11 Funny Things About Dachshunds Only Owners Will Understand

What traits make a Dachshund unique? Why are Dachshund owners so nutty about the breed?

Dachshunds are special little dogs with addicting personalities. They’re cute and full of attitude.

Most Dachshund owners say things like:

“Once I owned a Dachshund, I could never go back.”

“You don’t own a Dachshund, they own you.”

“My Dachshund has me very well trained.”

“A Dachshund thinks they are a big dog in a little body.”

I’ve owned Dachshunds for 15 years, and run a club in Seattle with over 500 members (humans – there are more dogs), so I know what makes them tick.

Here is my list of 10 common Doxie characteristics that make them so special.

Also, check out my article 21 things everyone should know about a Dachshund.

1) Dachshunds Think Very Highly of Themselves

Call it pride or being full of themselves. Most Dachshunds think they’re a pretty big deal.

Maybe it’s all the attention you shower them with, or maybe it’s all of the attention from strangers, but something is definitely going to their head. Or maybe they were born that way!

Dachshunds have a big attitude and think pretty highly of themselves

2) Dachshunds Aren’t Afraid to Let You Know What They Are Thinking

While dogs don’t actually feel human emotions like “revenge”, you will definitely question this philosophy with a Dachshund.

If they’re displeased with something you’re doing, they will let you know by giving you a dirty or skeptical look, demand barking, or doing something “naughty”.

Dachshunds plotting against their owners for giving them a bath

3) Dachshunds Will Train You, Not the Other Way Around

When most people get a dog, they think of themselves as the owner. However, with Dachshunds, you may question who is the boss in your household.

While it IS possible to train a Dachshund, you may find yourself adjusting your routine and environment to make your Dachshund happy (sometimes that is easier than trying to train them).

Dachshund doing tricks to get treats

4) Dachshunds Can Be Bribed to Do About Anything… When they Want to Do It

Most Dachshunds can be bribed with treats or toys to get them to do what you want. However, these stubborn dogs do sometimes refuse to do it no matter what.

On the other hand, sometimes they’ll do something they know you like on their own just so you will give them a reward.

A Dachshund sitting pretty and looking cute for treats

5) A Dachshund Takes Crap from No One

Dachshunds are hunting dogs bred to hunt badgers.

Badgers are mean buggers so, naturally, a Dachshund’s instinct is to never back down.

Dachshunds were bred to hunt badgers so these little dogs are tough

6) Dachshunds Like to Bark

Dachshunds are known to bark often and loudly.

Sometimes they bark at an intruder like the mailman and sometimes they bark at blowing leaves. Sometimes it seems like they bark just to hear themselves do it.

Dachshunds like to bark and will sometimes bark at nothing

7) You’ll Constantly Need to Return Their Ears to the Factory Position

A Dachshund’s long ears always flip over.

Putting them back will just become a natural reflex.

Dachshund with ears that need to be flipped over and returned to the factory position

8) Dachshunds Are Great Snugglers

Dachshunds will want to sleep in your bed and love to burrow under the blankets.

They especially love it when you hold them tight.

9) Rubbing a Dachshund’s Belly Can Be a Full-Time Job

Dachshunds love to get their bellies rubbed.

They pretty much think that is always what you should be doing, whether you have a free hand or not.

Dachshund's always ask for belly rubs

10) Dachshunds Are Super Loyal

Just because Dachshunds aren’t afraid to let you know what they are thinking doesn’t mean they won’t be your best friend for life.

They get attached to their people, love to travel with you wherever you go, are always there to cheer you up when you are sad, and love you for life.

Dachshund are super loyal to their owners

11) Dachshunds Are Like Potato Chips; You Can’t Have Just One

Most people who own Dachshunds fall in love with the breed.

They often have more than one and may have several different “flavors”.

Dachshunds come in several different "flavors" like big, small, wire haired

If you’re a Dachshund owner, you get most of these because you live with them every day. What other funny things does your Dachshund do?

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Dachshunds are special little dogs with many cute and quirky traits

About the Author

Hi, I’m Jessica. I’m a Dachshund sitter, President of the largest social Dachshund club in Washington State, a dog trainer in training, and I’ve been a Dachshund owner for 20 years. I have over 150,000 hours of experience with the breed. When I’m not working, you can find me hiking, camping, and traveling with my adventurous wiener dogs.


  1. I have had Dachshunds for almost 10 years now and there is not one thing in this article I can argue. I have a miniature who is 15 and still acts like a German Shepherd trapped in a Doxie body when she thinks the situation calls for it. Between her and my 9 year old male, we could probably triple this list 🙂

    1. Agree, my females are 11 and 8 years old. The mother is a gret hunter and no rat or mouse have survie in muy house if they come to my back yard. They also point with their nose wile cry if they need meal, water ir want de ball todo play.
      My husban can not speak loud or screem because Kimi the oldest bark todo him. I justo love them

    2. I have had two for 13 years, just lost my last one 2 months ago. I’m very lonesome I am getting two pups this weekend, can’t wait. They are my buddies.

      1. That’s very exciting Carolyn. I am sorry you had to say goodbye to your other two but hopefully these new bundles of joy will help your heart beging to heal.

      2. I lost my baby girl, she was 12 and a half. It will be a month tomorrow and my heart is still broken.

        Best of Lucy with the new puppies xxxx

    3. I have had this pass me down for 13 years and everything that was said is true. Today I’m worried because of how my boy is acting. Vomiting, shaking and rejection of the best breakfast a Doxxy could have. I am suspicious that nature had taken course with that little fellow to trails end. I won’t cry.

    1. I have dsshound Bessie from Korea yes she love to slept under the blanket loves her belly rubbed we live spanaway wa

  2. I especially appreciate he one about asking God for a best friend and getting a dachshund. Amen to that. I appreciate having so many of my Doxie convictions confirmed. More than 20 of the best years of my life have included dachshunds. Excuse me, but Schatzie’s barking about something…

  3. Mine is not the typical one, but he was raised with a mastiff/Shepard mix. So mine is laid back until I start the play then it’s full volume. He is about 10. You forgot about the dental issues. They have a Nopalean complex.

    1. This article was meant to be fun so I kind of stayed away from health issues. It’s really an article in itself (which I touch on in other articles and do plan to write about). They are actually susceptible to several serious health issues. Number one is probably obesity followed closely by Intervertebral Disk Disease (back issues) and, yes, dental issues. Then there are seizures and cushings disease, among a few others.

      1. I know I’m late to posting, but I just found this blog.
        I wanted to thank you for keeping it light-hearted and fun. I enjoyed this list and couldn’t agree more to what was said until I hit this comment and I got sad.

        1. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. I do strive to be informational yet also entertaining 🙂

            1. I’m very sorry for your loss. I’m glad you have the memory of his funny Dachshund quirks to hold onto.

            2. I just lost my dachshund also. Three months away from being 18years old. I got him as a 9 year old rescue. I’m sure you have wonderful memories.

      2. I’m a recent weiner convert; after adopting a tiny white fluff & her 8 yr old doxie younger brother, I found my heart claimed by the weiner. I’ve had many dogs & favoured rescues of all breeds, but this time I was hooked by these heroic hounds, so much so that when he became an only child, I bought him a little brother. Well, my big strong standard soldier lay there while the puppy climbed him like K2 (too low for Everest!), & conquered; he cried while the baby pierced his ears with his shark teeth, but never fought back. He is quite simply the sweetest dog in the world. The youngster is still under 2 yrs old, so obviously clinically insane, but everybody loves him ( except perhaps the neighbour whose shoes he stole).
        All your observations about dachshunds are spot on, particularly about the barking. Sheesh! But I laughed till I cried anyway.
        Behaviourally, there is some aggression towards strangers; when my senior citizen knows someone he’s fine, but the vision of a tall human looming over them must be most confronting. And why do vets always want to help you by lifting your dog onto the exam table? Would they do that with a Rhodesian ridgeback?
        The little dog is just a bit shy- not with me: he knows who’s on top.
        As for health problems, I lost a lovely Maltese x the other year to Cushings, my first experience of that nightmare; so that’s not restricted to any breed. I was aware of the back & joint problems, but a fairly strict diet regime has solved that one. And I have yet to own any dog in my 300 years of life that doesn’t eventually succumb to dental disease; we’re holding that at bay atm .
        So, I’ve enjoyed your blog, & I enjoy my masterful little darlings. Learning all the time!
        Oh, btw, I have cats; one infinitely prefers the doxies over the other cats. The little dog is fascinated by the felines, but, of course, they’re bigger than he is. In any case, no problems.

    2. I love my red female, who is 12 going on 13. I make sure she lives like a queen. I’m home with her and we go out together and I take her just about everywhere. She’s # 1.

      1. True that i. Have a 6 yr old scooby and he is all that fun stuff a ball of energy and very stubborn at times. But never would i give it up for the world. I will only own one at a time tho he is alot of work to keep busy the dog never stops playing.

  4. You forgot to mention how much they want to help you in the lavatory. Unless I rapidly get the door closed, they join me and insist upon getting petted. Wouldn’t have any other dog!

      1. I live in Alaska. I have two mini little girls. My long-haired beauty is an incredible timer. Regardless of the amount of light, she has my husband up at 8:30 am for breakfast and me in the kitchen at 6:00 pm for dinner. She’s also an awesome snow plow! She loves breaking the trail for her sisters. My little chocolate and caramel imp is my hunter/digger aka Wormfoot! After digging in the slush and mud, her feet smell wormy, yech! They both adore their older sister, a chug. She keeps everyone in line, at least she thinks she does! All three sleep together, regardless the size of the dog bed. Every night, my husband and I love our “three-dog night”!! LOL, couldn’t be better!

        1. Sounds like it’s a lot of fun at your house 🙂 Summit and Gretel have impeccable timing when it comes to breakfast too.

      2. Hahaha! I haven’t gone to the bathroom with the door closed since the day I adopted my 11 year old Dachshund. I thought I was the only one ?

  5. Love the article . Agreed with almost everything.
    Our Dachshund prefers to be an only child .
    But you forgot to mention that Dachshund is German for ” liitle pain in the a** ” .

  6. My rescue Dachshund Cookie is 17 years old and pretty awesome . She lives with an African Grey parrot and they have a great relationship . The bird drops treats on the floor and the dog cleans up.
    I agree with the article . They are very special dogs !

    1. What a good relationship to have… a messy friend. Ha, ha. And that means you don’t have to clean up after your parrot either 🙂

    2. This is my first miniature fur baby boy called Slinky’. 17 weeks old. He almost everything mentioned above, and now I’ve found out that there’s even more OMG. How can such a small creature create so much chaos to my life and emotions? No day is the same and my life is his life. Oh boy I’m totally done in. In a nice way though. 🐶

  7. I have a 2 1/2 yr. old long haired miniature dachshund. He has very good bloodlines and I would love to get one of his puppies. Any suggestions on how I’d go about breeding him? I just don’t know where to start.
    Thanks for any suggestions,
    Katie Olney

    1. Hi Katie. Personally, I don’t condone breeding a dog unless you are very educated about the breed, your particular dog, and you basically have all the puppies sold before you do. There are so many genetic nuances that could lead to pups with problems and breeding a dog without having the pups already sold can exacerbate the overcrowded-shelter situation. My recommendation if you want another dog from his bloodline is to get another one from the same breeder.

      With that being said, I also realize that it’s your choice. The first thing I would do is talk to the breeder you got him from about it to make sure it’s ok (some breeders don’t allow breeding of their puppies unless it’s been previously discussed) and get her recommendations. There are also many groups on Facebook about “Dachshund puppies”. Find one where the description or discussion revolves around the buying and selling of Dachshund puppies. There are breeders in those groups which are usually happy to answer questions.

      1. Its ok at his age? Wont u want to worry about his health if you breed him. He is a senior dog what about his heart ? Im asking cuz i dont no

        1. For Scooby to always be playing? My senior Dachshund didn’t really start slowing down until around 13. It doesn’t surprise me that he still has so much energy. I would just watch him for any signs that he might have hurt himself. He’ll just naturally play less as he ages.

  8. My first daschund lived to be 17..Odie was a mini. Now I have a tweenie who is 12. The comments that they own us is true. He gets me up at six every morning for his breakfast and carrot.
    Very protective of me. He is my life!! And stubborn.
    Everyone should have one.

  9. I just got a beautiful long haired 18 month solid black doxie. She is sweet, loving, absolutely tolerable of the grandson who wants to carry her (we are careful), but the separation anxiety is a big problem. I don’t like caging animals. We are working on creating more of a pen in the basement/family area, so she has room to move and not be caged up while I am at work. She jumps like she is on a pogo stick! so can’t block her out of anywhere. She has shredded the carpet at the front door and the basement door. I know it is separation anxiety, what can I do for her? Each day I put my pajamas I have just taken off and put them in with her. We have to get this under control. It just breaks my heart that she is so anxious when I am way. Also, we have a fenced yard and would love her to be out there more. However, even with me out with her she runs for a minute, does her business and she is ready to go in. Any ideas?

    1. Sometimes two dachshunds behave better than one. My male used to howl during the day when I was gone. My roommate told me. Got him a girlfriend and now they are quiet, mostly.as pack animals they don’t like being alone . They also bond very hard with a mate . They do everything together.

      1. I have only had two of each pet I’ve had, and I’ve had a lot of pets. This is essential for dachshunds. A pet should have a friend like them instead of just a person to bond with. And a tip if you have a door scratcher – a piece of thin clear Plexiglass over the surface saves doors.

  10. We had a fix when I was a young teenager she was , well, wmeverythung yo me, mom and my grsndmoyhrr.. we came home from school one day to find her dead. The vet did an autopsy, she had a heart defect. We were completely unaware of. It was beyond devastating.
    I hope there are better health care for dogs now, ways to find out BEFORE..
    Anyway. I noticed that you’ve not post a new article in many months and hope you will share again.

    1. About your dog… I am sorry. It’s so hard to lose a pet.

      About the articles…. thanks for even noticing! 🙂 We bought our first house and moved about 80 miles away from where we were. It was a long, exhausting process. We’re finally moved in now though so I can get back to posting.

  11. I laughed out loud reading your 11 Funny Things article! I received my first Doxie when I was 2 years old, and have had them in my life ever since. I recently lost my precious Black and Tan, Emma, when she was 18 years old. She had a wonderful disposition, and led a long and healthy life with no health issues. I largely credit my dog’s happiness to good breeding. People please, please be very careful when choosing a breeder. It makes all the difference in the world. Emma was quite the diva, but she also caught and killed a large rat when she was only 10 weeks old (and barely bigger than the rat herself)!

    1. Hi Anna. Thanks for commenting. I’m sorry for your loss. While I always thing considering a rescue is important, if one is to go with a breeder, I agree that it’s important to do your homework and go with a quality one.

  12. Ok my little pie blnd roxy doesnt bark like almost never shes very layedback she does howl and cry when i leave the house my boyfriend learned that the hard way not long ago when i went out alone one day 6 hours on none stop crying when i got home she was so happy she slept goid that night i do think they act as if they own you cause she wont let noone near me shell even get in between us at bed time or when she sees us kiss

    1. Hi Amy. It definitely sounds like she’s very attached to you. If you would like to be able to leave without upsetting her, I would look into separation anxiety. For some people, they don’t mind though.

  13. My Vet told me about this site. Yes, I am a Dachsie-holic….and proud of it. I got my first Dachsie, Nutmeg in 1988, then Cinnamon in 1989. I’m now on 2 sisters Maggie and Molly…got them in July 2004. Dachshunds are the only breed i will ever have. Love em to the moon and back.

    1. Wow! Your vet told you about my site? That’s so exciting and it makes me happy to hear. Despite having written this blog for almost 9 years, I still feel like hardly anyone knows about it.

      I don’t think I would ever want to own another dog breed either, although I have considered adopting a mix sometime in the future.

      1. I just found your blog and I love it! I’ve had a doxie in my life and she was wonderful. As a wedding present to ourselves though, we wanted a dog. The one that absolutely won our hearts is part beagle and part dachshund. His name is Sherlock, or little man lol. I’ve had him since he was about 2 and he is now 9 and still feisty as ever when he wants to be. I loved your list cuz honestly he has most of those traits too. I highly recommend a mixed doxie any day! He’s had my whole heart and he’s started by me through many bad times with chronic illness. He’ll always be my baby ❤️

  14. Hi everyone- I have a question about dachshunds! I currently have two – Brody (long hair mini – almost 3) and Marley (smooth hair mini – just turned 1).

    Marley does NOT like getting her belly rubbed. She will only really let me do it and I have to be really gentle with only two fingers. However, she rolls onto her back, giving you the assumption that she wants her belly rubbed. Which has happened several times with different visitors. She will go up to them and roll over, but once the person touches her stomach she lets out a sharp yel/shriek.

    A few things to note:
    1. She has been checked out by the vet and does not have any issues. She is active, happy, and playful.
    2. I only started noticing this happening after she got spayed at 7 months, but I’m not sure it is related to the surgery or if that’s just around the time I started noticing it.
    3. Although she will let me touch her, I have to be very gentle and soft and I can sense her hesitation.
    4. She is extremely dramatic. When Brody plays with her a little too rough or takes a toy from her, she also yelps very loudly. So the yelps don’t necessarily mean she is being hurt, but she uses it as a way to get my attention when her Brody is bullying her.
    5. It only happens when you touch her stomach by her scar. Although still hesitant, you can touch her ribs without problem.

    Has anyone else ever experienced anything like this? Could it be that she has a memory of the surgery? Because Brody is long-haired, she has a lot more hair covering her stomach. Marley is almost completely bald on her stomach. Could this have anythign to do with it?

    1. Hi Paige. I also have a dramatic pup (Summit). She was definitely more sensitive to being handles after her spay surgery. She did go back to normal though after a few months. How long ago did Marley have her surgery? I doubt it has anything to do with the hair on her belly (or lack thereof).

    2. Hi, Paige, I learned from a trainer that dogs show their belly to indicate that they trust you completely. They don’t all like to have their belly rubbed. My little doxie like her ears scratched instead…but just a little. Also, doxie’s remember things very well and she probably remembers her surgery. Mine remembered that Roxie (daughter’s doxie) bit her in the face when she came through the dog door. Now 3 years later I am dog sitting Roxie and little doxie remembers and won’t go through the dog door. Anyway, Marly ‘s story reminds me of little doxie so much. Drama Queens all the way.

    1. I have owned 4 dachshunds over my lifetime. I recieved my first one when I was two. His name was Fred and he was the most laid back dog. He was an outside dog for most of his life. He barked at the mailman who was a friend of the family. They had an understanding it was his job to bark and the mailmans job to say sweet puppy, sweet puppy. Said mailman also took Fred for a ride in his mail jeep. Fred also liked to sleep in the middle of the street in front of our house. It was not a busy street and people would stop and he would slowly get up walk to the side of the street. The car would go on it’s way and Fred would return to sunning himself in the street. He was never run over by a car. He was a defender. He defended our high school aged neighbor from another neighbors aggressive chihuahua. She brought him to our front door crying, he sat next to her with ears bleeding as if nothing had happened.
      We owned a little black dachshund that had shown up from on a dairy. He was the cutest little thing. He was a great escape artist. We finally had to resort to chaining him in our backyard yard. It was not to be cruel it was to keep him contained.
      As an adult I have owned two dachshunds. The first was a pretty black and tan dappled. We named him Leopold and called him Leo. He had epilepsy as some dachshunds tend get unfortunately. He had a voracious appetite and a big case of little big man syndrome. He chased our neighbors German Shepherd down the street
      Leo was serious the German Shepherd was playing. It was funny to watch. He was my joy but not very friendly to most people. I think he was a puppy mill puppy that we gave a happy life.
      I currently own a little dachshund we we named Greta. She was found by an acquaintance when walking her dog. She was never claimed and had no chips to help find her owner. She is my constant companion when I am home. She is a very friendly little thing. People thought she was a puppy until she began to gray around her snout. I occasionally take her on trips to visit my family. She loves to go. I think she has even won over my step mom who isn’t a big animal person.
      My dachshunds have all brought joy, laughter, love, and companionship to my life and my family’s life.
      Thanks for your blog it was fun to read. I know I wrote a lot but it was fun to remember each one. I also owned a Cocker Spaniel. My husband surprised me with her when we were first married. She to was a sweetheart and very much loved. But Dachshunds will always have a special place in my heart.

  15. Doxies have owned me since about age 16, so this article made perfect sense to me.
    #8: I wish our last girl (Katrina) would’ve slept this way. Oh, no; she slept horizontally. Head tucked under Daddy’s chin, & butt end towards my face. Did I mention that Doxies fart…a lot?? I learned to sleep on my other side, fast!
    And the whole bathroom thing. I used to keep the bathroom door closed. Then one day, I saw said Katrina’s nose under the door, then a paw slid underneath. Then the crying! I’m now laughing, but door remained closed…until she launched herself against the door & popped it open.
    That happened at age 4 months, & needless to say, the door remained open until the day she died at age 12. What a character!

  16. Everything you have mentioned is true! My one-eyed pup, Scooter, absolutely thinks he is a big dog and will bark at any male dog passing his way. I would say territorial is a trait you could add to the list. Also, I sometimes take him to the Green Lake group because he STRONGLY prefers other dachshunds. It’s interesting. Every experience that?

  17. My first dachshund would be mad that my daughter was in the shower with the door closed, (I had left for work) he’d go poop under the dining room table ..but not on the days she didn’t take an early morning shower.

  18. Everything said is soooooo true. One of Dachshunds, Skippy, starts staring at me at 9:00p every night while I am watching TV. My husband says “Your husband is telling you its time to go to bed!!! I adore my puppies.

  19. I too am an absolute Doxi lover. Would get no other dog. We’ve had 3 of them. Pippi, our last one died in June and I am still torn up. I so much want another one but my husband and I just cannot go thru saying goodbye to them.

    1. I’m sorry for your loss. I get your pain. My first Dachshund developed dementia and I had to choose to let him go. it was so heartbreaking, it made me reconsider getting another.

      1. My wife and I have had dachshunds since we were married 51 years ago and also had them when we were kids at home. We are addicted to the breed and currently have 2, a 22 lb red smooth hair and an 8 lb black smooth mini.

  20. Hi Jessica,
    I have enjoyed your blog immensely! I grew up with many doxies over the years and now have a mix, Kissy, a real character who comes by her name honestly! She’s quite the love bug and thankfully has most of the good traits with only a few of the bad. I really lucked out there! She loves cats, dogs, people alike and whines pitifully if she doesn’t get to actually meet, the object that catches her eye! Her favorite playmates are pitbulls, when there’s one available!! Great website with a hilarious name! Keep up the good work! Lynn

  21. Potential Dachshund owners: They will take off running. No amount of screaming will help. They will not come back until they are ready. They will DIG under your fenced yard. They will bring you rabbits, squirrels and even birds they caught and killed. They will chew. Fortunately mine was happy shredding scrap wood and not swallowing it. Stuffed squeaky animals killed in minutes. But when they do come to you and look at you with those eyes, you are hooked. They will sleep tight against you every night of their lives. That’s why I’m tearing up typing as I’m sleeping alone after 14 years. A dachshund provides unconditional love, so everything else is forgotten.

  22. I recently got a rescue daschund about 6 – 8 years old. He is really good except for his whining. Every evening for about 2 hrs he whines, actually a lot like talking and sometimes during the day if he thinks he wants more to eat. He is overweight. When he wants to go outside he just goes to the door, no whining. He rarely barks. If I talk to him and try to get him to stop he just “answers” me back with his “talking/whining”. Any suggestions?

    1. Some Dachshunds are more vocal than others. However, I would think closely about how you respond to his whining. You want to make sure he is not getting rewarded for it. Examples would be giving in to his needs, picking him up and holding him on your lap, or scolding him (negative attention is still attention). The primary theory is to ignore it and he should eventually stop. I know from experience that doesn’t always work and can be incredibly annoying in the meantime. The trick is to not give him a positive reward while also communicating to him that whining won’t get him what he wants. if it were me, and he was trained to be comfortable in a dog crate, I would calmly pick him up, not say anything or give him attention, place him in his crate and ignore him for a few minutes. Although even that can be seen as a reward (attention) if you are not careful, it typically won’t be. It’s not punishment to do that, just merely teaching him that his action doesn’t get him the desired outcome. Good luck.

  23. My wiener dog is ALWAYS in her bed, whenever we wash her bed, she runs around the house CRYING…she is always showing our other dog who’s boss. whenever my other dog (Jackrussle terrior mix) does something to her, she’ll bark, and push him away. whenever im tickling someone, she ALWAYS barks because she thinks were fighting, and if that doesn’t work she’ll go crying to my mom. she LOVES to go on walks, and whenever we pull out the leash, she starts squeling with joy, and she is REALLY fast, she’ll go as fast as the flash, and almost make me fall over, although her legs are short, she’s FAST. And all of the’s facts on this article, are 100% true, i mean everything, she does all of the things that are listed one the article lol.

  24. My little man Fritz has Anal gland cancer. We found out end of April 2020.
    Im giving him the world, best I can. Weve moved and live with bestie whos a cat mom. Were upstairs so he gets carried down to go out/back up.
    I just wanted to say love your fur babies like its the last day. Yep I cry a lot he’s 12yrs old. His bd is 2-9-2009. Im hoping he sees 13. Fritz my self,daughter in law,&”late husband” share(ed) February for Bdays. Fritz is my world, my human sons are grow&have families of their own. My advice love your babies like its the last.

  25. You are SPOT on with every point! In our first year of marriage 37 years ago, my husband and I wanted a puppy, and it just happened that the puppies available where we lived were dachshunds, a breed neither of us had ever had growing up. After our first doxie, we went on through the years to have two more. And now in three weeks, we will welcome our first female doxie. Once you have a doxie, you are hooked. I have a doxie purse, doxie paper clips, doxie car deodorizer. They steal your heart even though they are so stinking naughty. Our doxie that we lost last year would jump up on the dining table and pee on the centerpiece. He would, on occasion, decide to pee right inside the doggie door in the kitchen instead of walking a couple of steps to get outside through the doggie door…..especially when it was raining! And yet, that dog was probably my favorite of all time. It takes a pretty special dog to be that naughty and yet absolutely win over your heart.

    1. “It takes a pretty special dog to be that naughty and yet absolutely win over your heart. <-- Yes. Yes it does. Ha, ha.

  26. Oddly, I could only identify with 3 of these traits. The belly rubbing, the snuggling and the ears flopping. Our mini dachshund has potty trained well. Is not a barker, she cries and whines to communicate sometimes. She has barked a few times in the past 6 months when she was scared by something and I didn’t know who was barking it was so rare. I was expecting more problems than we’ve had and it’s been a great surprise. I can see how you might find you want more than one. I do. Just feel like you have your hands full their first year getting them settled into your life. Very sweet and lovable dog.

  27. We’re on our third doxie and will never be without one they are company companions guards and over all round up in one of God’s greatest creations. They love like no other animal and you can just be in a room with one and know the power of love and companionship

  28. I got a female last summer who is 8 months old now. I love her so much that I just got a male from the same parents so she would have a playmate. They are the best puppies ever!

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