I discovered about the bully rings is that it takes Chester and Gretel a bit longer to get through than traditional bully sticks. They are strong chewers so the absence of angular edges makes it harder for them to get started devouring them.

I will definitely be re-ordering the low-calorie lamb ears and the bully rings.

Gretel and Pawstruck Bully Ring

About Kyle, the founder of Pawstruck and an avid dog lover, left his career in engineering for something he was passionate about—supplying other responsible pet owners high quality and reasonably priced dog products! The company strives to keep your dog happy and healthy while supplying a fun and intuitive shopping experience. You can find on Facebook here.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by I received compensation in exchange for writing an honest review. However, You Did What With Your Weiner? only writes about products that we would use and everything we say is really how we feel. is not responsible for the content of this article.

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  1. Thank you so much!!!! With Gretchen’s strict diet it’s so hard to find healthy treats! Will definitely check out Pawstruck.

    1. Hopefully you can find something here that works for you. They have a few different meat sources/types avaiable, which is nice.

  2. Awesome review! My mom is constantly feeding her Chihuahua/Shihtzu mix mini-rawhide chews that are NOT made in this country. Ahem. I hate that she feeds them to Peanut but she can’t seem to find a suitable alternative that Peanut will like. I’m definitely going to get her some of these! If Chester and Gretel like them, Peanut will like them too. Thanks for the info.

    1. Personally, I stay away from rawhide anyway. It is not digestible like bully sticks and pig ears and there have been several cases of dogs swallowing a huge chunk and needing surgery to remove it. To be fair, that CAN happen with anything, digestible or not, but I have heard of it happening with rawhide frequently. Also, rawhide is usually bleached white and I don’t want to give something like that to my dogs.

      I would be shocked if peanut didn’t like the bully sticks. I have never heard of a dog that didn’t. Every dog is different though.

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