Top Dachshund Raincoats Tested by an Owner with High Standards

It’s difficult to find the right jacket for a Dachshund due to their unique shape, and finding a raincoat for your Dachshund is no exception.

Dachshunds have a longer back and shorter legs than most dogs for the same ribcage circumference.

There are also a few other considerations when searching for a Dachshund raincoat, which I will explain in more detail later.

I worked in the outerwear department at a large outdoor retailer for years, so I know how to evaluate and thoroughly test rain gear.

Below are my top picks for Dachshunds.

Do Dachshunds Like the Rain?

No, no they don’t. As a general rule anyway.

Most Dachshunds don’t like to go out in the rain. This resistance is so common, I have coined it “wet belly syndrome“.

Smooth coated Dachshunds are the most afflicted as the short hair provides very little protection from the falling rain.

Long haired Dachshunds are the most likely to like the water, including rain. However, many merely tolerate it.

This resistance to getting wet can be overcome with a good raincoat that keeps them dry and the rain from feeling like pins on their back and neck.

What I Look for in a Raincoat for My Dachshund

I am very particular about the raincoats that my Dachshunds wear. Below are the things that are important to me.

What I look for in a Dachshund Raincoat:

  • WATERPROOF – If you read the fine print, many “raincoats” are merely water resistant.
  • EASY ON/OFF – It needs to be easy to take on and off because a lot of Dachshunds don’t like clothing and will put up a fight.
  • COMFORTABLE – Once you have it on, many Dachshunds will refuse to walk with a jacket on if it’s uncomfortable.
  • COLLAR AND HARNESS OPENING – Most will come with an opening to attach a leash to a collar, but I use a harness. I need an opening so I can put it under the jacket.
  • PROPER COVERAGE – It must be long enough to cover the entire length of the back and have a collar for neck coverage.
  • OPEN LEG HOLES – Leg holes need to be wide enough so as to not restrict leg movement or cause chafing during a walk.
  • DURABLE – The raincoat will get wet and muddy, so it needs to be machine washable and last through many, many washes.

In addition to the requirements above, I’ve tested raincoats for Dachshunds for long distance walking and hiking.

Our typical walks are a minimum of 3 miles and are often as long as 5.

If we are hiking, we may be out for hours and cover up to 10 miles.

This means there is a lot of potential for chafing due to wet fabric against the skin and a lot of time for the rain to soak through a jacket.

Below are my tried and tested Dachshund raincoat suggestions.

Top Raincoats for Dachshunds

As you can see by my criteria above, I am very picky. However, I am not cheap.

I would rather invest in a raincoat for my Dachshund that is high quality and will last for years.

To me, that is better than buying a one that is a little cheaper that will fail or wear out in a year or so. Because then you have to buy another, making the total price more expensive.

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Voyagers K9 Apparel Raincoat (Non-Insulated)

The Voyager K9 Apparel Dachshund raincoat wins on many fronts for me.

  • It’s customized to fit Dachshunds so it’s the perfect fit
  • It doesn’t restrict movement when walking or have a chest panel that can catch clumsy feet
  • While it only comes with a hole for a collar attachment, you can customize it to have a harness hole too
  • It is as cute and stylish as it is functional

I love the traditional yellow raincoat color and think it makes Summit look super cute.

This rain jacket is lined with a mesh fabric to protect the waterproof coating but it’s not insulated.

The jacket comes in two custom sizes for Dachshunds – one for standards and one for miniatures – and features reflective piping for increased visibility and safety.

The Voyager K9 Apparel fleece Tummy Warmer is designed to fit under this jacket if your Dachshund needs extra warmth.

Hurtta Mudventure Eco (Non-Insulated, Unlined)

I’ve been a fan of Hurtta products for almost a decade now.

I’ve have about 20 of their jackets (for two dogs) because I want new versions but the old ones never wear out.

Hurtta used to make my most favorite rain jacket that fit Dachshunds but the specific model was discontinued several years ago.

The raincoats they made after that never fit correctly. Until now!

The issue with the past raincoat models is that the back flaps that hand down to keep the haunches dry were too long for short legs and drug on the ground.

That’s not the case with the Mudventure Eco.

Highlights of the Hurtta Mudventure include:

  • Fully taped seams like high-end rain jackets for humans
  • Extremely easy to adjust for a custom size (neck, back length, and waist strap)
  • It has a built in harness hole, which can be closed to seal out the rain
  • The waterproof rainstopper collar can be tightened behind the ears so water doesn’t run down the dog’s neck
  • It’s extremely lightweight and packable
  • The back leg loops helps keep the back of the jacket in place

If you want performance outerwear for your active Dachshund, this is the raincoat to get.

If your Dachshund is afraid of the Velcro sound, this raincoat is great because it doesn’t have any.

It’s also a great choice for the environmentally conscious because the Hurtta Eco line is made with recycled and/or eco-friendly materials.

For help choosing the right size Hurtta coat for you Dachshund for, see this article.

Teckelklub Trench (Fleece Lined)

While the Teckelklub Trench doesn’t have as much neck coverage as my other two top choices above.

It does have a collar that can be flipped up, although it interferes a bit with the leash attached to the collar.

Highlights of the Trench include:

  • 100% waterproof, breathable fabric
  • Lined with anti-pill, high quality grey fleece
  • Trimmed all around the jacket with 3M™ brand silver reflective piping
  • Classic European styling, available in a wide range of colors

There is no harness hole in the back of the jacket as they recommend wearing harnesses over The Trench to preserve the waterproof integrity of the jacket.

I hate doing that though so, luckily, there is an option to have a harness hole custom sewn if you email them.

Final Thoughts

Dachshunds generally don’t like to go out in the rain and get wet.

That’s why a good-fitting, waterproof dog raincoat is essential.

I’ve thoroughly researched and tested dozens of raincoats for Dachshunds over the years and these are my top picks.

If you’re looking for another type of coat for your Dachshund, check out my popular article Best Coats for Dachshunds That Fit Their Long Body.

If you Dachshund is peeing inside when the weather is bad, check out my tips for getting your Dachshund to potty outside in the rain.

Dachshunds are known for not liking the rain, so a raincoat is essential if you want to continue to walk yours in inclement weather. I used to sell rain jackets for humans and have really high standards. Here are my top pics.

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